Monday 1/1/2018: Happy New Year! Sneak Peek at the Week

…and a very Happy New Year to you!

2018 begins with a surge of energy focused on home/emotional security needs. The Moon is waxing full in Cancer, exact at 9:24 PM ET. It is a Supermoon — closer to Earth and bigger than usual. Look up — you can’t miss it. The Full Moon happens at 11 degrees of Cancer — close to the 13 Cancer Sun in the U.S. horoscope.

The Full Moon isn’t the only planetary pattern suggesting a big energetic release. As I type, rebel Uranus is at a standstill — about to turn direct on TUESDAY at 9:11 AM ET.  What does that mean? When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is best expressed by turning inward, instead of outward. With Uranus, it suggests a need to be free from limits that are self-imposed.

When direct, Uranus suggests a rebellion against the status quo set by others.  Time to take to the streets? This is what is happening now in Iran. Watch for bigger-than-usual news regarding independence, rebellion, originality and revelations. Seismic shocks, technological breakthroughs, accidents and aviation are also potentials. Right now I’m reading about two deadly plane crashes: one in Sydney, Australia; another in Costa Rica. Each one claimed the lives of a family of five — among others.  Here’s one reflecting a sudden break for freedom: Nigerian Army Says 700 Captives Have Escaped, 

You are more likely to feel this buzz of Uranus changing direction if you have a planet or angle around 24 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Consult your local astrologer for details.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s are this week’s highlights:

TUESDAY 1/2: Sun is in harmony with Neptune, facilitating a need for a vision and ease of action in matters referring to drugs, fantasy, oil, healing, dreams — the usual Neptune keywords.  Here’s a healing one: The Wall of Love Outside a Jail. At 8:43 AM ET, the Cancer Moon is opposed by Pluto, suggesting a power play or cathasis. Moon clashes with Uranus at 5:46 PM ET, suggesting an upset or outburst. Moon goes void at 5:46 PM ET — chill, chill, chill.

WEDNESDAY 1/3: Moon enters regal Leo at 2:22 AM ET, looking for love and recognition. The only exact aspect is a lovely flow between Venus (women, money, social expression, art) and Neptune (ideals, vision), exact at 12:39 AM ET. This suggests potential to make beautiful music together — and an apt aspect to have in a formal launch of this: Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan.  These next two aspects are apt, too:

SATURDAY 1/6:  Action — big, bold, physical, sexual and expansive — is a potential humming in the background all week, suggested by an exact meet-up between Mars (action!) and Jupiter (expansion!) in ruthlessly efficient Scorpio. An innovative — likely humanitarian and/or technological — approach is faciliated by a harmony between Mercury (mindset) and Uranus.

Next week we’ll have still more planetary patterns suggesting bold initiatives, ruthlessly executed. Do you have a project you’re launching within the next couple of weeks? Go for it. The only thing that’s missing from this intense flow is the element of Air. Who has time to talk about issues when’s there’s so much that needs to be done? Air refers to intellect and debate. With no planets in Air Signs until after January 18th, watch for people acting as if  they’ve actually done their homework.

A couple of decades from now it will be interesting to see how the children born this month are acting on their extraordinary potential to make things happen. If I knew anyone who is  due to give birth this month, I’d gift her with a consultation about her newborn’s horoscope.

Stay tuned to this channel for more news and observations about planetary patterns . I will be doing a lengthy post about what we can expect in 2018 — a year of significant planetary shifts.  I planned to do it today until I read Beth Owl’s Daughter’s wonderfully wise New Year’s post and thought, “Well. Allllllrighty then!”

For insights on what 2018 suggests for you in your own personal world, now is the time to schedule that personal consultation. Astrologers are like dentists, doncha’ know —  annual check ups are a very good thing.

I leave you with two more gems. At the end of every year, the NYT publishes “The Lives They Lived” — a tribute to a dozen or so extraordinary people who passed away that year. I always find these stories inspiring. Also inspiring: the latest annual installment of a series begun a few years ago — Want to Be Happy? Think Like an Old Person. Every year the reporter checks in on several New Yorkers who are over 85 (the fastest-growing group in America). With Saturn in Capricorn for the next few years, we’ll be paying more attention to this demographic. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




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