Monday 2/13/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Of Dreams and Reality, Perchance; Venus Meets Neptune; Sun Meets Saturn

Alllll-righty then!

Are we having fun yet? We’ve moved from Chinese spy balloons to talk of a few UFOs (which they are, until/unless someone publicly identifies them) shot down over the weekend. Surreal indeed, and yet in sync with planetary patterns. The highlights this week are:

  • Venus conjunct Neptune on Wednesday — there’s your surreal
  • Sun conjunct Saturn on Thursday — a heavy pattern, and this one connects with the charts of a number of heads of state
  • Mercury sextile Jupiter on Friday — that’s a boundary-pushing one
  • Sun enters Pisces on Saturday
  • Venus sextile Pluto on Sunday

But before I forget, last Friday, Whitney McKnight and I uploaded Episode 24 of “Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast. We talk about the astrology of the Chinese spy balloon, and weigh in on a big blow-up that happened in the astrology community earlier this month, one that is still being talked about on the Twitter and such. Plus we put together some special bonus stuff for patron subscribers, including thoughts on the horoscopes of Mark Zuckerberg, President Xi of China and Mitt Romney — all of whom are making news. We are having so much fun with this podcast, and we’re glad our giggles are being appreciated by Avid Listeners. We are now airing every Friday — let us know what you think!

As for this week…

  • MONDAY: Dreamy inspiration, driven by a need for depth, substance and control. That’s the morning vibe, as the Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Venus and Neptune (note your dreams) at 5:16 AM and 9:48 AM ET. The need for control clashes with someone else’s need for detached objectivity, possibly involving far-out technological concepts. And here I would be referring to the tension suggested by the Third Quarter Moon, exact at 11 AM ET. Feeling as if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place would be one potential of a square (tension) between the Moon and Saturn, exact at 3:53 PM ET. Just ask the guy who came by my building at precisely  3:53 PM ET to pick up a bag of Shark attachments I offered to my local Buy Nothing group, only to be told by the doorman that someone else had claimed them. Not at all true, and it’s taken me 20 minutes to sort it all out. Ah, astrology! This Moon-Saturn pattern could also reflect a personal ambitious advance, as in, “never take a “no” from someone who can’t give you a “yes.”  Every pattern has an “upside” and a “downside,” as it were. Finally, Moon sextiles Pluto, adding an extra dose of moody depth to the early evening, and then goes void at 6:51 PM ET. Chill for a couple of hours during the void, and get ready to shift gears when Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:31 PM ET.
  • TUESDAY: Moon in Sag drives the next couple of days with a need for optimism and high-flying, righteous opinions. Broaden your horizons; get out in nature; take in a foreign film; engage in an educational debate. It’s Valentine’s Day, and there’s plenty of buoyant enthusiasm to be had for whatever romantic escape you may be planning. And with the conjunction of Venus (love, values, money) and Neptune (forgiveness, idealism, fraud), humming in the background, many may be feeling inspired. The buoyant enthusiasm reflects a trine between Moon and Jupiter at 11:55 AM ET. It may get more feisty as the day evolves, reflecting the opposition between the Moon and Mars, exact at 9:06 PM ET. Fighting — or otherwise impassioned — words?
  • WEDNESDAY: Venus meets up with Neptune at 7:25 AM ET. Perhaps all is now forgiven. A dreamy state may prevail, as the Moon squares Neptune and Venus between 2 PM and 3 PM ET. The Moon is still in Sagittarius, and its need to be influential in matters of collective thought is supported by harmony with the Sun and Saturn, now close to the end of Aquarius, and exact at 7:03 PM ET and 8:05 PM ET. Chill during the four-hour Moon void. Moon shifts gears at 11:59 PM ET, when it enters Capricorn.
  • THURSDAY: Moon in Capricorn needs to Make Things Happen, so pull up your big girl panties and get to it. Whatever needs to happen is likely heavy, cutting, controlling or ambitious, in an authoritarian way. This reflects the Sun’s annual meet-up with Saturn at 27 Aquarius, which is one of the astrologers’ degree — isn’t that interesting? You are more personally affected by the gravitas if you have a planet around 27 Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus. That includes President Biden, whose affected planets include Sun, Venus, Chiron and the North & South Nodes. It also includes Mitt Romney, author Richard Bach, North Korea, Bill Clinton, Jim Jordan, LeVar Burton  and  Joe Manchin. Here are some Sun-Saturn headlines from the past, and note that this year’s conjunction activates last year’s Full Moon in Leo. Whatever makes news this week may be related to the illumination we received a year ago.  Expansion, enthusiasm or wretched excess marks the afternoon as Moon squares Jupiter in me-me-me Aries at 3:10 PM ET. Seek an innovative approach, or gather with friends — new and old — following the Moon’s easy flow with Uranus at 12:54 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: A quiet morning and afternoon in the cosmic sandbox. Moon makes a cooperative connection with visionary Neptune at 3:15 PM ET, followed by another one with Venus (women, social graces, arts, money, values) at 8:06 PM ET. Humming in the background is this week’s sextile between Mercury (how we need to think) and Jupiter (reward, expansion), suggesting potential big news in sports, courts, the media and foreign affairs. An intense focus may direct the rest of the night, as Moon meets up with Pluto at 11:17 PM ET…with Pluto now at the verrrrrrrry last degree of Capricorn. What does that mean? I’ll tell you in the news section below.
  • SATURDAY: Moon enters Aquarius at 12:34 AM ET, now needing to be appreciated for its unique social significance within a larger group. There’s no Moon void to discourage an impulse to snap up yard sale bargains, if this is your thing. Moon connects happily with Jupiter at 3:50 PM ET and meets up with Mercury at 5:35 PM ET, buzz, buzz, buzz. We are at the end of the lunar cycle, with little light from the Moon. A “dead Moon” is apt for wrapping up tasks initiated on the last New Moon. It’s good for flying under the radar, and you can bet that Some People are intentionally doing just that. Meanwhile, at 5:34 PM ET, the Sun leaves Aquarius for Pisces, sign of all the fishies in the sea.

A pause, while we pay proper homage to the sign that has been called “the dustbin of the zodiac.

Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive energy that at its best expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One.  Being such a sensitive soul is not always easy. Pisces has been known to wallow in suffering. It can go to extremes of surrender in order to escape life’s hard knocks, drowning its sorrows in the nearest rose-colored glass. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a dreamy energy that can be challenging to integrate, but oh what sublime creative visions it can bring to life, when effectively channeled. Pisces appreciates that the individual and the collective are one and the same; that the illusion that we are separated from one another is just that: an illusion.

This Pisces truth is expressed in a book I stumbled across years ago. It’s called Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch. At the end of Chapter 15, Walsch talks about his quest to find the answer to these questions: 1) What does it take to make life work? and 2) Why does my life have to be such a continuing struggle? Walsch credits a conversation with God with this answer:

“Your life does not have to be such a continuing struggle. The problem is simple. You think your life is about you. Your life is not about you.”

“It isn’t?” I asked.

“No,” God answered.

“Well, then, who in the world is it about?”

Everyone in the world.”

The book then expounds on a simple, yet profound concept that “All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and All Things are part of the One Thing That Is.”  Walsch makes the case that when you can apply this concept in day-to-day living, you will have mastered the key to success. Sounds pretty Piscean to me.

Pisces folk born 23-27 days into the sign should chat with Fish born a few days earlier about how spacey life seemed in the past two years, as transiting Neptune met up with their Sun. Lots of potential for creativity and soulful questing, though.  This year may be a bit streamlining for Pisces born in the earlier days of the sign, given that Saturn will soon be paying them a metaphorical visit. I’d say the same is true for Geminis, Sagittarians and Virgos born in that range.  May be time to check in with your local astrologer…


  • SUNDAY: Moon square Uranus at 12:41 AM ET, surprise, surprise…though it should be good for late-night comedy shows. An easy flow of action is supported by Moon’s trine to Mars at 1 AM ET. Depth — in matters of social expression, money, women and values — drives this day, reflecting a sextile between Venus and Pluto, exact at 12:04 PM ET. Whatever the Moon-Uranus square disrupted, a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn at 9 PM ET now seeks to control. Chill during the three-hour Moon void. At 11:55 PM ET, Moon enters Pisces, seeking to identify with ideals and feelings, feelings…nothing more than feelings. This would also reflect the last full day of Venus in Pisces. Venus enters Aries at 2:55 AM ET on MONDAY and I’ll tell you about that — and the  New Moon in Pisces that will have happened less than an hour earlier — in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

Driving the headlines over the weekend were three conjunctions. Two of them are happening this week (Venus-Neptune & Sun-Saturn); the third happened on Friday (Mercury-Pluto). We anticipate intensely persuasive news from underground; far-out ideals involving women, money, values, aesthetics; and cuts/losses/authoritarian advances involving leaders of business and state.

Two other patterns that must be considered are Saturn and Pluto at the end of Aquarius and Capricorn, respectively. Any planet at the end of a sign is at a crisis point. Saturn in Aquarius intensifies a crisis involving networks, group, circulation, friendships and technology. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies a crisis involving governmental authority, corporations and other Powers That Be. Exhibit A:  Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch sitting together in their own very special box at the Superbowl. Whatever they are up to likely reflects the urgency of Saturn and Pluto.

In other news…

There was a big game last night — a.k.a. the Superbowl! I was rooting for the Eagles — for no particular reason — and I didn’t make a serious prediction about who might win. Sometimes you just want to watch the game! With Mars (warriors) in the sign of the Gemini, sign of the Twins, it was fun to see “Mama” Donna Kelce wearing her support for her two sons — one who plays for the Chiefs and one who plays for the Eagles.

Watching Rihanna’s half-time performance on a small screen made it impossible to appreciate its razzle-dazzle. However, Justina Milesthe first female deaf performer for the Super Bowl’s halftime show —  killed it. Her American Sign Language translation was up close and personal, and aptly reflected planetary patterns. In the language of astrology, Saturn refers to deafness. It also refers to debts. Rihanna opened her set with “B***h better have my money.” Indeed.

Not that anyone asked for my opinion, but why would any advertising agency pitch a campaign featuring John Travolta singing a song from “Grease,” when co-star Olivia Newton-John passed away only six months ago. Probably they’d already sold the concept, but still. Here are most of the other ads, courtesy of TVLine, which declared Travolta’s effort “a touchdown.”  This led to me looking at Travolta’s horoscope, where transiting Saturn is sitting right on his 29 Aquarius Sun, and transiting Pluto is sitting directly opposite his 29 Cancer Ascendant. Heavy focus, streamlined ambition, transformation and empowerment is likely on his agenda over the next two years. Oh, and Travolta is yet another person making news whose horoscope is activated by transiting Mars. His Moon is in Virgo, where Mars currently squares it.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that last year’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces (happened on April 12, 2022) was activated over the weekend by transiting Neptune. From the perspective of the U.S., we would expect an expansive effort to influence collective belief systems, including spiritual ones. Here’s a recap of expectations, posted last year.   One expansive, expensive effort — to the tune of $20 million — consisted of two ads that aired during the Superbowl. They are part of a campaign called “He Gets Us,” and it is an effort to “market” the message of Jesus Christ to a skeptical population,” according to the Washington Times.  The last Jupiter -Neptune conjunction in Pisces happened in 1856, and coincided with the rise of Spiritualism in the United States. Thus the ads are not surprising. But gosh…$20 million???

Finally, while Heather Cox Richardson was writing a Letter from an American about the aforementioned disconnect between the reality-based community and those who deny actual facts, Whitney was getting ready to post a thoughtful essay on her other noble cause:  docu-mental: mapping the american states of mind. The essay is called “The land between ‘crazy’ and ‘normal’ is Science Fiction, the map is myth,” and after I read it, I said, “Whitney, we have to talk about this from an astro-logical perspective, because what you’ve written is just so darned in sync with planetary patterns.” So that’s what we plan to do on the next Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, along with the usual fun observations on what’s driving the news.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Astrologers are like dentists, doncha know. It’s good to check in with us every year — or every two years, tops. Planetary patterns in your own unique horoscope are constantly changing, and it good to know what’s on your cosmic calendar.

Thank you for sharing this forecast with your friends.

…in which a beautiful young woman

holds an artificial Saturn

while standing against a rosy background

Photo by Hanna Postova, Ukraine


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