Monday 4/6/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Libra

Rumor has it that it may be Monday, and if so, it is driven by the Moon in Virgo, seeking an expansive push for correction and perfection in matters of power and resources,  as it harmonizes (trines) Jupiter and Pluto. The rest of the day is a bust, as the Moon goes void at 9:29 AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Libra — until 5:16 PM ET — which apparently is when this forecast will finally be written and shipped. .

Once the Moon enters Libra at 5:16 PM ET, the focus is on relationships, fairness and balance. Practical structures involving women, art, money and social expression may be initiated as the Moon trines Venus and Saturn in the evening, as well as action hero Mars at 1:20 AM ET on…

  • TUESDAY. Meanwhile, the disruptive buzz that’s been in the air for the past several days reaches a crest, as Mars squares rebel Uranus at 2:49 PM ET. We anticipate anger or assertion in matters with Uranian themes: genetic mutations, aviation, gender benders, astrology, rocket science, innovation, recklessness and madness.  There is likely a big push to get the word out, as Mercury will harmonize (sextile) Pluto and Jupiter at 5:25 PM and 10:20 PM ET. Headlines may include groundbreaking investigative reporting involving the Powers That Be. We are likely to hear more announcements of the “I have a feeling about this” kind, reflecting the need of Mercury in Pisces to rely on the intuitive, not the rational.
  • TUESDAY — at 10:35 PM ET the Full Moon will be exact at 18 degrees of Libra. This is close enough to activate the lunar eclipse we had on January 10th, about when the COVID-19 virus was genetically sequenced. The Sabian Symbols for that eclipse — as you may recall — suggested sweet, sweet music — to be entertained with caution. The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon also suggest being carried away on a magical ride — but with hidden forces at play. For the Sun: “a magic carpet” — and for the Moon: “a gang of robbers in hiding.”  Sabian Sage Blaine Bovee tells us  “A magic carpet” is empowered by something outside conventional norms, transcending the Earth. “A gang of robbers in hiding” suggests a group consciousness with a unique code of honor, working undercover as a necessary protection — with no clearly visible leaders. It’s interesting to see that we last worked with these two Symbols in a Full Moon back in October 2011, when Occupy Wall Street was in full bloom in New York’s Zuccotti Park. In the aftermath of that Full Moon, Mayor Bloomberg threatened to evict the protesters — but did not succeed at that time. Hmm.
  • WEDNESDAY — A challenging morning, as the Libra Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 8:17 AM ET, suggesting a power play or emotional catharsis. A square to Jupiter at 8:50 AM ET makes it feel even bigger. Moon then goes void with a big, long sigh until 4:17 PM ET, when it enters moody Scorpio, seeking depth, substance and control. Around 6 PM ET, those controls may be made clear, as the Moon squares Saturn. But guess what? Those controls may encounter resistance, as Moon clashes with rebel Uranus on…
  • 1:09 AM ET, followed by another clash with trigger happy Mars at 2:41 AM ET. Make a note of this pattern for the next year. Because of the relationship between Saturn (control, authority) and Uranus (rebellion, disruption) continues into 2021, this is how the headlines are going to flow: control/authority, soon followed by rebellion/disruption. Not at all stable, but perfectly apt for this time.
  • FRIDAY — the Scorpio Moon makes easy aspects to other planets, and the energy flow of the day responds accordingly. Moon goes void at 3:35 PM ET, but only until 4:35 PM ET — you won’t even notice it. Happy hour and the weekend is brought to you mostly by the Moon in Sagittarius, seeking to influence collective beliefs and broaden horizons however it can. This is the last full day of Mercury in Pisces, and as Pisces refers to the End of the World, we may see prominent thoughts and communication on that subject. They are prominent because at 12:48 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAYMercury will be at 0 degrees of Aries, and this is a point which demands attention — and not a moment too soon. Mercury in Aries is a master of solving problems before anyone else knows the problem exists. We could use some proactive approaches that are courageous and inspiring. This would be the upside potential. Downside: impatience; rushing to conclusions. By the end of this day, as Mercury sextiles (harmonizes) with Saturn (control, structure), we could have news of a helpful structuring initiative or mindset. Do your online shopping today, as there is no Moon void.
  • SUNDAYMoon will be void between 7:46 AM ET and 8:05 PM ET. Chill, chill, chill — no impulse shopping — and no packing yourself into a church, unless you are a late-blooming April Fool.
And now, the news.
Mars entering Aquarius last week was an important event in  the P45 inaugural chart, as its 0 Aquarius Sun was activated by a militant and controlling reality check.  Gone was the dangerous fantasy that we would pack the churches on Easter, replaced by the sobering fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans are likely to die — and maybe, just maybe — a handful of citizens realized that P45 was too busy golfing, rallying and listening to toadies to pay attention to the actual experts who warned him. For more, here’s a bit from The Daily Show.
Last week we anticipated that not only could P45’s magical thinking collide with actual facts, but he could also move forward with greater initiatives aimed at preserving CONTROL. One way would be to fight efforts to make voting more accessible, given that going to the polls in person during a pandemic could be hazardous to your health. Last week, P45 admitted on Fox that if voting were made more accessible (e.g., by mail),  “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”   A few days later, on the first of three exact conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto in Powers That Be Capricorn,  historian Heather Cox Richardson laid out the timeline — going back to the ’80s (and the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction) of exactly how the United States has come to be governed by people who flat out do not represent the majority — and of efforts being made to preserve this status quo.

Meanwhile, also reflecting the militantly macho controls suggested by Mars-Saturn, some states wasted no time declaring that abortion — an especially time-sensitive procedure — was not an essential one for women patients and was therefore prohibited for the during of the coronavirus pandemic. In the words of a Texas physician, published in WaPo:

Imagine finding out that you’ve been laid off, or that your hours have been cut, or that your small business might go under; imagine learning you no longer have health insurance. Imagine, then, finding out that you’re pregnant, or that your pregnancy has an unexpected complication.

Current planetary patterns are simply less than empathetic — at least as applied in the state of Texas — and perhaps also in the Philippines, where authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte says he’s ordered soldiers to shoot anyone resisting its national lockdown.

There is another way of applying the militant potential of Mars-Saturn in Aquarius, as demonstrated by those in service industries who have been deemed “essential” and are putting their lives on the line as they work for minimum wage. Workers are striking at McDonalds, Instacart, Whole Foods and Amazon. We will see more of those uprisings with Saturn in Aquarius over the next three years.

In other news, we had plenty of headlines reflecting Friday’s exact meet-up between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Upside: intuition, vision, music, healing. Downside: lies, scandal, victims, delusion. Neptune refers to all things nautical, too. Exhibit A: an overwhelming number of deaths in the music industry: Ellis Marsalis (father of Wynton and Branford) Bill Withers (hear his glorious voice here) and others the NYT has gathered into a special obituary section of those whom COVID-19 has claimed.

Exhibit B would be the big fuss made about the deployment of two U.S. Navy hospital ships — the Comfort and Mercy, which P45 had said would arrive the week of March 23rd. What’s happened since has been surreal. While crowds cheered the arrival of the 1000-bed Comfort on the 30th in New York, by the end of the week the ship had only 20 patients. It was mired in too much red tape to be of actual assistance to the heroic medical staff in my neighborhood. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a train engineer (and apparent conspiracy theorist) intentionally ran his locomotive at full speed toward the Mercy, derailing the train.

Elsewhere, U.S. Navy Captain Brett Crozier made headlines for making it known that some of the nearly 5000 sailors under his command of the aircraft carrier Roosevelt had covid-19. A letter he wrote to higher-ups asking for assistance was published in a local paper. Crozier was relieved of his command, but hailed as a savior by his crew. Days later, he tested positive for the virus and was lambasted by the Acting Secretary of the Navy, whose provocative remarks to the Roosevelt’s crew were secretly recorded and can be heard here. You’re probably wondering if we would have anticipated this intense time by looking at his horoscope. Ya think?

Crozier was born on February 24, 1970 in Santa Rosa, CA — time unknown. He has a Pisces Sun driven by a people-pleasing Libra Moon. His need to be seen as popular and fair may be intensified in rebellious/innovative ways by a close connection with Uranus…or it may be aggravated by an especially effective and daring Mars in Aries. We don’t know which applies without a birth time. However, we note IMMEDIATELY that his Mars (the energy of action, attack and assertion) is at 22 Aries — and thus was eclipsed in January and triggered in mid-March. We know there is huge potential for assertion that — once acted upon — will leave Captain Crozier forever changed. We see the potential for a health issue to crop up, too Well? UPDATE: the Acting Secretary of the Navy is now apologizing for his “unhinged”remarks…stay tuned.

Ya know who else’s horoscope was eclipsed in January — and also in July 2019 (as was noted)? Jared Kushner. He was born on January 10, 1981 in NYC — no birth time known. Capricorn Sun, driven by Moon in Pisces, just like J. Edgar Hoover,  Elvis Presley, John Denver and Martin Luther King. We see ambition driven by the need to work with an ideal, in the spirit of helpful adaptability — and maybe a humanitarian cause. Perhaps the adaptability reflects why his father-in-law keep putting him in charge of whatever big thing needs to get done that day: peace in the Middle East, saving America from COVID-19, whatever.

With Kushner’s Neptune at 23 Sagittarius, right on P45’s Moon and opposite P45’s Sun, we can see how P45 could put so much faith in him, as NYT columnist Maureen Dowd explains. And now — all of a sudden (it seems) — Kushner is running the show on COVID-19, invading the turf formerly occupied by dedicated civil servants with his own team from the private sector, described by one official as  “a ‘frat party’ that descended from a U.F.O.”  As sudden as this power surge seems to be, the timing is what we would anticipate in the wake of an eclipse.

Kushner’s Sun is conjunct Mercury, a marker for a practical mindset that may be blinded by its own light. Both are square to Pluto, a suggestion of being suppressed in his early home life. Making up for lost time now, perhaps — with so many outer planets activating that power pattern since his move to DC in 2017. Kushner seems to have seized the reins in March, right when Jupiter and Mars would have triggered his eclipsed Sun, presenting opportunities for him to expand on his ruthlessly persuasive mindset. At the White House podium last week, he referred to federal stockpiles of PPE and other equipment as “ours, not for the states” — and immediately, words on official U.S. government websites were changed to reflect Kushner’s declaration. How’s that for persuasive?

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you likely to be eclipsed? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

I suppose the sudden obsession with the Netflix series, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” also reflects current planetary patterns. Tigers are ruled by Jupiter (according to astrologer William Lilly), and Jupiter is amplified now by its conjunction with Pluto. It must be true, as how else would we also hear this week that tigers at the Bronx Zoo have tested positive for the virus — though at present, all are expected to recover.

Finally, two rounds of applause — first, to New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, who assured her constituents during today’s perfection-seeking Virgo Moon that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are absolutely, positively considered essential workers in New Zealand.  Second, to Her Majesty The Queen,  for delivering a noble and inspiring speech that was absolutely, positively perfect. Here it is, if you missed it.

Here’s how to make a coronavirus face mask — you need to wear this in public — no sewing required. And here is a reminder that Avid Reader Diane insists I post on every forecast: if you read it, please support it — by becoming a Faithful Monthly Avid Reader, Fairy Godparent — or even a Biggest Fan. Here’s the link to the Cosmic Tip Jar, with gratitude.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

The Tyger by William Blake

with an analysis provided here


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