Monday 10/17/2022: Sneak Peek at Another Big Week; Saturn Turns Direct & Much, Much More

Allllll righty then!

Here are the notable planetary patterns driving yet another big week of action:

  • Sun trines Mars in Gemini on Monday
  • Venus trines Mars on Tuesday
  • Sun squares Pluto on Wednesday
  • Venus squares Pluto on Thursday
  • Sun conjunct Venus on Saturday
  • Mercury trines Saturn on Saturday
  • Saturn turns direct on Sunday ET

Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon in Cancer drives the day with a focus on emotional, family and home security.  At 1:15 PM ET, Moon squares the Libra Sun, suggesting a potential clash between some people’s sensitive feelings and others who are more concerned with the appearance of everyone getting along. Now when I say “clash,” it doesn’t mean a negative outcome. When I say “clash,” think “activating” or “energizing.” Tension makes things happen! See, I wrote those words last night, and this morning the super in my building made an appointment to look at some water damage on the ceiling of my apartment. That’s appropriate for Moon in Cancer, right? Home security! In our meeting, I made it clear that I expected management to paint the whole ceiling — not just patch the damaged area. Energizing! It was the fair thing to do, right? Guess what? He agreed!
  • MONDAY:  Note the potential for an emotional catharsis or power play around 4:56 PM ET, as Moon opposes Pluto. Chill during the ensuing 8-hour Moon void. That means rolling with any twists and flakes, and not making a mountain out of a molehill of perceived crisis. Chill! Frankly, there’s no reason why things can’t be worked out — and they may well happen through Monday night and into Tuesday. At 6:05 PM ET, the Sun trines Mars, facilitating acts of assertion and aggression, the more multi-tasking, entertaining and informative, the better. Mars is in Gemini still, doncha’ know. Perhaps we will see solid demonstrations of those willing to not only walk their talk, but put their money where their mouth is. More on that in a minute.
  • TUESDAY: Moon enters Leo at 12:44 AM ET, now focused on finding ways to shine – and helping others shine, too. Playful spirits and drama kings and queens may seek a stage. Now is the time to pay someone a compliment, and who knows? They just might may pay you back.  It’s not a bad time to make a creative pitch – especially and it doesn’t hurt that Mars will trine Venus at 10:20 PM ET. This cooperative flow adds the potential for those willing to walk their talk to also put their money where their mouth is…possibly backed by extremes of indulgence and power plays, as the Sun squares Pluto at 9:33 AM ET on...
  • WEDNESDAY: Sun-Pluto patterns suggest extremes of power and resources making headlines, especially among leaders of business and state. Resources could mean money, but it also refers to power sources, including oil, coal, solar and nuclear. Here are examples of Sun square Pluto headlines from 2019. Meanwhile, the Leo Moon hits two potential speed bumps around lunchtime ET. Moon squares Uranus at 12:17 PM ET (surprise!), and then opposes Saturn at 1:59 PM ET, cutting losses or seeking to regain control. Meanwhile, a square between Venus (women, values, social graces & money) and Pluto will be exact at 2:02 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY. If you feel driven to extremes, consider that a Venus-Pluto square can suggest a waste of emotions, bringing a sledgehammer to a situation instead of a smaller, less destructive tool. On the other hand, the catharsis potential of Venus-Pluto may be just what the doctor ordered, in order to clear the air. If your unique horoscope is affected by these Sun-Venus-Pluto patterns, you may experience this as greater depth and intensity in relationship or financial concerns.  Night owls can still benefit from a supportive flow of creative energy among the Leo Moon, Mars, Venus and the Sun, before the Moon goes void at 6:35 AM ET. Take it slow during the six-hour Moon void, allowing time to process whatever purges may have hit the wires overnight. At 12:25 PM ET, Moon enters Virgo,  facilitating the use of discerning insight to put everything back in order in exacting detail. There are no exact patterns to the Moon until….
  • FRIDAY: …at 10:19 PM ET, when it trines Uranus. It’s a good day for coalitions of unconventional alliances and hanging with friends.
  • SATURDAY: Note your dreams in the morning, as Moon opposes (dreamy) Neptune. If you’re still in a fog by lunchtime, a square to the Moon from Mars may spur you to take action around 12:27 PM ET, with added depth and power around 2:17 PM ET, when Moon trines Pluto. And then — another long Moon void — until 9:23 PM ET. But while the Virgo Moon may be wandering without much focus, the Sun and Venus will meet up at the very last degree of Libra, suggesting a critical mass or crisis point in diplomacy, fairness and balance — especially in relationship. The technical term for the Sun-Venus conjunction is “cazimi,” meaning “in the heart of the Sun.” It suggests powerful seeds planted for a new cycle, communicated with sobering, controlling authority as Mercury trines Saturn at 9:0o PM ET. Fun fact: off the top of my head,  the cazimi Venus at 29 Libra opposes the 29 Aries Moon in the Biden-Harris inauguration chart and the chart for the UK’s formal Br(exit) from the European Union. Looking ahead to 2023, we note that 29 Aries is the degree of the 20 April solar eclipse, which will be activated by transiting Jupiter and Mars the week of May 15, 2023 — which is also includes another solar eclipse. Well, OK! We will have plenty to talk about that week, for sure.
  • SUNDAY: Saturn turns direct at 12:07 AM ET, making it the third planet to change direction this month.  From our perspective on Earth, Saturn has been moving backwards in the sky since June 4th. Its apparent retrograde motion (it’s not really moving backwards, but it does look that way) may have slowed the progress of some ambitious advances this summer. This week — and frankly all this month — Saturn buzzwords (e.g., authority, karma, burdens, and controls), are blaring like a car horn, demanding our focus.  Notice how many times you see the words “cut, control, authoritarian, reduced” in the news! You are more personally affected by Saturn’s change of direction if you are — off the top of my head — Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi, both of whom have planets at 18 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.
  • SUNDAY: At 5:17 PM ET, Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Now is not the ideal time for cosmetic surgery, as Venus is not at her happiest in Scorpio. Given a choice, Venus would serve its time in a sign where it can be pleasing in every sense. In Scorpio, Venus suggests a need for control over what and whom we love. Venus in Scorpio values its own code of honor, integrity and loyalty — that’s an upside. It is also inclined to keep score and pay back — which can be a downside. Venus will be in Scorpio until November 16th.
  • SUNDAY: But wait, there’s more! At 6:35 AM ET, the Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, too. This is an improvement, as the Sun functions with greater efficiency in Libra, than it does in Scorpio, so there’s no need to run screaming down the hall. While Scorpio may spark fear in those who follow stupid astrology, we do not do stupid astrology in this forecast. For example, I will never tell you which zodiac sign is most likely to get a dog this fall, even if you are a reporter writing a story about it —  because that would be stupid. But back to the Sun in Scorpio.  It demands substance; none of that airy-theory-rational stuff that Libra does so well. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, noted for its need for privacy, power, and control.  Scorpios “build all the way up to Heaven…and all the way down to Hell,” wrote astrologer Linda Goodman. Hopefully, you can hang with one who builds an escalator that only goes up. A Scorpio heading for Hell will happily annihilate everyone and everything in its way — but then, again, it does make them interesting.  Scorpios also have a strict code of honor and are known to be loyal to a fault. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign — which means they are here to create form — and they are quite stubborn in their way of being. Theodore Roosevelt was a Scorpio who famously said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He probably had one of those famous “Scorpio stares” that wordlessly inform you (a scorpion has no need for words when it has such a compelling sting) that he sees right through your song and dance.

And now, the news.

One prime example of the flow of all of this week’s planetary patterns is the 20th Communist Party Congress happening this week in Beijing. In what we think we know of President Xi’s horoscope, he is in an expansive period of development. Transiting Jupiter is expanding his prominent need to act to preserve emotional and homeland security in October and November, and in January, transiting Mars will station on his Jupiter. By the end of the week — on the day Saturn turns direct —  it is expected that Xi will be declared Party Leader (and president of the country — again), putting him “on the brink of total power,” says The Guardian.  But is Xi for real? With transiting Neptune square his double-talking Gemini Sun, his pitch may be pixie-dusted now, but when transiting Saturn enters Pisces in 2023 and squares his Sun in 2024, it may not be so rosy.

Here’s another one:

  • “Biden just pulled off a big diplomatic victory — and almost no one noticed” — I’ve gifted this article so you can read about it. “Diplomatic” is so apt for the harmonies we’re seeing among Sun-Venus-Mercury in Libra and other planets. Not being noticed seems apt because Venus — which refers to social graces and values — is traveling so close to the Libra Sun that it is hard to see. It makes me wonder what other strong feminine, diplomatic initiatives are going on right now that we can’t perceive. It has been said of Libra that its diplomacy is like “an iron fist in a velvet glove.” Libra is a Cardinal Sign; it needs to initiate action. It makes me wonder if this nearly-invisible Venus will aptly reflect why pollsters are likely going to be surprised once the midterm election results are finally tabulated.

File this under: walking the talk…and putting their money where their mouth is:

  • Today the Biden Administration launched a website where you can apply for student loan forgiveness
  • Kanye West, who was kicked off Twitter and Instagram last week for making antisemitic comments consistent with those one might have heard in Nazi Germany, is buying the social media platform Parler. It is fascinating to see how media outlets are describing Parler, a platform accused of helping rioters plan and coordinate the January 6th attempted coup.   NPR and CNN says it’s “conservative-friendly;” WaPo says it is “right-leaning”; NYT and BBC say it’s “right-wing”; Bloomberg says it’s “controversial.” Dear Avid Readers, I encourage you to do your own research, and while I’m on the subject of not taking the media at their word all the time, don’t believe what they say the pollsters are saying, either.  Just get yourself to the polls, and take five people with you. Are you registered to vote? Don’t take that for granted, either — please check your voter registration status here.   

File under the focus on Saturn — which refers to time, hearing and aging:

Chronopharmacology (also known as chronotherapy or circadian medicine) – the idea that a pill popped at exactly the right time has maximum benefit – could be a major influence on the future of medicine. Increasing studies are showing that what time of day we treat disease can be crucial, and that it’s possible to pinpoint the time of day when certain disease is at its worst,” reports The Guardian.None of the studies appear to involve any astro-logic, but still…

File under the reality check potential of last week’s trines among Sun-Venus and Saturn, piercing through the fog of last week’s Mars-Neptune square:

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

A new episode of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast — with my brilliant colleague and co-host Whitney Fishburn — will be recorded tonight and released on Friday.

Registration is still open for the Empowered Astrology Conference — happening on October 22 – 23 on Zoom. I’m teaching, along with six other honors graduates of Noel Tyl’s masters’ course for professional astrologers.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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