Monday 11/4/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Rare Harmony Between the Real and the Ideal

Good morning!  Or rather — Good Afternoon — boy did that time fly by!

Did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep gained from yesterday’s “fall back” from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time?

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Aquarius, seeking to network and be recognized for its unique social significance.  At 5:23 AM ET, the Moon squared the Scorpio Sun, reflecting a clash that may illuminate  detached intellectualism vs. emotional depth. The story I was reading just before starting to write is an unsettling NYT piece entitled “I Got Access to My Secret Consumer Score. Now You Can, Too.”

As the Moon flows without interference for the rest of the day, get it off your desk if you can. If you were born around the 10th of January, April, July or October, you may be feeling especially provoked or provocative. Same goes for anyone with a personal point or planet around 20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  You’re feeling the intense call to action of the square between Mars (guns, aggression, courage, cars, men) and Pluto (power, annihilation, decay, transformation), exact on….

  • TUESDAY — at 5:23 AM ET.  The headlines may be notably explosive. The Aquarius Moon goes void at 9:37 AM ET, not to enter Pisces until 6:08 PM ET. That means if you’re voting today in the United States, get to the polls before or after the Moon void. You are voting today, right? Because if you don’t vote, somebody else will — and then you’ll be sorry. Find out if you are registered to vote here — and share this link with all your friends. VOTE!!!  Otherwise stick to routine concerns during the long void. Roll with any twist or flake that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. If a crisis crops up, CHILL!
  • WEDNESDAY — is driven by the Pisces Moon, seeking to work with impressions and ideals. Going with the intuitive flow is supported all day, save for a possible clash around 5:41 AM ET, as the Moon squares Venus (money, values and social expression).
  • THURSDAY — more of the same, with the Moon going void with a sigh at 8:13 PM ET….not to enter the next sign until…
  • FRIDAY — at 6:49 AM ET. And you are likely to notice this shift from accommodating “we are all connected” Pisces to proactive me-me-me Aries. An Aries Moon quickens the pace and may test one’s patience (especially with Mercury retrograde). The upside of Aries (and there are plenty of upsides): fearlessness, a willingness to take the initiative and DO SOMETHING, especially if it is a crusade to fight for the nearest underdog. There are no exact aspects to the Moon today, but there are three other exact patterns that we’re likely to see in the news all week.
  • FRIDAY — There’s a rare connection between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, exact at 9:51 PM ET. The technical term for this connection is a sextile, and it suggests an ease of communication and cooperation in matters symbolized by Saturn and Neptune. Saturn refers to authority, structure, limits and realism. Saturn is high-functioning in Capricorn, the sign it rules. Capricorn refers to executive authority and the corporate/governmental entities. It refers to knees, teeth, skin and bones. Neptune refers to oil, drugs, fog, vision, fantasy, lies, victims, refugees and spirits of all kinds. It refers to viruses, blood, toxins and chemicals. Neptune is high-functioning in Pisces,  the sign it rules (in modern astrology). Note that Saturn is direct; Neptune is retrograde. These two planets in harmony suggest an easy application of initiatives involving the matters they symbolize. Structure is given to ideals — e.g., Elizabeth Warren delivering an actual plan that purports to realize the dream of Medicare for All. Saturn refers to the limits of time. Neptune refers to surrender. Jimmy Carter says he’s “completely at ease” with death; and in Maryland, a 94-year-old woman opted to end her life by fasting — and her daughter filmed the week-long process. Neptune refers to film and other intangibles.
  • FRIDAY — this rare cooperation between Saturn (reality) and Neptune (ideals) is further highlighted by the Scorpio Sun, which forms its own sextile with Saturn at 12:06 PM ET, followed by a trine (another harmonious connection) to Neptune at 12:57 PM ET. The Sun refers to kings and queens, CEOs and other leaders. It also refers to the heart and willpower. So we are likely to see a number of headlines involving these entities successfully structuring their will, incorporating vision, for better or for worse. Yes, of course “prosperity” televangelist Paula White, a P45 spiritual advisor, has just been given a staff position at the White House.
  • SATURDAY — The Aries Moon continues its impassioned charge, with a speed bump around 2:55 PM ET, symbolized by a square to patriarchal/wet blanket Saturn. A sextile between Mercury and Pluto at 9:13 PM ET, facilitates investigative reporters and other dirt-digging efforts all week.
  • SUNDAY — the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto at 12:37 AM ET suggests an emotional catharsis or power play. Find an appropriate channel for any assertion or aggression you may feel around 6:58 AM ET, as the me-me-me Aries Moon is opposed by Mars in we-we-we Libra. The conflict may sort itself out around 9 AM ET, suggested by a harmony between Moon and expansive/jovial Jupiter. Moon will then be void until 6:18 PM ET. That’s your caveat against impulse shopping sprees, as purchases made during voids are often do not live up to expectations. Moon enters Taurus for the evening, waxing to its fullness on Tuesday morning.

In general, remember that Mercury is retrograde. Be flexible with scheduling. Double check directions. Triple check emails before you hit send. Mercury retrograde snafus usually happen because your mind is turned inward, not outward. Focus, focus, focus — when you have to be on the clock. Plan times to retreat if you can.

And now, the news.

The Mars-Pluto square is activating the 19 degree Cancer Ascendant of P45 Jr. Of course he’d be hawking “Triggered,” which is a book with his name on the cover. Mars rules his Midheaven (career/public status). Expansive efforts to satisfy his Virgo Moon’s need to  “make things right” are reflected by transiting Jupiter square the Moon and conjunct his Mercury in boundary-pushing Sagittarius.

UPDATE: on Beto O’Rourke, who has dropped out of the presidential race. It’s not a surprise, as patterns in what we know about his horoscopediscussed back in February — are not as volcanic as other contenders. I would be surprised, however, if he did not announce some alternative expansive initiative between Thanksgiving and the Winter Solstice, thanks to Jupiter returning to his natal Jupiter at 0 Capricorn and squaring his potent Sun-Pluto conjunction in early Libra.

Speaking of expansion, we’ve been hearing more from Hillary Clinton lately, haven’t we? UPDATE: if her alleged 8:02 AM birth time is correct (it’s never been formally confirmed), transiting Jupiter is squaring her 22 degree Pisces Moon, suggesting an expansive reach in matters of self-worth, money and publishing. Yes, she too, has been touting a book and has been quite vocal on social media. There is even speculation that she may be contemplating a third run for president, perhaps encouraged by a Fox News polls showing she’d beat P45 if the election were held today. But Mercury is retrograde, doncha know — so don’t believe everything you hear! However, feel free to pay attention to what she has to say about Mark Zuckerberg taking responsibility for the damage Facebook has done to democracy by letting politicians run ads that contain lies. (NYT columnist Thomas Friedman would agree.) On the other hand, it does seem that Mrs. Clinton has fully integrated the liberating potential of three hits to her Scorpio Sun by transiting rebel Uranus over the past 18 months. If she has something to say, she says it, as she did a few weeks ago when she suggested that the Republicans were grooming a Democratic primary contender to run as a third-party candidate (and mess things up for a Democratic contender).  She did not names names, but Tulsi Gabbard immediately denounced any suggestion that the Russians might be backing her (which is what the press reported, which it then had to retract). And then Gabbard announced she was focusing on her presidential run and wouldn’t be running for re-election in Congress. Coincidence or conspiracy?

And speaking of Tulsi Gabbard, we can understand why she would think Mrs. Clinton was talking about her because –even with just a birth date of April 12, 1981 — we see she has four planets in me-me-me Aries, driven by the needs of a queenly Moon in Leo. More important, the Aries planets (Venus, Sun and Mars) are at 20-24 Aries, opposed by Pluto at 22 Libra. This triple opposition will be activated by heavy planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) throughout 2020, suggesting opportunities for intense and/or extreme expression of empowerment, authority and/or control. Bernie Sanders has similar placements in his horoscope (Venus and Mars at 22 Libra and 23 Aries — and possibly the Moon in Aries, too) — he is not to be underestimated.


Jane Fonda is attracting serious attention in Washington, where she is seriously protesting the lack of response to the crisis of climate change. We would expect her thoughts to be serious, as transiting Saturn is sitting right on top of her Mercury (how she needs to think) at 15 Capricorn. As a result of her protests, she is arrested every Friday — and she says she plans to spend her 82nd birthday (on Saturday, Dec 21st) in jail. With her 29 Sagittarius Sun at the Aries Point and powerbroker Pluto in everyone’s face (and right on the cusp of the 7th House, which refers to one-on-one encounters), Ms. Fonda can’t help but attract attention. As Jupiter travels through the end of Sagittarius this month, she will continue to be in the limelight. It’s fascinating to see that on Dec 21st, Mars will be exactly on her 21 Scorpio Midheaven and a day away from an exact square to her regal Moon in Leo. She may be called upon to take a courageous stand. She may find herself involved in a provocative or combative situation. We are sure to hear about it, whatever happens.

In other news…

  • Transcripts of recent closed-door testimony in the ongoing impeachment inquiry have been released
  • The House voted on the rules of the impeachment inquiry on Thursday — read about it here — or watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explain it to Stephen Colbert on a day with transiting Mars (action; courage) opposing her Jupiter in Aries, activating her need to be an inspiring leader/pioneer.

Fun article, just because:

Meanwhile, we haven’t heard from my favorite disembodied entities in months and months, but the Hathors are back with another practical (Saturn) sound meditation (Neptune). Plus they only seem to show up when times are about to get interesting — usually on a pattern involving Pluto or Uranus; today it’s Mars square Pluto. Here’s the message and the meditation.

Finally, an  apt article for a Mercury retrograde:

…and if not yourself, then with your local astrologer, reviewing your life and planning for the new year. Here’s the 411 on consultations…and it’s not too soon to think about gift certificates for friends, colleagues and family.

We will have a fun and productive discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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