Monday 4/26/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Scorpio; Pluto Retrograde

Allllll-righty then!

The Libra Moon was void between 8:38 AM and 12:18 PM ET. Did your Monday morning have a twist or flake? Did you have a tough time getting started? In my own personal world, management sent an email during the void announcing that the hot water would be turned off all day tomorrow. Three hours later, they emailed to say that plan was postponed. Moon voids are good for chilling and not making mountains out of molehills. I’ve been in a planned chill to support the Covid vaccine I received yesterday. Yes, I elected a time that looked like an event that would flow smoothly. So far, so good — other than a sore arm, which dissuaded me from my yoga practice this afternoon. No downward-facing dogs today!

The Moon is now in Scorpio, waxing to fullness at 11:31 PM ET. Here’s what that chart looks like, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • The Moon in Scorpio needs depth and substance.  I could flippantly say that Scorpio wrote the book on intimacy, the kind that draws people in like a magnet or sends more skittish and scattered types running screaming down the halls. Got a planet in Scorpio? Whatever it rules in your horoscope, it can take you all the way down to hell or all the way to heaven…but oh, the depth of the knowledge you will have as a result.
  • The Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon are both concerned with values and assets. Taurus is concerned with the values of the individual; Scorpio refers to values/assets/resources that are shared. It is in these areas that we may find illumination suggested by a Full Moon: what is MINE vs. what is OURS. Check the houses in your horoscope ruled by Taurus and Scorpio to assess what areas of your life may be “lit up” by the needs of mine vs. ours.
  • Neptune is squaring the 21 Sagittarius Ascendant, adding challenging themes of magical thinking, scandal, deception, healing, drugs, oil and refugees to the United States’ collective experience of this Full Moon. Note that 21 Sagittarius activates the horoscope of the former guy, so he may be associated with one or more of these Neptune themes in the news.
  • Pluto is at a standstill, officially turning retrograde tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:01 PM ET. We see potential breakdowns, power plays, corruption exposed and other forms of  “news from underground,” especially in matters of values and money. At 26 Capricorn, Pluto is activating the horoscope of Justices Alito, Thomas and Scalia (doesn’t matter that the latter is dead). Even though Speaker Pelosi is not bringing a proposal to expand SCOTUS from 9 to 13 justices (one for each district) to the floor right yet, this idea isn’t going away.
  • Four planets in the 5th house, including the Sun, emphasizes children, entertainment, hospitality, creative self-expression and speculative ventures.
  • Mars is at the Aries Point in Cancer, having a tough time communicating its assertive home/homeland security agenda, which may be based more on emotional attachment than objective reality.
  • The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are: “the moon shining across a lake”(for the Moon) and “a sleigh without snow (for the Sun). It’s fascinating that Sabian Sage Blain Bovee associates the symbol for the Moon with “guile,” explaining that the moon seen in the reflection of a lake is but an illusion. He associates the symbol for the Sun with potentially slippery situations. Watch the headlines for themes of deft evasion, forgotten treasures, maintaining stability until the time is ripe for change; wasted resources; being ahead of one’s time, e.g., all dressed up with no place to go.
  • Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week is the Four of Swords — an apt image for the stillness suggested in these  Sabian Symbols. Scorpio is also a mute sign. When have you heard a scorpion chatter?
  • President Biden’s natal Pluto is illuminated by this Full Moon. We are attuned to potentially crafty power plays, especially behind the scenes. His Sun-Venus conjunction is under the expansive influence of Jupiter for most of the year, with exact squares this week and next. His natal Mars was just squared by Saturn, which may be experienced as militantly disciplined assertion. Biden’s Mars is in Scorpio, which can be quite ruthless. Resistance is futile, as my cat Pepper (born with Mars in Scorpio) is happy to demonstrate. I dare you to keep her from jumping on the dining room table — or the even higher china cabinet.
  • You are more personally affected by the emotional release of this Full Moon if you have planets around 7 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Note what happens now — and compare it to events around November 10th.

Here’s how the rest of the week goes:

  • TUESDAY: Scorpio Full Moon fallout may be reflected in a rough-and-tumble morning, as Moon is jolted by Uranus at 4:51 AM ET and blunted by Saturn’s authoritarian control at 8:46 AM ET. A clash of social expression or aesthetics may present itself around 1:26 PM ET, when Moon opposes Venus. At 4:23 PM ET, Moon opposes Mercury — how we need to think and communicate. Scorpio Moon needs profound control; planets in Taurus need peace and calm; both signs are inclined to dig in their heels.  Moon’s trine to Neptune at 11:30 PM ET may soften some resistance.
  • Humming in the background is Pluto, which turns retrograde at 4:01 PM ET. Remember that the days before and after a planet changes direction suggest a focus on whatever that planet represents. And by focus, I mean the sound of a car’s horn blaring. Retrograde planets suggest a time to look inward for authority in whatever matters are ruled by that planet. Pluto is power, control, regeneration, transformation — such as a phoenix experiences after bursting into flames and rising from its own ashes. With that energetic intensity turned inward, stop trying to control the world around you. Work on controlling (mastering) your own inner world — and then the world around you will start to reflect your newly masterful self.  Y’know? You’ll feel the potential for a change of perspective more personally if you have a planet or angle around 26 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer — and especially Capricorn. Consult your local astrologer for details.
  • WEDNESDAY: Scorpio Moon goes void on a square to Jupiter at 8:31 AM ET. Expansion or exuberance –followed by a flake, twist or opportunity to chill. At 11:42 AM ET, Moon soars into Sagittarius, finally free to gamble or gambol, seeking to influence the Entire Free World with its authentic truth. Entertain a debate; take a walk in the woods or a foreign film. Moon travels without interference for the rest of the day.
  • THURSDAY: the Sag Moon’s high-flying ideals benefit from the practical structure suggested by a sextile with Saturn at 8:26 AM ET. Go about your business with enthusiasm, inspired by the sextile (a cooperative connection) between Mercury and Neptune at 10:26 PM.  Could be dreamy or fuzzy around midnight, as Neptune squares the Moon, possibly dissolving boundaries.
  • FRIDAY: Another morning with a possible twist. The Sag Moon goes void at 9:26 AM ET, entering Capricorn at 12:15 PM ET. Moon in Capricorn needs to Make Things Happen, though things may not go as planned. The electric buzz of the Sun’s annual meet-up with rebel Uranus (at 3:43 PM ET) has permeated the week. Shake-ups, shocks, seismic action, tech breakthroughs and other bolts from the blue are to be expected, likely involving leaders, aviation and maybe even astrology. Also affected: Taurus arenas, e.g., food, retail, banking and beauty.  If you were born between April 28 – May 2, you’re feeling the push for a break-out more personally than most. An opposition between Mars and Moon at 7:50 PM ET could generate sparks among unholy alliances.
  • SATURDAY: Moon in Capricorn facilitates practical chores around the house, with less friction than last night. Accomplishments may be influenced by other patterns exact on…
  • SUNDAY: ..starting with a dirt-digging trine between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 5:18 AM ET. A harmony (sextile) between Venus and Neptune at 6:38 PM ET can be sweetly sensual. The Capricorn Moon was busy all morning, flitting from Venus to Neptune to Pluto and Mercury, before going void at 10:37 AM ET. Chill, chill, chill until 3:30 PM ET, when Moon enters Aquarius, seeking social significance and the company of friends. Enjoy the evening, as Monday morning starts off on a sobering note, courtesy of the Sun’s square to Saturn.

I will add the news to this post sometime tomorrow. If you receive this forecast by email, check my website. It loves having visitors.

Thank you for reading this forecast — with special extra bonus thanks to Avid Readers who support it–whether on Faithful Monthly or  Joyful Random basis. Your influx of energy makes it possible for me to write, even under the influence of a doozy of SuperMoon in Scorpio.

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Scorpio bathing in moonlight

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