Monday 11/8/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars on the March (“Something’s Got to Give”)

Alllll-righty then!

Planetary patterns continue to rock and roll through November 19th, driven mostly by star player Mars, getting stuff done ruthlessly as it marches through Scorpio. On the 19th, we’ll have a lunar eclipse, followed by relative calm in the cosmos. We’ll have a solar eclipse on December 4th. What — eclipses — again?! Yes, and once again I will be offering a few paragraphs of handcrafted insight on how these eclipses are likely to affect your own personal horoscope. Toss $52 into the Cosmic Tip Jar and email me your birth data if I don’t already have it. Insights will be crafted and sent back to you in a week.

Now let’s focus on the week ahead. Moon enters Capricorn at 8:03 PM ET on Sunday, looking to Make Things Happen. If you’re burning the midnight oil, the Moon makes a series of cooperative connections to Venus, Mercury, and Mars, ending with a sextile to Mars at 5:48 AM ET on MONDAY.  Time to get up and get to work — and call in your most unconventional alliances should you need reinforcement, reflecting the trine between the Moon and (unconventional tech genius) Uranus, exact at 4:47 PM ET. That’s followed by an easy flow between the Scorpio Sun and the Capricorn Moon, exact at 12:06 AM ET on…

  • TUESDAY. Note your dreams upon rising, as the Moon’s sextile to Neptune at 6 AM ET may offer inspiration. You will need to stay focused on a vision in order to push through the agenda you’re working on for the rest of the week. If you have a planet or angle around 5 – 8 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio, you may do battle with someone who responds to your push with a shove, and it all comes to a crescendo on WEDNESDAY. But first  –on TUESDAY — we have this “get down to business” drive building to a power play or cathartic release around 12:51 PM ET, as the Capricorn Moon meets up with Pluto. Roll with the twists and flakes that then may derail your efforts to reach the top of a mountain during the loooooong Moon void. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing, and find a way of  resolving themselves once the Moon shifts gears into the next sign. At 10:03 PM ET, Moon enters Aquarius, driving the next couple of days with a need to network and innovate.
  • WEDNESDAY: features three stubborn releases, all of which impact President Biden’s horoscope, as explained in last week’s Sneak Peek. At 7:56 PM ET Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) meets up with Mars (the energy of action and assertion). This is a potent, ruthless expression of focused “walking the talk — and good morning to you, too. Next on deck: the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury and Mars, with none of the above wanting to give an inch around 10:54 AM and 11:08 AM ET ET. Six minutes later, Moon meets up with Saturn, attempting to lay down the law, advance a strategic humanitarian plan, or cut to the quick. Fifty minutes later (12:04 PM ET), Mercury squares Saturn, suggesting heavy thoughts and communication, for better or worse. But wait– there’s more. At 6:13 PM ET, Mars squares Saturn, suggesting militant discipline in action and expression, including combat. However, the action and expression are likely to be challenged, and the advice is not to give up if you’re really, really serious about getting what you want. That includes not taking any blocks, frustrations, and challenges personally.  Here’s what was going on in the news on a Mars-Saturn square two years agoRelief may arrive around 7:45 PM ET, as the Moon is squared by rebel Uranus, breaking up the blocks– and helping parties in conflict see their way clear.
  • THURSDAY:  More challenges are on the table in the early morning, as the First Quarter Moon squares off against the Scorpio Sun at 7:46 AM ET. However, the Sabian Symbol for this First Quarter Moon suggests that relief is on the way. The Symbol for the Moon at 20 Aquarius is “a big white dove, a message bearer.” Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee  notes this image is “one of communication borne by a creature of the sky; a peaceful message from a heavenly source.” Interestingly, he also notes that that “white” is seen when light is reflected “without the sensible impression of the visible rays of the color spectrum”. Colorblind?  Hmmm. Politically, Bovee notes that white is a “conservative” color — as opposed to the “fiery” hue of “radical inclinations”. Spiritually, Bovee associates white with “purity.” And then, just to confuse everyone, he notes that “white” can in fact be burning — as in “white-hot”…or cool, refreshing, and pure as the driven snow.  How are we to apply this Symbol? What might we see reflected in the headlines? On the upside, Bovee suggests “genius that finds the sacred everywhere…listening for unique language; messages of relief precipitated by intense, burning reverence.” Also to the upside: “a strong sense of community.” On the downside: intense extremes…and “affinities for a host of world-religion motifs.”
  • THURSDAY: Moon meets up with Jupiter at 2:52 PM ET — another note of optimism and expansion. Chill during the 12-hour Moon void.
  • FRIDAY: Moon enters Pisces at 2:53 AM ET. Now is the time for empathy, compassion, and the understanding that All are One. Humming in the background of this week’s Mercury-Mars-Saturn clashing and thrashing is a trine (harmony) between the Sun (leaders, heart) and Neptune (which dissolves whatever it touches, includes hardheaded and hardhearted boundaries), exact at 11:23 AM ET. Other astrologers have also noted that this is the week in which “something has to give.” So mote it be! At the end of the day, the Pisces Moon sextiles Venus and trines Mars, at 3:17 PM ET and 7:28 PM ET. Here’s to fostering a cooperative spirit — receptive to the brilliant communication/mindset that clears the air with disruptive brilliance on…
  • SATURDAY:  …when Mercury opposes Uranus at 10:56 AM ET.  There’s no Moon void today to mess up your shopping adventures, though dreamy escape — music, art, meditation or a creative cocktail — may be on the agenda the closer we get to 4:45 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with Neptune. More easy flow is suggested as the Moon trines the Sun at 7:18 PM ET. Depth of perception is facilitated in the late evening, as Moon sextiles Pluto on…
  • SUNDAY: …at 12:40 AM ET. Chill chill chill for the next ten hours, as the Pisces Moon will be void. At 10:48 AM ET, Moon zooms into Aries, looking to get something started. By now we should be feeling the expansion and exuberance (and perhaps some wretched ego excess) of a square between the Sun and Jupiter around midday on MONDAY. By then, we’ll also be feeling the disruptive buzz of Mars (the energy of action and assertion), as it prepares to oppose rebel Uranus around noon ET on the 17th. Here’s a bunch of Mars opposing Uranus action from January 2014.

And now, the news…

…which is in sync with planetary patterns, as always…and also in synch with Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week. Last week’s Card was The Tower, and it was a perfect match for the potent New Moon in Scorpio and its revolutionary Sun-Uranus opposition. We expected upsets, and we were not disappointed, especially in the world of leaders. We saw this play out in last Tuesday’s elections here in the U.S.:

Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how pleased I was by Friday’s synchronicity between planetary patterns and the action in Congress. Let’s review what was written. I’ve added what was going on in Congress in italics.

  • FRIDAY: after the dreams, exuberance, and depth, as the Scorpio Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Pluto at 9:32 AM ET and 12:10 PM ET (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is consolidating power and resources in hopes of having a vote on the infrastructure bill). before going void for the next almost-nine hours. Chill time — cut out of work early — you’re not going to miss much of anything (in the wandering Moon void, it seems as if nothing is going to happen)  At 6:34 PM ET, we’ll have another planetary shift, as Mercury ditches Libra for Scorpio. No more weighing matters in the balance, as mindset now needs to be ruthless in its quest for knowledge. (we can imagine the intensity deal-making happening with Mercury at the veerrrry last degree of Libra, suggesting compromise and people-pleasing at a crisis point).  At 8:52 PM ET, the Moon heaves a sigh of relief as it exits Scorpio and soars into Sagittarius for the weekend.
  • SATURDAY:  broaden your horizons; think outside the box; go for a walk in the woods; share your righteous opinion. So sayeth the Moon in Sagittarius — traveling without interference for most of the day. (obviously this energy applied to Friday night, and did you notice how Speaker Pelosi got enough votes so that members of The Squad (AOC et. al.) could vote their consciences against the bill without destroying it?) There’s no Moon void, so you can shop with confidence, perhaps inspired by the idealism of a rare sextile between Mercury and Venus, exact at 11:58 AM ET. Translation: a harmony between mindset/communication and values/social expression might bear fruit. (once I heard that Speaker Pelosi planned to have a vote on Friday evening, I thought it had a good chance of passing, given this rare Mercury-Venus sextile. And pass it did — at 11:27 PM ET, with Mars square a 4 Leo Ascendant and with 13 Republicans joining all but six Democrats in support of cool Pluto in Capricorn‘s infrastructure like roads, bridges and internet access.  Astrology is amazing — and Mars in Scorpio needs to get stuff done!)

President Biden canceled his planned weekend escape to Delaware in order to work on getting the bill passed. Not surprising, given how activated his horoscope is by last week’s New Moon and other patterns. Speaker Pelosi’s natal Saturn-Pluto square was also activated by transiting Mercury and Mars, as you can see from her horoscope. She’ll be rallying the troops again at the end of November and into early December, as transiting Mars moves on to oppose her Venus, Uranus and Saturn.

In other news…

With Mars hot in the heavens, we’re seeing more than the usual number of explosive headlines involving motor vehicles (Mars rules cars):

Please be extra careful in transit this week, OK?


Venus entered Capricorn on Saturday, and Avid Readers know that the first degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn corresponds to the Aries Point (AP, for short). The AP needs attention, and you will not be surprised to learn that Ted Cruz has the Sun and Pluto at the AP, which means that anytime any planet is transiting the AP, we are going to hear from Ted Cruz. What did he say over the weekend that was all over the Twittersphere, you might ask?

Venus in Capricorn suggests prominent headlines about women, art and  money. Some of these fall into that category; others are just plain cool:

This one isn’t as nearly as awesome as the above, but it’s provocative. I think it reflects a few key patterns that have to do with how our view of work is changing — and must continue to change. First, we have Neptune in Pisces opposing the 1966 Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (revolutionizing work, diet, the environment). Second, we have the aftermath of last December’s Great Mutation (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) in Aquarius — in which we can expect networks, technology and airwaves to be the way to win in this new era. Mining the Earth just can’t cut it anymore. Third, we have the Saturn-Uranus square in effect all year, reflecting the thousands of workers who’d rather quit than fight.  “While Working, You Simply Stop Thinking” is a thoughtful short by two Swedish filmmakers — and the NYT ran it as an op-ed. What do you think?

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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