Monday 10/25/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus-Neptune in the Spotlight

Alll-righty then!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to lovely headlines over the next few days — reflecting TUESDAY’s square between Venus (money, art, social expression, women) and Neptune (dreams, illusion, spirits, magic, film, etc.), followed by a sextile between Venus and Jupiter (a.k.a. the Lesser and Greater Benefics) on THURSDAY.

So far we’ve seen:

The week goes like this:

  • MONDAY: early birds get the worms on the East Coast. Make your calls before 10 AM ET, then stick to routine concerns and chill for the rest of the day, as the Gemini Moon will be void until 5 PM ET. The buzz during the void may be much ado about nothing. Balance is restored when the Moon enters Cancer, putting the focus on emotional, family, and home security. That’s good because that’s what Congress should be focused on this week. Harmony is suggested in the evening, as the Moon trines the Scorpio Sun at 10:54 PM ET
  • TUESDAY: the Cancer Moon travels without interference from the other kids in the sandbox. Take advantage of the unconventional alliances that may form as the Moon sextiles Uranus at 7:37 PM ET. Humming in the background is the idealism of that square between Venus and Neptune. Upside: healing and creative potential. Downside: illusion or victimization involving women, money, art, refugees, drugs. A difference of opinion may need to be worked out around 1:09 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY: …as Moon squares Mercury in Libra. Who says it’s not fair? Meanwhile, Moon in Cancer drives another potentially productive day, inspired by (an inspiring!) trine to Neptune at 10:47 AM ET. The afternoon may be choppy, building to the potential powerplay of the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto (and Eris, demanding a place at the table) at 6:07 PM ET. The battle continues into the midnight hour, as Moon squares warrior Mars at 2:01 AM ET on...
  • THURSDAY: …and then goes void until 5:07 AM ET. Then it’s SHOWTIME, baby — sponsored by the Moon in drama queen Leo. Now is the time to shine, shine, shine — and help others shine, too. Pay them a compliment; cheer them on. Recognize that we are all players on stage. We are also teachers, as well as students. Most of this day gets a generous, cooperative boost from a rare sextile (harmony) between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 3:15 PM ET. If you know your horoscope, and you have planets around 22 degrees of just about any sign, you could try your luck on a few lottery tickets. If you don’t know the degrees of your planets and angles, one way to find out is in the AstroBasics report — described on the SERVICES page of my website. At 4:05 PM ET, a battle for control may crop up, reflecting the Scorpio Sun’s need to control knowledge for the sake of power vs. the need of the Leo Moon to get a little love, for gawd’s sake,  because entitlement. Geez! And the love might be a tad slow in coming, as the Moon moves on to oppose Saturn at 7:09 PM ET. Good grief, is that rock at the bottom of the hill again? Fine. Onward.
  • FRIDAY: Moon squares rebel Uranus at 6:24 AM ET, suggesting an upset or rebellious pushback against controls imposed the night before. The Leo Moon drives the day with continued drama, getting the word out around 6:31 PM ET as it sextiles Mercury. TGIF — and gosh, the Leo Moon would love to party, especially as it makes such exuberant, expansive aspects to Jupiter and Venus on…
  • SATURDAY: at 12:23 AM ET and 3:04 AM ET, respectively. It then goes void for 11 hours, giving us a long time to chill and indulge in matters of no consequence. BUT — there are caveats. One is a square between the Sun and Saturn, exact at 5:53 AM ET. This happens twice a year, and usually “coincides” with heavy news involving CEOs and heads of state. “Heavy” could manifest as a notable death, loss, or authoritative advance. Here are headlines from a Sun-Saturn square in April 2020. Perhaps the Moon void will diffuse the gravitas. This is a challenging weekend for President Biden, as he’ll have the third and final opposition of Saturn to his natal Pluto. Plus, the South Node is right on his 3 Sagittarius Ascendant, manifesting as a drop in popularity in the polls. Not only that, but Mars will oppose his empire-building Taurus Moon, sparking action and more attacks from critics, ’cause that’s how Mars rolls.  Just know that next week, the New Moon in Scorpio will be right on his natal Mars.
  • SATURDAY: and speaking of Mars, finally, finally, finally…Mars leaves Libra at 10:21 AM ET and enters Scorpio, one of the signs it rules (in the language of traditional astrology). Mars in Libra can tie itself up in knots, as the energy of me-me-me action and assertion is twisted by Libra’s need for nice-nice-nice. Y’know what the downside of that is? Conflict avoidance may be downright criminal; passive-aggressive behavior may be rampant, fostering resentment. When Mars is in Scorpio, the velvet gloves of Libra come off. Yes, it may be ruthless. Yes, Mars in Scorpio may sting. Yes, revenge may be sweet….bawahahahahahahaha….and perhaps you never saw it coming, like my cat, Pepper — who has Mars in Scorpio. But hey — the action is efficient and effective! No more waiting for consensus! Can you tell the Moon is in Gemini as I type? I’m having way too much fun with these words. Anyhoo. Mars will be in Scorpio until December 12th. Here’s to getting stuff done!
  • SATURDAY: Moon enters Virgo at 2:09 PM ET, ready to clean up the confetti from the Leo Moon’s party. Make good use of the energy boost that coincides with Moon’s sextile to Mars at 2:21 PM ET. 
  • SUNDAY: Trick or treat!!! Another day of making things right, driven by the Virgo Moon, in harmony with the Sun and Uranus at 4:57 AM ET and 1:32 PM ET. It’s a fine day to start the big global conference on climate change — happening in Glasgow through November 12th. Perhaps they’ll get serious about the heavy reality demanded by Saturday’s Sun-Saturn square. Note that we are in the last few days of Mercury’s shadow period. It’s full speed ahead on a new agenda after November 3rd. Humming in the background — exact on Monday and Tuesday — are Mercury’s third and final trine to Jupiter and square to Eris-Pluto, suggesting big news and banner days for investigative reporters and judges with empowering opinions.

This just in…

A Rolling Stone exclusive reports that two January 6th insurrection planners now cooperating with the House Select Committee say they had “dozens” of planning meetings with White House staff and members of Congress (Cawthorn, Gosar, Greene, Biggs, Boebert & Brooks), and were promised a “blanket pardon.” Perhaps this story will be part of the Moon in Gemini buzz tomorrow morning. The story is behind a paywall, as is now standard practice for providers of superb online journalism.

I leave you with WaPo columnist Alexandra Petri’s list of the 50 best Halloween songs for your party playlist.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. 

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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