Monday 2/13/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Signs of Neptune Running Wild

Happy Monday!

The work week begins on a serious challenge between a perfectionist Virgo Moon and an opinionated and authoritative Saturn in Sagittarius, exact at 7:36 AM ET. Whatever potential ambitious reach or wet blanket greeted you upon waking, resist the urge to make a mountain out of a molehill. The Moon will be void for most of the business day, wandering without focus until 3:43 PM ET. Stick to routine; roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill!

Once the Moon enters the next sign — Libra — the energy of the day focuses on social graces, balance, fairness and justice.  Cooperation and communication are facilitated in ways that advance progress, suggested by a harmony between the Sun and Saturn around 1 AM ET on TUESDAY.

Libra is a romantic sign — in a sweet-talking sort of way. Not bad for the Moon on Valentine’s Day, right? Indulgence in the morning, perhaps, suggested by a face-off between the Moon and Venus at 5:51 AM ET. Wonky ideas and communication are facilitated around 1 PM ET, as Moon is in harmony with mental Mercury. We have potential for energy surges and/or spats around 5 PM ET, however. That’s when the people-pleasing (and conflict-avoiding) Libra Moon is challenged by high-functioning Mars (action!) in me-me-me Aries. The earth may move in the overnight hours — for better or worse. That’s when Moon makes it’s weekly mash-up to Pluto and Uranus. The action happens on WEDNESDAY at 2:57 AM ET and 9:01 AM ET, respectively.

The only other pattern of note during the work week is a cooperative connection between wonky Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Aries. Looks promising for putting ideas into action, especially those with a tech-friendly and/or humanitarian bent.

Moon voids — other than Monday:  WEDNESDAY at 8:54 PM ET until THURSDAY at 1:41 AM ET — no biggie. FRIDAY AT 2:38 PM ET until 1:52 PM ET on SATURDAY. Start the holiday weekend early and avoid the mattress sales until the Moon is no longer void. Impulse purchases made during Moon voids have a funny way of not living up to their desired potential.

A word about an interesting relationship happening now between Venus and Mars. They are both in Aries, with Venus seemingly chasing Mars, a few steps ahead. They are close enough  to spark attraction and passion — but they aren’t going to come together until….OCTOBER 4th around 18 degrees of Virgo. Venus is actually slowing down — about to turn retrograde on March 4th. So whatever mergers are on the verge right now might be put off until early October. We shall see.

What’s going on in your horoscope? How will the Venus retrograde impact your relationships? Is your horoscope compatible with the horoscope of your Significant Other? These are questions that can be answered in any number of written reports and personal consultations — all of which are described here. We will have an excellent discussion together.

And now, the news.

In the language of astrology, Neptune refers to fantasy, glamour, gaslighting, scandal, fog, spirits, lies, toxins, drugs, oceans/water, music and ideals. It refers to what is intangible. If you are having a Neptune transit, you may find yourself desperately seeking a vision. Neptune dissolves what it touches. It doesn’t blow it apart or tear it down, as Pluto, Mars or Uranus suggest. Neptune is more like Chinese water torture. It can really do a number on your mind.

Right now Neptune is isolated from all of the other planets, except for an occasional, brief connection to the Moon. Isolated planets — and whatever they represent — tend to attract a lot of attention. Here’s what I’m seeing in the headlines: “extraordinary” levels of toxic pollution in the most remote depths of the ocean; an alternative to the (already scandalized) EpiPen is about to hit the market at $4500 (!!?!?) a pop;  a NYT op-ed expresses Moon square Saturn skepticism about using LSD to treat depression; thousands were evacuated in California after heavy rains raised concerns over a dam disaster; last night’s Grammys pulled out all the razzle-dazzle stops.

Said razzle-dazzle included Beyonce, Adele and Joy Villa, whose P45-inspired “Make America Great Again” dress was followed by a spike in music sales. It’s fascinating to see the potential in patterns at Ms. Villa’s birth, suggesting a need for idealistic thinking and daring action. Her Mercury (how she needs to think) is being exactly squared by Pluto as I type, suggesting a persuasive and empowered thrust to what she says and thinks.Birth date: April 25, 1991 — in Orange, CA. Time unknown. Astrology is amazing.

But the lies — the Neptunian lies — everywhere! A majority of P45 voters believe that the fake Bowling Green massacre Kellyanne Conway lied about justified P45’s Muslim travel ban (which was rejected 3-0 by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as expected). Here’s how the NY Daily News reported that story; here is the NY Post’s version. See the differences in the headlines? Where do you get your news? There was no terrorist attack in Atlanta, either, btw — a fact that is skewered with gusto in an encore performance by Melissa McCarthy as White House press secretary Sean Spicer on SNL.

Why are men being portrayed by women on SNL? Astrologically, I note that Ms. McCarthy made her debut with transiting Venus in warrior Aries at the Aries Point! Fun Fact: Rosie O’Donnell has three planets near the Aries Point: Sun, Venus and Moon — so it makes sense that talk of her filling Steve Bannon’s shoes would attract attention.


“In Stephen Miller’s world, reality is besides the point,” reads a headline in today’s Washington Post. Miller is a 31-year-old senior policy advisor to P45 who asserted — without a shred of evidence — massive voter fraud in the last election.  He is 31 years old — no birth date available — but I would think Neptune is strong in his horoscope.  Here is an in-depth profile Politico published last year, which refers to him as a “true believer.” Neptune definitely believes.  Meanwhile, the former chairman of the NH GOP is offering $1000 to the first person who can prove that any Massachusetts voter took a bus to New Hampshire and voted illegally, as Miller claimed on Sunday.  The former NH GOP chairman’s Twitter posts are glorious in their celebration of Neptune fantasies.

Also at the White House: whether or not national security advisor Michael T. Flynn lied about what he said to the Russian ambassador to the U.S. about lifting sanctions imposed by the Obama Administration. And if he did lie, who else knew about it?

On HBO,  John Oliver devoted his entire show last night –– aired during a “make it right” Moon in Virgo — to an in-depth analysis of the Neptune fog currently emanating from the Oval Office — with an action plan coming soon to a TV cable news show near you.  We don’t have a birth time for Mr. Oliver — but here’s a bit I wrote about his horoscope nearly two years ago.

In other news, Betsy DeVos was confirmed in an unprecedented 51-50 Senate vote, living up to the potential suggested in her horoscope. She is our new Secretary of Education, marking her first week in office with a tweet that misspelled the name of civil rights activist and co-founder of the NAACP W.E. B. DuBois. Elsewhere, a souvenir portrait of P45 was removed from the online store of the Library of Congress yesterday because of a “glaring typo,” according to the NY Post.  And at the White House, the People Who Write These Things referred to UK Prime Minister Theresa May as “Teresa May,” a British porn star.

OK, enough about politics and Moon-in-Virgo exacting fuss over pesky details.

Let’s talk about the potential suggested by last week’s harmony between the Sun and Uranus. Innovative leadership and resources, anyone? President “Jimmy Carter leases his land to solar power his hometown” made national and international headlines. From the photos here, seems like the panels are up and running. I could see “Mr. Jimmy” initiating more fresh starts in the way land is used as transiting Uranus hits all four angles of his horoscope this year and next.

Here are pix of Friday’s Snow Moon eclipse, along with a visiting comet.

UPDATE: Beth Owl’s Daughter is doing well and recovering at home after her major, major surgery on Tuesday. She sends tears of joy and buckets of gratitude to the Avid Readers who were inspired to support her GoFundMe campaign. You are awesome! And because Beth is also awesome, she got out of bed, walked down the stairs and sat at her computer long enough to post her Tarot Card for the Week  here

Thank you for reading this forecast. Your comments are always welcome.  For example, if you are a subscriber and you go to the Daily Forecast page on my website, you will see a chart showing where the planets are right now. Look in the left sidebar. That was a suggestion made by an Avid Reader — huzzah!


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  1. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I have a lot of interest in synchronicity so I was fascinated by the fact that the comet that blasted by during the full moon Feb 11th was named 45P… according to the NASA website it has been visible for “a couple of months”


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