Monday 11/25/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Sagittarius; Neptune Direct & Les Grandes Dames of Venus-Jupiter at the Aries Point

Good Afternoon!

It’s a holiday week in these United States, but if you are working anyway, there is much that can be accomplished — starting with this morning. Moon is in Scorpio, driving the day with a need to dig deep for knowledge – -all for the sake of power and control. That’s where it was yesterday, and headlines were flooded with stories of dirt dug up. It is a dead Moon — the end of the lunar cycle. This accounts for any restlessness or listlessness you may feel, sensing that there is something new around the corner, but you don’t know what. A dead Moon is apt for projects and meetings you hope will fly under the radar, hidden by the lack of light from the Moon. Today’s Scorpio Moon goes void at 12:30 PM ET — for the rest of the business day. Stick to routine projects during the void; roll with any twists or flakes that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. CHILL OUT if a crisis erupts; it will likely dissipate once the Moon enters the next sign — Sagittarius — at 3:11 AM on TUESDAY.

Meanwhile, Venus changes signs today, leaving boundary-pushing Sagittarius for hard-nosed Capricorn. “How can we make this work?” is a Capricorn concern — and Venus in Capricorn can be quite the social climber, strategically considering how to best use assets — including people — for status and accomplishment. Issues involving women, money, art and social expression are likely to be prominent today through Wednesday, as Venus will be at the Aries Point, which includes the very start of Capricorn.  Here’s the rest of the week:

  • TUESDAYNew Moon begins at 10:06 AM ET — in Sagittarius. Light a candle and make a list of intentions for the next cycle. You are more personally affected if you have a planet around 4 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini. Virgo and Pisces. This New Moon isn’t connected to any other planets in the chart; it’s functioning as a focused island of righteous opinion and ideals — making a lot of noise as it seeks attention. Two planets that are making plenty of helpful connections are 1) Mercury, which is in a cooperative connection with Saturn (sobering structure) and Pluto (dirt-digging; power and resources); and 2) Venus, which is a similar connection with a high-functioning Mars (action) and trine to Uranus (freedom, intensity, technology, astrology). There is a message to be effectively channeled during this lunar cycle, free and clear from other influences. It stands alone — marching to its own beat, as it were.
  • TUESDAY — The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “an owl up a tree.” The seeds planted during this lunar cycle relate to wisdom; seeing the big picture from all angles. Wherever this New Moon falls in your horoscope is an area of life that may be ripe for a radical new perspective, based on a lofty mindset.  Also of interest in this New Moon chart: Jupiter is at the end of Sagittarius — getting close to the Aries Point. For the next two weeks, watch for significant news involving publishing, travel, courts, legal opinions, liver, horses, sports — all matters ruled by Jupiter. Equally interesting: Neptune is at a virtual standstill, about to turn direct on…
  • WEDNESDAY…at 7:33 AM ET. Pay attention to your dreams all week. A planet at a standstill is another pattern that demands attention and focus — so here we see why matters involving vision, healing, drugs, spirits, scandal, oil, refugees, oceans, etc (all things ruled by Neptune) will be hot in the headlines.  If you’re a Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini born halfway through your sign, you’re feeling the influence more than most. Same if you have a planet or angle around 15 degrees of those signs. Upside potential: profound spiritual or creative inspiration. Downside potential: feeling lost, victimized or wiped out. Consult your astrologer for details.
  • THURSDAY — The Sag Moon will be void between 5:50 AM ET and 7:33 AM ET. Then it enters Capricorn for your Thanksgiving Day feast with family and friends. Remember the Capricorn mantra: “How can we make this work (so we can get something done!)” Reaching across the aisle is highly favored, reflected by 1) a harmony between Mercury and Neptune (idealized thinking/vision) and 2) Venus in harmony (trine) Uranus, which favors unconventional attraction and friendship. There are no speed bumps involving the Moon all day; in fact, the goal-oriented drive of the Capricorn Moon is supported today and tomorrow by easy connections to Mercury-Neptune and Venus-Uranus. Count your blessings!
  • FRIDAYMoon in Capricorn remains focused on taking care of business. Part of its goal includes getting the word out, so as to inspire the troops, suggested by those helpful connections among the Moon, Mercury and Neptune — exact at 12:40 PM ET and 3:30 PM ET. The rest of the day is heavier, as the Moon meets up with sobering Saturn at 4:17 PM ET, followed by Pluto at 10:57 PM ET — there’s your weekly power play or emotional catharsis, upon which the Moon goes void until 3:13 PM ET on...
  • SATURDAY — Chill, chill, chill! A Moon void is not favored for impulsive purchases, as what is purchased may not fulfill expectations. Strategic thinking and investigative reporting mark the next few days, as Mercury makes the third of a series of sextiles (cooperative connections) between Saturn and Pluto. What’s your plan? The harmony between Mercury and Saturn is at 1:12 AM ET; the sextile to Pluto is exact on Tuesday. Once the Moon enters Aquarius at 3:13 PM ET, the need is to network among friends and associations, seeking to be socially significant within the context of a group. A surprise or shock may disrupt the flow around 9:38 PM ET, as Moon squares rebel Uranus.
  • SUNDAY — If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, get to the gym. Moon squares Mars at 6:43 AM ET, looking for an assertive outlet. The rest of the day flows easily. This is the last full day of Jupiter in Sagittarius, its home sign. Jupiter enters Capricorn on MONDAY, ushering in new criteria for reward and expansion. If you’re Adam Schiff, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren or Meryl Streep, you’re personally affected.

The news will return in the next forecast. There’s so much to write about that happened last week as anticipated — Israel’s  Netanyahu was indicted; Benny Gantz — who ran against him in the last election — failed to form a government. No surprise to anyone who’s been following this forecast — or read my take on Israel’s horoscope in the last Mountain Astrologer. We were expecting another upset for Israel at this time.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the weekend’s two big patterns — the shockingly aggressive innovation of Mars opposing Uranus, coupled with BIG news of valuable objects (Jupiter and Venus at the Aries Point), wipe-out and scandal (Neptune at a standstill) during a dead Moon (favoring covert operations):

Elsewhere, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, representing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn Coalition has officially tossed his hat into the Democratic presidential campaign — here’s his horoscope — will update it soon, I hope. And — oh! — Fiona Hill testified before Congress last week — did you see her declare the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  She was born in October 1965 — no birthday known as of yet. She’s either a Libra having a sobering and authoritative experience with transiting Saturn, or a Scorpio being catalyzed by transiting Uranus. She might even be a double Scorpio, like Marie Yovanovitch. You can see why that speculation is plausible when you learn how she responded to a bullying classmate who set her pigtails on fire when she was just 11 years old. What do you think?

I would love to keep writing, but I must stop and focus my efforts on the new website that will be launched on Wednesday — at the appropriate astrological time. It’s been an tremendous effort over the past few weeks — I can’t wait for you to see it!

Until then, I leave you with Tarot Diva Beth Owlsdaughter’s Card of the Week — totally in synch with the mystic focus of Neptune turning direct…and Venus (women) demanding serious focus in Capricorn, at the prominent Aries Point.  Brava, Beth!

Thank you for reading this forecast. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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