Monday 12/9/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury in Sagittarius & Neptune Observations

Good Morning!

I’m still basking in the rosy glow of yesterday’s successful presentation to the Jane Austen Society. The audience of super-smart, inquisitive and devoted Janeites could not have been more appreciative of the insights gained from her horoscope. Best of all, even though most were not familiar with the language of astrology — or what a horoscope is (other than a fluffy blurb in a newspaper), the consensus was that the material was presented in a way that everyone could understand. It was sooooo much fun, and I’m putting it out to the Universe that I would be delighted to accept other such speaking engagements. Did I mention it was fun?

The work week begins with the Moon in Taurus, driving us with a need to establish material comfort and security. The Moon is well-supported by easy aspects to Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Pluto between 9:21 AM and 8:12 PM ET, so do not waste a minute of this productive day! Moon goes void at 8:12 PM ET, giving you time to chill, chill, chill  all evening. Stick to routine concerns and roll with whatever twists and flakes just happen to disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. An evening with a Taurus Moon favors sensual pleasures: food, drink, snuggles, etc. Enjoy.

Today’s biggest shift is Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius, exact at 4:42 AM ET. It will push boundaries with righteous enthusiasm in matters  of thought and communication until December 28th. The downside of Mercury is Sagittarius is that it can get carried away in Big Picture ideals, without taking time to work out the details. It can be sloppy, just like that sloppy tax cut that was passed a couple of years ago, when Mercury was also in Sagittarius. “Sloppy” is actually how it was labelled by its critics, just as predicted.

The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAYMoon is void until 11:47 AM ET. If you accidentally sleep in, no worries. I doubt you missed anything of consequence. Once the Moon enters Gemini, the focus of the day is on chatty communication and showing off one’s smarts. A face-off between Moon and Mercury at 3:43 PM ET brings an intellectual argument to light. Perhaps it will have a sobering focus in matters of women, money, aesthetics and social expression, reflecting the steely structuring chill of…
  • WEDNESDAY — …the meet-up between Venus and Saturn in enterprising Capricorn, exact at 5:04 AM ET. Whatever it is, the Gemini buzz continues, with a bit of befuddlement or inspiration around 5:12 PM ET, when Moon squares Neptune. The emotional current is running high, as the Moon waxes to exact fullness at 9:12 PM PT — just after midnight on the East Coast. Deeper analysis of the Full Moon will have to wait until Wednesday, as I have another presentation to prepare for a talk tomorrow — here in New York. It’s a happy problem to have; thanks for understanding.
  • THURSDAYMoon goes void at 1:12 AM for the whole business day on the East Coast. Moon doesn’t enter Cancer until 6:23 PM ET, shifting our focus to home, family and homeland security concerns. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. Still, I can appreciate the wigginess and emotional intensity of whatever “crisis” might crop up today, given planetary patterns than are exact on….
  • FRIDAY — ….when Mars harmonizes with Neptune at 6:56 AM ET, and Venus meets up with Pluto at 10:13 AM ET. Mars-Neptune patterns suggest charisma, fanaticism, sex scandals, snake oil, the energy of assertion aligned with the energy of the ideal and/or surreal. Also included: cars, guns, men, oceans, drugs, oil, liars, healers, peaceniks. Venus-Pluto patterns suggest emotional overkill, power plays and catharsis in matters of money, women, power, resources, art, values, social expression. Volatility in the markets? Witchy-bitchy women? I wouldn’t be surprised. In the evening, a mini-grand trine forms among the Cancer Moon, Scorpio Mars and Pisces Neptune. This is suggests an aura of emotional self-sufficiency/fulfillment, compared to…
  • SATURDAY — when the morning has more of an edge. The sensitivity and security needs of the Cancer Moon are opposed by Saturn and Pluto in status-seeking Capricorn at 4:23 AM and 8:47 AM ET. At 10:57 PM ET, the Moon is opposed by Venus (conflict of values?), and then goes void for the next 12 hours. No yard sale impulse purchases or holiday shopping, if you please. Wait until….
  • SUNDAY...when you’ll be feeling the fun partying vibe of the Moon in Leo. The Leo Moon facilitates impulses to purchase gifts that celebrate the recipient — and generously so. Jupiter, planet of expansion, harmonizes with Uranus, planet of innovation and astrology –– exact at 2 PM ET. A gift certificate for a consultation with an astrologer would be just the thing, don’t you think? Or something travel or education-related. Or maybe a pony. Jupiter refers to horses, doncha’ know. Just note the possible jolt that may hit the headlines around 4 AM ET, when the Moon squares rebel Uranus.

OK – s0 — stay tuned for more on the Full Moon. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of news….

Tons of headlines reflecting the wiggy potential of Sunday’s Sun-Neptune square, coupled with the harmony between Venus (art, money, women) and Neptune:

The obituaries are also reflecting Neptune keywords: bubbles, music, sci-fi and fantasy:

  • Rene Auberjonois  — Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Carroll Spinney — who played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street
  • Paul Volcker — “the closest thing to a rock star economist” the U.S. has ever seen — and former Fed chair
  • Juice WRLD — wildly successful 21-year old rapper

In the world of the never-ending U.S. presidential campaign, we’re seeing the hardcore corporate reality check of January 12th’s lean, mean Saturn-Pluto meet-up. How so? Well, it’s interesting that Pete Buttgieg’s past work at McKinsey has cropped up at this time. McKinsey is an apt symbol for the corporate/Establishment power and control symbolized by Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. Some in the media are making an issue out of Elizabeth Warren’s past consulting work for corporate entities. 

Kamala Harris’s horoscope looks daunting in February and for much of 2020, when she will have transiting Saturn squaring her Libra Sun and Aries Moon three times. The year 2020 does appear to end on a high note, with Saturn’s streamlining needs replaced by Jupiter’s expansion. Plus, she’ll have a solar arc (another way astrologers measure time and assess potential) between her Sun and Ascendant, suggesting recognition. Still, I was surprised that she exited the race now, as opposed to early next year. Hmmmm.

On the other hand, it gives the media a chance to talk about the remaining candidates being — with few exceptions (including Amy Klobuchar and Warren) — mostly “male and pale.” Yeah, that’s a reflection of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. I wonder if Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius this spring will reflect a more fittingly unconventional candidate tossing their hat into the ring. On the third hand, Senator Harris continues to lead a fitting Moon in Aries crusade by rallying her colleagues to demand that White House Senior Advisor/white nationalist Stephen Miller be “immediately removed.” Miller’s horoscope does suggest an upcoming change of status, for better or for worse.

Finally, the Golden Globe nominations have just been announced, and the NYT reporter reporting the story says they are “puzzled.” Well…shades of Neptune, right? Meanwhile, nominee Adam Driver’s horoscope looks like a winner, with transiting Jupiter activating his career sector through much of 2019 — and currently activating his prominent Mars, ruler of the area of his horoscope that refers to money and self-worth. Think his stock just went up?

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for checking out my new website. The raves are appreciated!

(Jane Austen’s birthday is December 16th, but at 244, who’s counting?)


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