Monday 3/25/2024: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon & Eclipse in Libra

Alllrighty then!

One eclipse down, and another to go. How are you feeling today? Was your horoscope directly affected? Mine was. I made a savory lentil stew with potatoes – to keep me grounded, according to the old wives…

Planetary patterns are sparse this week:

  • Full Moon in Libra/Lunar Eclipse on Monday
  • Venus sextiles Uranus on Thursday
  • Mercury goes retrograde next Monday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: The Libra Moon drives the next two days with a need for fairness and balance in relationship. It was eclipsed at 3 AM ET, and makes no other exact aspects for the rest of the day. In fact, it make no exact aspect to any planet until 7:08 PM ET on…
  • TUESDAY:…when it opposes Mercury, reflecting a potentially impassioned, disruptive and illuminating face-off in matters of communication and transportation. I say this because Mercury is conjunct Eris, a celestial body named for the Goddess of Discord whose strategy for claiming a place at the table may include burning the whole house down. Fun fact: the U.S. Mercury is at 24 Cancer; Eris has just squared it, and Eris moves soooooo slowly that we’ve been feeling this contact for months and months! Meanwhile, it should surprise no one that Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-MAGA) has three planets in her horoscope receiving a transit of Eris. It is an apt reflection of her incendiary screeds.
  • TUESDAY: Anyhoo, this Mercury-Eris opposition to the Moon comes after a day and a half of “fairness and balance” issues gathering steam like a snowball rolling down a mountain. Then the Moon goes void for the next ten hours, providing time for us to CHILL. During Moon voids, crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns; avoid major purchases; roll with the flakes and twists. CHILL. But do note that because Mercury is going retrograde, whatever blows up today will be back for a second and third look around April 9th and May 10th.

A pause, while we discuss Monday’s (today’s) Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

In general, lunar eclipses can function as an intense release and illumination, sometimes with heavy emotional involvement, given that the energy of a Full Moon is involved.  Your coping strategy is to trust that whatever is released (which may be experienced as something — or someone — being taken away), is a necessary step in your life’s path. The illumination may be thought of as a (possibly sudden) awareness of a part of yourself or aspect of your life that needs new avenues of expression. It’s time!

This lunar eclipse is the third of a series of six lunar and solar eclipses that fall in either Aries or Libra. The North Node is in Aries and the South Node is in Libra. The North Node represents a path to growth. In Aries, growth comes through positive application of courage, pioneering, inspiration, and a focus on me-me-me. The South Node represents toxic patterns that need to be released because they no longer serve. In Libra, what no longer serves may include people-pleasing habits that compromise true self-expression; whatever is deemed to be fair or balanced; the ways in which we negotiate with one another; concepts of beauty and aesthetics; concepts of justice and the law; a focus on we-we-we. This lesson started last April and will end next April.

Here is the chart for today’s eclipse, set in Washington, DC:


  • As with the chart for last week’s Aries Ingress, the Moon is in the 9th house from the perspective of the United States. We see a continuation of illumination in matters of courts, collective belief systems (the media, religion, politics, etc.); foreign affairs, sports, travel.
  • This lunar eclipse will be activated on April 9th by Venus at 5 Aries, releasing matters involving who, what and how we need to love…which may involve women, money, the arts, and social graces (or lack thereof). It will be activated by Mars on May 7th

We tend to get whatever we imagine;
so let us not imagine what we don’t want to attract
“The power of visualization – for better or for worse”

  • I suspect we’ll be seeing more and more examples of how the world seems to operate in line with what we believe about it…even if our beliefs have no basis in facts.
  • The Sabian Symbol for the Sun (we read for 6 Aries) is “a square brightly lighted on one side.“Astrologer Blain Bovee astutely notes that a square can be an organizing principle, as in gathering around a town square…or having a square meal. Square suggests wholeness (holiness), does it not? But if only one side of a square is illuminated, then we have a one-sided perspective, right? As always, there is an upside and a downside. The downside could be clinging to a perspective that misses the whole picture. An upside could be an understanding of the whole through “a single facet of the jewel of wisdom.”
  • In your own personal world, wherever this eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you may receive illumination on how your beliefs form your experience. If you want to change the world, change your mind! You are more affected by this eclipse than most if you have planets or angles around 4-6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. Off the top of my head, that includes House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the former guy (who couldn’t get anyone, not even his billionaire son-in-law Jared, to lend him the $455 million dollars he had been ordered to pay because he was found guilty of fraud). If you’d like several paragraphs of handcrafted insights about how this lunar eclipse and next week’s total solar eclipse is likely to affect you, please order my Personalized Eclipse Insights — at the bottom of this linked page.  If you know I don’t have your birth date, please email me. 

Back to the forecast.

  • WEDNESDAY: Moon enters Scorpio at 5:02 AM ET, seeking depth and substance for the sake of power and control. This quest may be driven to extremes, as Moon squares Pluto at 8:37 AM ET. Acting on whatever power play or catharsis came up is facilitated by a trine (easy flow) between Moon and Mars. After that, the Scorpio Moon is on its own for the rest of the day, and it may be helped by (technological?) support from unconventional networks and allies. I say this because…
  • THURSDAY:…a trine between Moon and Saturn suggests an easy flow of administrative or authoritative support around 7:10 AM ET, and this positive flow augmented by the sextile between Venus and Uranus at 9:58 AM ET. An opposition between Moon and Jupiter at 1:58 PM ET could push boundaries with respect to expansion and/or confidence. A surprise hits the wires around 9:45 PM ET, as Moon opposes Uranus. A trine between Moon and Venus at 11:01 PM ET aims to absorb the disruption.
  • FRIDAY: Note your dreams; channels may be more open as Moon trines Neptune at 11:39 AM ET, and then goes void with a sigh. Chill during the four-hour Moon void — maybe take the day off, especially if you’re traveling for the upcoming Easter holiday weekend. Heck, Congress isn’t even in session this week — or next! At 3:15 PM ET, Moon soars into Sagittarius, pushing boundaries with righteous opinions (perhaps muffled under the Scorpio Moon?). Now is the time to broaden your horizons. Take a walk in nature; explore a new corner of the urban jungle. A sextile  to Pluto at 7:23 PM ET adds depth to desire….and possibly sparking a combat, because…
  • SATURDAY: …at 2:43 AM ET, Moon square Mars. There is no Moon void to discourage yard sale scouring this weekend, and a trine between the Moon and Sun makes bargaining easier — at least before 11:44 AM ET. Blocks are more likely around 5:29 PM ET, when Moon squares Saturn.
  • SUNDAY: Overindulgence, perhaps, at your Easter Sunday brunch, as Moon squares Venus (who, what, and how we need to love). Note that Mercury is slowing to a virtual standstill in the cosmos, getting ready to turn retrograde on Monday evening ET. Whatever is in focus in matters of communication, travel, and commerce is subject to review, revisions and delays over the next few week. Acting like a pushy Aries (Mercury will be retrograde in Aries) may backfire. Today, however, messages seem to flow well, reflecting the trine between Moon and Mercury at 6:54 PM ET. Oh — lookie — that puts Mercury in a square to the U.S. Pluto, so a power play affecting these United States may be getting attention. Moon goes void at 8:15 PM ET, on a square to dreamy Neptune. Plan your escape and chill for the rest of the night.

Stayed tuned for the news, which I hope to ship tomorrow. I have a truckload of notes, but I just can’t pull them together right now. Still have a few more eclipse insights to send — thanks to those who are waiting patiently…

I leave you with Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week. It’s one of my faves!

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for supporting this forecast — and sharing it with friends.

A full moon lunar eclipse over the sea of Curacao Caribbean

Kinda looks like potatoes, doesn’t it?




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