Monday 12/14/2020: Sneak Peek at a Jam-Packed Week: New Moon in Sag; Solar Eclipse; Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius — Oh My!

Writing this in the dark of the Moon and under the influence of Neptune. At 6:39 AM ET on Sunday,  Mercury squared the planet of fog; at 3:15 AM ET on MONDAY, the righteously opinionated Moon in Sagittarius follows suit. Here’s to the weird and the woo-woo — as in — UFO sightings in NYC are up 283% since 2018. 

The dark of the Moon is the end of the lunar cycle. It’s apt for clandestine activities and wrapping up projects from the past 30 days. The sense of restlessness typical at this time is amplified by the total solar eclipse we’ll have on MONDAY at 11:17 AM ET. It’s not the time to ship anything new, especially between 11:17 AM ET and 10:35 PM ET, when the Moon will be void of course. Take some time to contemplate your intentions — not just for the New Moon, but for the seed-planting opportunity that arrives on December 21st, as Jupiter (the Greater Benefic) and Saturn (the Greater Malefic) meet up at the very beginning of Aquarius. The technical term for the Jupiter-Saturn meet-up is Great Conjunction — and in this special case, Great Mutation — and you can read all about that here.

But about today’s total solar eclipse….

Solar eclipses act like a “bottleneck” of energy. Light flowing from the Sun is temporarily interrupted, focusing attention on that interrupted point. As light is held back, something new and possibly fragile may enter the picture and grow. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make Way for Ducklings, who stopped the flow of traffic on Beacon Street so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden. Otherwise, they would have been roadkill. Got that?


Often the seeds planted for growth during a eclipse are hidden. Sometime later, when the eclipse is activated by a transiting planet, whatever was planted can make itself known quite suddenly and forcefully. And once it’s out, there’s no going back.

Here’s an example of an eclipse trigger. On January 10, 2020, we had an eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. It was a lunar eclipse, offering illumination and release. This is when the novel coronavirus was named and its genetic sequence released. Countries began mobilizing to deal with it. Today, Mars is at 20 Aries for the third time this year (because Mars was retrograde). 20 Aries is a square to 20 Cancer/Capricorn, thus triggering the eclipse. Today, shortly after 9 AM ET, the first Covid vaccine was administered in the U.S. The planet representing the vaccine in the chart for that event is Mars! Meanwhile, in the UK,  a mutation of Covid-19 that spreads faster than the original was identified. Coincidence or conspiracy?

With respect to the vaccine, note that it’s getting started in the US on an eclipse. We are likely to see a relevant acceleration around April 12, June 1 and September 2. If you are now feeling delighted to learn something new and useful,  I invite you to support the work of this Forecast via the fabulous Cosmic Tip Jar. Happy holidaze!

With the Moon in Sagittarius, the seeds planted in today’s eclipse involve matters of collective beliefs and righteous opinions. Other Sagittarius themes include publishing, film & theater, sports, foreign affairs, travel, religious dogma and judicial rulings.

Here is the New Moon/eclipse set  in Washington D.C.:


We see the Sun and Moon in the area of the horoscope related to leaders of business and state and their respective corporate and government entities. That’s the focus for the U.S. with this eclipse. A debilitated Mercury (thinking and communication) has just separated from the South Node (a toxic point of release, specifically with respect to collective beliefs). Mercury and the South Node are also in the 10th House. Perhaps an example of a sloppy and toxic mindset would be Stephen Miller‘s announcement that in an alternative reality, a group of humans posing as electors will vote to confirm a second term for P45. Have I mentioned that the Sun, Moon, Mercury and South Node are all in a challenging aspect with delusional Neptune — and that all five are connected to P45’s Sun, Moon and Nodes?

Note how energized Mercury is by a trine to a high-functioning Mars (in Aries).

There is a theme of endings for the U.S. in this eclipse chart. We see 29 Aquarius on the Ascendant — the end of the sign. It’s fascinating that 29 Aquarius is P45’s Descendant (his connection with the public and significant others) and president-elect Joe Biden’s South Node.

A modern astrologer would note that the ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant is Uranus — running wild in the area related to values and money. A traditional astrologer would note that the ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant is Saturn, also at the verrrrrry end of a sign (Capricorn), quite strong and in the area of the chart that refers to hidden adversaries and the self-undoing. It is about to improve in condition when it enters Aquarius this week.

Venus is at 28 Scorpio — again with the endings! It squares the Aquarius Ascendant — and also P45’s Ascendant. It also exactly conjoins president-elect Joe Biden’s Venus — which we will see today as the Electoral College meets to formally elect him to serve as 46th President of the United States. The voting started before the Moon went void — and is expected to conclude sometime after 5 PM ET today. This is not ideal astrologically, as the Moon will still be void. It will be void during Biden’s address to the nation tonight at 7:30 PM ET, but I will watch it anyway — and think of it as routine.

Venus is minutes away from an exact harmony (a sextile) with Jupiter and Saturn. We’ll see plenty of stories about women, values, social expression and arts — some with a last-gasp, patriarchal spin. Exhibit A: a garbage op-ed in the Wall Street Journal  criticizes Dr. Jill Biden for being known as “Dr.” Exhibit B: a garbage article in the New York Post thought it fitting to reveal that a first-responder who can’t make ends meet on her paltry salary has a side-gig in the s*x industry. Shame on both women for not staying in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Amiright?

Astro-geeks who are Avid Readers of this forecast should pull out the chart for the August 2017 Great American Eclipse and note the connections between that chart set in DC and this one. Take a look at how the charts connect with P45 and Biden.

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse is a hopeful “bluebird standing at the door of the house.” Sabian Sage Blain Bovee describes it as an “image of beginnings that bode happiness, and fortunate possibilities just outside the door.”  It remains to be seen if those fortunate possibilities will become real. In this next lunar cycle, watch for news that reflects the challenge of stepping out into a new world; optimistic outlooks; being in the right place at the right time. Consider all things blue (says Bovee): “the blues, nostalgia, blue skies, blue blood, blue babies, lavender, blue-collar workers, blue-hair, blue moon, blue movies, out of the blue good fortune”…and of course, blue states.

You are more personally affected by this total solar eclipse if you have a planet or point around 23 Sagittarius. This includes P45 and Kamala Harris. If you’d like a few paragraphs of personal insights on this eclipse and your horoscope, toss $46 into my Cosmic Tip Jar and send me your birth data.

And now…the rest of the week…moving at warp speed:

  • MONDAY: After the eclipse at 11:17 AM ET, Moon will be void until 10:35 PM ET. Chill, chill, chill! Stick to routine concerns and roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. At 3:58 PM ET,  Venus sextiles Jupiter, a pattern of general good cheer. At 10:35 PM ET, Moon enters Capricorn, ambitious in its need to take care of business and Make Things Happen. At 11:24 PM ET, an easy flow between Mercury in high-flying Sag and Mars in me-me-me go-g0-go Aries is exact. Now you know why boundary-pushing words are translating into impulsive and/or courageous action.
  • TUESDAY:  At 8 AM ET, Venus and Saturn are cooperatively aligned, which is good for business. Moon trines Uranus at 10:22 AM ET, which is good for unconventional alliances and technology. At 11:21 AM ET, Venus exits Scorpio with a soaring sigh…into Sagittarius. This pushes values, women and social expression to new heights for the rest of the month.
  • WEDNESDAY: Note your dreams, as Moon sextiles Neptune at 5:12 AM ET. This is the last full day of Saturn in Capricorn, so we may see news reflecting an intense, last-gasp initiative in matters of patriarchies, control, executive power, governmental reach, teeth, bones and other skeletal structures. A square between Moon and Mars at 10:32 AM ET suggests aggression, for better or worse. A meet-up with Pluto at 2:32 PM ET facilitates power plays and catharses.
  • THURSDAY: At 12:03 AM Saturn re-enters Aquarius. Here’s a link to a prior post on what we can expect over the next few years — until March 2023. Moon meets up with Jupiter at 12:34 AM ET, expanding on Jupiter’s last-gasp in Capricorn — and then goes void. Moon enters Aquarius at 1:27 AM ET, now looking to hang with its special-interest groups and buddies, in an effort to be socially significant. It meets up with Saturn immediately — at 1:28 AM ET, planting seeds for an ambitious humanitarian agenda. Moon squares Uranus at 1:50 PM ET, reflecting surprising news.
  • FRIDAY: This is the last full day of Jupiter in Capricorn, where the ability to be  rewarded has been exhausting, thanks to authorities demanding either a truckload of work in exchange — or that recipients be of an acceptable social status. Pay attention to those receiving these last-gasp rewards today. The humanitarian Moon in Aquarius is inclined to be ever-so-helpful.
  • SATURDAY: Moon goes void at 3:45 AM ET and enters soulful Pisces at 7:39 AM ET. Now is the time for empathy, intuition and working with ideals. Minutes later — at 8:07 AM ET, Jupiter leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, and there will be much rejoicing in the land. Jupiter refers to expansion, for better or worse. For the next year, Jupiter will expand issues related to Aquarian concerns: humanity, groupthink, friends, airwaves, technology, circulations and networks of all kinds. Aquarius needs to be unique — but also hang with like-minded souls.
  • SATURDAY: at 10:26 PM ET, Mercury and the Sun meet up at the verrry end of Sagittarius, demanding prominence in matters of boundary-pushing opinions. Watch for significant news in publishing and all other Sagittarius concerns.
  • SUNDAY: Moon in Pisces all day– go with the intuitive flow. Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at 6:08 PM ET. Thoughts and communication are not so fiery and boundary-pushing for the next few weeks. They are more likely to be earthy and practical. The first news we hear may be notably visionary or delusional, as Moon meets up with Neptune at 6:35 PM ET. This is the last day of the Sun in Sagittarius — look for prominent news involving leaders, as the Sun is at the Aries Point — about to enter Capricorn on Monday’s Winter Solstice. P45′s need for control has likely been driven to extremes in the past few days — and the pattern reflecting this anguished effort against the threat of loss is exact today.
  • SUNDAY: It’s a whole new ball game tomorrow at 1:21 PM ET, when Jupiter and Saturn form their Great Conjunction — and also a Great Mutation.    That last link will take you to the article I wrote for the ISAR Journal, which some may have already seen.

And now, an absolute tonof news — preceded by a reminder that gift certificates for consultation, reports and Quick Questions are most definitely available. Here’s the current menu of offerings –– enough to please all your friends, colleagues and relations.

OK, the news.

More of Neptune, Neptune, Neptune — combined with Mars. Speedy and surreal — that’s what we expected.

Neptune…Mars…suggests idolization of sports heroes…and wipe outs:


We covered the astrological timing of the rush to release the vaccines. They’re coming out under the influence of Neptune and in the dark of the Moon, right before an eclipse. There’s likely to be twists to this story in the coming months, for better or worse. I’d feel better if the vaccine was deployed AFTER Mars gets out of the shadow period of this year’s retrograde. Then we wouldn’t see headlines in which the FDA chief is told he’ll be fired unless he approves the Pfizer vaccine — which he then did, in an emergency authorization. This poorly-timed rush was reflected in the utterly unsurprising headline that vaccine recipients in the UK who also have allergies have been experiencing “reactions.” In other news, president-elect Biden will have the White House disinfected before taking office.

The release of the vaccine inspired an encore performance by SNL diva Kate McKinnon as medical expert Dr. Wayne Wenowdis — enjoy! I fill these forecasts with laughs at no extra charge.

Neptune refers to conspiracy and scandals.

Neptune refers to music

This Neptune story is heavy, but I believe it’s worth two minutes of your time. As you may know, the death penalty was resurrected in the US over the summer. P45 has accelerated the pace (Mars) of putting certain inmates to death by lethal injection (Neptune) in recent days. Last week, Brandon Bernard was executed, even though five of the jurors who recommended the death penalty said they would not have done so had certain information been made available to them. I happened to see a video on Rep. Alyanna Pressley’s Twitter feed, where Mr. Bernard talked about how he stayed “motivated” to work on improving himself in his years of incarceration. Neptune refers to redemption and healing.

Meanwhile, in Heather Cox Richardson‘s latest post, she notes that two female evangelical leaders have publicly expressed regret for their Republican votes down ballot this year. They are horrified by the 126 U.S. Congresspersons who signed on to the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn the November 3rd election. One wonders if it’s occurred to those 126 seditious persons that the votes they received in the last election would have to be tossed out, too. Here are their names.

Finally, an important sneak peek at Saturn (control) in Aquarius (technology):

And last, but not least…

Today is astrologer Rockie Gardiners birthday. Rockie wrote the Rockie Horoscope for LA Weekly for years and years and years. From her I learned how a void of course Moon operates, and how planetary patterns are reflected in the energy of the day — no matter what’s going on in your own unique horoscope. After she passed away at 70 on Halloween 2008 at 11:11 AM PT, I missed her forecasts terribly. (Fun fact: another important mentor — Noel Tyl — also passed away at 11:11 AM).

After six rudderless months of Rockie Horoscope withdrawal, I realized I was going to have to write the forecast myself. Back in 2009, most of what was available online was Sun Sign astrology — and that’s not what this. So. A birthday toast to Rockie (my inspiration) — and to her dear friend (and my yoga teacher) Scott, through whom I got to meet Rockie in person, so many, many years ago.

Rockie’s Sun and Mercury were eclipsed today — and next year she’ll have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter three times. We see potential sudden recognition and expansion. Horoscopes live forever, doncha’ know….

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

The unforgettable Rockie Gardiner, today’s Birthday Queen

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