Monday 10/30/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Saturn Direct; Matthew Perry RIP

Allllrighty then!

Every so often, an Avid Reader lets me know how she’s been paying attention and applying the information provided in this forecast. Yesterday, Avid Reader Dee emailed to say:

I read your Tuesday forecast over breakfast, and immediately decided to squeeze some money out of a nothing burger. Turns out it wasn’t a nothing and I ended up by early evening (following your
direction and time line of course) with [a substantial sum of money].
Thank you Madam Elisabeth. I paid the mortgage.

You’re welcome, and congratulations, Avid Reader Dee! Thank you for letting me know how you successfully used astrology to live life better.

Here are the highlights for the week:

  • Venus trines Uranus on Tuesday
  • Sun opposes Jupiter on Friday
  • Venus opposes Neptune on Friday
  • Saturn turns direct on Saturday
  • Mercury opposes Uranus on Saturday
  • Set your clocks back one hour in the U.S. on Sunday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: After a three and a half-hour void, Moon enters Gemini at 11:07 AM ET. Buzz, buzz, buzz…everybody’s talking, in an effort to prove themselves the smartest kid in the room. And as it will be for the next couple of months whenever the Moon is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, the first contact Moon makes is a sobering contact with Saturn, exact at 12:03 PM ET. If you’re blocked, find a work-around, by gathering information and engaging in conversation. Unconventional alliances are supported by a trine (harmony) between Venus and Uranus, exact at 8:51 AM ET on..
  • TUESDAY. Venus-Uranus contacts suggest an openness to innovation, a humanitarian spirit, and an increased tolerance for the fringe or simply weird. Let that inspire your clever Halloween get up tonight, as the Gemini Moon runs wild in the cosmic sandbox, with no input from the other planets until 3:25 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY: …when the Gemini Moon’s need for wit is a challenged (squared) by Venus in Virgo’s need to get it right. Note your dreams in the morning, as the Moon’s square to Neptune at 8:36 AM ET may open channels. Take it slow in the morning, as the Moon will be void for the next nine hours. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a long Moon void, and you know the drill: roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Stick to routine concerns (no launching of projects you’d like to be of actual consequence; no impulse shopping). Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, as crises which crop up are usually much ado about nothing. CHILL — and don’t buy into the information that may be running wild over the wires. Wait until the Moon gets focused and enters Cancer — the next sign — at 5:30 PM ET. A trine between the Moon and Saturn at 6:28 PM ET offers steady, intuitive authority. Moon in Cancer needs to establish emotional, family, and homeland security, and we are likely to see this need expressed in acts involving ideals, beauty, peace, and largess over the next several days, given the patterns humming in the background that are exact on FRIDAY.
  • THURSDAY: A productive day dawns, as Moon trines Sun at 12:22 PM ET (a rare balance); Moon sextiles Jupiter at 1:30 PM ET (optimism, expansion — yay!); Moon trines Mars (put the plan into action beforehand) at 10:01 PM ET.  Is there a caveat? Yes, and it is brought to you by the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter at 1:02 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY. Sun-Jupiter patterns suggest an expansion of ego energy, and in world events, ego = leaders. So — generosity is one potential. Actions based on overconfidence are another potential, as in over-extension, overconfidence, and over-indulgence. We shall see…and those most affected are those with planets or angles around 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If that’s you, you could try your luck with a lottery ticket or two. Maybe we’ll even read in the papers of a big jackpot.
  • FRIDAY: Communication that fosters innovation and cooperation graces the morning, as Moon trines Mercury at 6:49 AM ET and sextiles Uranus at 10:35 AM ET. More of the same in the afternoon, with easy discourse and idealism  suggested by Moon’s sextile to Venus at 5:49 PM ET and a trine to Neptune at 5:50 PM ET. Break out the rose-colored glasses, idle fancies, and beautiful escapes, as Venus (women, values, money, art) opposes Neptune (which dissolves whatever it touches into fog and mirrors), at 6:05 PM ET. The kicker comes around 11:27 PM ET, as Moon opposes Pluto, suggesting our weekly power play or catharsis. Moon goes void for the next four hours, but first, at 3:02 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY: Saturn — planet of structure, ambition, authority, cuts, losses, and necessary controls, turns direct.

A pause, while we re-post thoughts about Saturn in Pisces, published in March:

Matters of authority, structure and control are expressed in the language Pisces speaks. Which is to say it doesn’t speak much at all. When have you ever heard a fish talk? How are we supposed to set structures and controls with Pisces feelings, impressions, beliefs, ideals and empathy? What boundaries can be set if what Pisces intuits is that there are no boundaries? Y’know, we are all connected.  All. Is. One.

The answers can be found in this lengthy list of keywords for Pisces. We’ll see streamlining and structuring in matters related to oceans, healing, networks, mental health care, emotional trauma, drugs and all other forms of escapism; virtual reality, film, television and all other artistic mediums; oil, chemicals, toxins; victims and refugees — to name just a few. Looking at this morning’s headlines, WaPo has a story on President Biden’s plan to avert a Medicare funding crisis by providing it with a structure.

Saturn’s last passage through Pisces began with a two-month toe-dipping in May of 1993.  It fully committed to Pisces in January of 1994, and stayed there until April 1996. Interesting highlights from that period include, courtesy of Wikipedia — here and here:

My favorite piece of advice for those born with Saturn in Pisces comes from astrologer Michael Lutin. “Turn your suffering into an art form.” An art form can make a powerful emotional impression.

This year, Saturn will turn retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces on June 17th. It turns direct at 0 Pisces on November 4th. Whatever is happening RIGHT NOW, with Saturn at 0 Pisces, will be blaring like a car horn in late October and November…which “coincides” with another blaring car horn as Pluto re-connects with the U.S. Pluto (a.k.a. the U.S. Pluto return).

You are more personally affected by Saturn’s trek through Pisces in 2023 if you have planets or angles in the first eight degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius. Consult your local astrologer for details.

As Saturn gets back up to its usual speed over the next few weeks, roadblocks are likely to give away and progress can be made wherever Saturn is traveling in your horoscope. Off the top of my head, those personally affected include Mitch McConnell, Bill Barr, Nicolas Maduro, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schumer.

  • SATURDAY: Moon enters Leo at 3:20 AM ET, looking for an excuse to party, take the stage, or issue a royal proclamation. Its message may be innovative, wacky, technological or astrological, or simply may be disruptive, reflecting an opposition between Mercury and Uranus, exact at 12:06 PM ET. And once again, the Moon travels without interference for a good long, fiery, dramatic spell — until 11:45 PM ET, when it lands big and squares Jupiter.
  • SUNDAY: In America, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour. The Third Quarter Moon kicks in at 3:36 AM ET, facilitating demonstrations of regal righteousness and tenacity. An outburst of assertion or aggression may be sparked around 11:59 AM ET, as Moon squares Mars in Scorpio. Another surprise breaks around 9:11 PM ET, as Moon squares Uranus.

Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week appears to focus on themes of authority suggested by Saturn turning direct. It may also reflect the potential of the Sun (leaders) opposing Jupiter (expansive). Can you think of any leaders currently seeking to expand their influence, who may be coming from a place of genuine generosity or overconfidence?

And now, the news.

As anticipated, and in sync with planetary patterns, on Friday, “Israel entered Gaza to fight Hamas,” (reports the NYT), and the headline yesterday was:

Avid Reader Nigeala asked if I had any thoughts on Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. I wrote about his horoscope back in 2015 — and here is a link to the chart (time unconfirmed, but many astrologers use it). As for recent patterns, when Mars squared Pluto earlier this month, that pattern made contact with his 27 Libra Sun. Over the next three weeks, Mars will square his natal Pluto and then square his Mars. So when he makes headlines for saying “it’s time for war,” we see the potential for provocative action in his horoscope.

Right now it is easier to write about Matthew Perry, who passed away on Saturday, apparently within minutes of the lunar eclipse at 6 degrees of Taurus, opposing the Sun at 6 Scorpio.

Perry’s horoscope has an opposition between the Moon at 7 Scorpio and Saturn at 8 Taurus. Both planets square his 10 Leo Ascendant. This pattern alerts us to potential melancholy, and the likelihood of a lack of nurturing in the early home. In fact, Perry’s parents divorced before his first birthday. This potential at this very young age is clearly articulated in the horoscope.

Perry’s 26 Leo Sun is square Neptune, suggesting sensitivity and potential bewilderment in matters of ego identity. In the language of astrology, Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, and refers to ideals, visions, drugs, and spirits of all kinds. Things may not be as they seem in horoscopes with strong Neptune patterns. Neptune is the only planet making a significant connection to Perry’s Sun, suggesting a lack of internal support for his (Leo) regal identity.

Perry’s 28 Libra Midheaven has been receiving a square from transiting Pluto in 2023. Translation: extreme pressure for transformation in matters of professional status/core personal foundation. This week, Perry’s t-square among Moon-Saturn and 10 Leo Ascendant were hit by three planets: Mercury-Mars in Scorpio, opposing Jupiter in Taurus. This is an expansive rush of energy, to somehow be absorbed and processed…and minutes later, eclipsed.

It is notable that a 911 call was received at 4:07 PM in Los Angeles. Neptune was on the Ascendant at that moment in time and place. It is an apt placement for the apparent nature of Perry’s passing — he is thought to have drowned in a hot tub…but they are still investigating. Neptune also refers to drugs and alcohol, and authorities are saying the cause of death will not be known for some weeks…or months. I can’t help but note the similarity to Perry’s passing and the death of Whitney Houston, who also accidentally drowned in a tub in 2012. 

In a recent interview, Perry said, “When I die, I don’t want ‘Friends’ to be the first thing that’s mentioned. I want [helping people] to be the first thing that’s mentioned, and I’m gonna live the rest of my life proving that.”

Perry’s book, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir” was published just a year ago — on November 1, 2022.

In other news…

Here are  two headlines reflecting Saturn (aging) in Pisces (surrender, confinement,

And finally…big news in the car industry, reflecting the weekend’s Mercury (contracts) – Mars (cars) – Jupiter (big!) opposition:

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading — and sharing — this forecast.

Happy haunting…


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