Friday 9/15/2017 & the Weekend: Another Brick in the Wall (Saturn Square Sun in the News)


Happy end of the work week , on a day driven by the Moon in emotional security-seeking Cancer. Note that such security needs may be subject to a power play, emotional catharsis and/or an upset, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, exact at 10:50 PM ET last night and 5:23 PM ET this evening. I wouldn’t be surprised by a surprise in the headlines that breaks as most of us are toddling off to happy hour. No doubt it will be a story the PTB are hoping No One Will Notice.

Softening the edges of the Moon’s weekly Pluto-Uranus clash is a protective, generous harmony between Venus and Jupiter, the planets associated with good fortune. I promised you a sweet story and here’s one CNN delivered straight to my emailbox: Actress Selena Gomez reveals that her BFF gave her a kidney. Venus rules kidneys, and Jupiter is nothing if not generous. Plus, it’s in Libra, one of the signs Venus rules. Sweet! Also sweet: the improvised IED that injured 22 commuters in London this morning only partially exploded. It could have been much worse…

At 5:23 PM ET, Moon goes void, not to enter the next sign — rip roarin’ Leo — until 9:09 PM ET. Party on, dudes — through the weekend. There is no Moon void to prevent you from scooping up treasures at your local yard sale on SATURDAY or SUNDAY (during yard sale hours). Shop away, noting only the potentially for sharp words and deeds around 3:01 PM ET on Saturday, when Mercury (words) and Mars (deeds) meet up in perfectionist Virgo.

On Sunday, show off your humanitarian spirit and hang with your most unconventional friends, as Venus (women, aesthetics, money) and rebel Uranus harmonize on MONDAY at 12:25 AM ET.  Moon goes void on Sunday at 8:55PM ET — but moves into Virgo at 12:52 AM ET on MONDAY. No sleeping in.  Clean up on Aisle 7.  Note that Venus will be at 28 Leo on Monday, triggering the August 21st Big Fat Solar Eclipse. What will be revealed?

And now, the news.

Harvard, thy name is repressive, judgmental, patriarchal Saturn in Sagittarius square Virgo Sun. This week it rescinded invitations extended to not one, but two,  Women Deemed to have Not Suffered Enough. First, it rescinded a Visiting Fellowship extended to former military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who was invited to teach at the Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. Ms. Manning is almost through her first Saturn return, a time for gravitas and advance. Not only will Saturn meet up with her Sagittarius Saturn this fall, but it will also hit her Sag Sun and Mercury. That can feel depressing.

Second, Harvard rescinded a doctoral program acceptance offered to Michelle Jones, who served two decades in prison for a terrible, terrible crime. While in prison, she became an award-winning scholar. Saturn-Sun patterns suggests one is forever guilty. If Neptune were pulling focus in the cosmos this week, we’d be seeing more stories about compassion and forgiveness.

When reached for comment, Harvard blamed its change of mind on Mercury turning direct on September.

Surely I  jest. But Saturn-Sun patterns are decidedly not funny. There is nothing amusing about the ambitious initiative literally launched by North Korea this week, in the form of another missile over Japan. Threats to “sink Japan” and reduce the U.S. to “ashes and darkness” were also not funny, and no astrologer who anticipated this escalation takes joy in seeing it in the news.

Seriously tough luck: there is no one left on the island of Barbuda, which was effectively demolished by Hurricane Irma. All residents were evacuated to Antigua. In St. Martin/St. Maarten, residents contemplate rebuilding from the ground up.

Meanwhile, three former Google employees filed a suit against their former employer, alleging it pays women less than men holding similar jobs. Silly Google. Perhaps this story will help it rethink its sexist attitude: “DNA Proves Women Were Viking Warriors, Too”

This Saturn-Sun square directly affects the horoscope of Hillary Clinton. How interesting to see her the focal point of a national discussion about misogyny — for the umpteenth time. Her book is out and she’s been making the rounds with no sugar-coated commentary. Yet 61% of those polled say they wish she would go away. Nevertheless, she’s persisted…even when weirdo Neptune types like convicted “Pharma Bro” fraudster Martin Shkreli put a $5000 bounty on a lock of hair from Ms. Clinton’s head. “We can expect disruptive/risky/innovation action and persuasive communication from Mr. Shkreli throughout the year,” I wrote in June. The judge in his case revoked his bail — Shkreli is now in jail.

Did I mention healing and compassion earlier? The Sun-Saturn square directly affects the U.S. Neptune (healing, compassion). Could this reflect the noise coming from Washington about P45 agreeing to agree with the Democrats and not ruin the lives of the 800,000 “Dreamers?” And what — no border wall? For today, anyway. Or yesterday. Or whatever. Is there a double-talking Gemini with Mercury (mindset) square Neptune (fog, lies) in the White House? Yes.

Meanwhile, perhaps Sum-Saturn on the U.S. Neptune made it an apt time for Bernie Sanders to introduce (again) a bill for universal health care. Too ambitious? Or just getting real? It was backed by 15 Democrats — a record.  Senator Sanders is sure to be a persuasive force for years to come, with transiting Pluto making contact with his pioneering Aries Moon and Mars, as well as his Venus in Libra.

UPDATE: on Bill Clinton’s horoscope, whose Leo Sun was directly affected by the Big Fat Solar Eclipse on August 21st — and also by the one at the exact same degree on August 21, 1998. The History Channel has greenlit a six-episode series about his impeachment.  The timing is perfectly is sync with planetary patterns. Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, on the plus side — Saturn-Sun patterns suggest opportunities to plan for an advance, as in “How to Plan for a Major Career Change.” Part of that planning could also include a session with your local astrologer.

Have a great weekend — and enjoy the Emmys on Sunday. Should be a grand night for diversity, technology, humanitarians, quirky comedians and pioneering women. Moon will be void in drama queen Leo after 9PM ET — expect a few twists, flakes and underdog wins.

Thank you for reading this forecast.






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