Friday 6/23/2017: New Moon in Cancer; Mars on the March; the Angst of a Certain Midpoint


The Moon is not yet new, and I don’t know about you, but the restlessness and listlessness of the dead Moon seems stronger than usual. The Moon is in ADD Gemini. Mars (action, aggression) is steaming up a storm in Cancer (emotional security), feeling empowered and expanded by ruthless Pluto and Jupiter. “A Terrifying Threat from Tropical Storm Cindy:  Floating Masses of Fire Ants,” the morning news wants me to know.  Meanwhile, Venus is in harmony with Pluto, adding elements of intensity and transformation to our love of beauty, material comfort and security, including food.

Is that good? Here is the weirdest headline I’ve seen in some time — yet it fits the planetary patterns to a T. “Fitness blogger dies after exploding whipped cream dispenser hits her.” It makes about as much sense as much of the other stories hitting the wires. A dessert topping becomes an instrument of destruction? Sure, OK, this is fine.

Friday morning may have a dose of gravitas (see Fire Ants headline above), as the Moon is opposed by wet blanket Saturn at 8:31 AM ET.  The Gemini Moon facilitates getting the latest buzz on the travesty, supported by a harmony with innovative Uranus at 2:45 PM ET. Head to the nearest golf course, as the Moon goes void with a sigh until 6:07 PM ET, when it enters Cancer.

From that time until the same time on Sunday, the focus is on keeping the home fires bright and finding nourishment and nurturing however we can. There’s a level of emotional depth granted by a harmony between Venus and Pluto at 4;57 AM ET on SATURDAY. There’s no Moon void to deter you from shopping, though be aware of a potentially volatile blast around 3:09 PM ET, when sensitive Moon meets up with crabby Mars. Also be aware of the potential for power plays and emotional catharses around 11:29 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto…followed by rebel Uranus at 2:44PM ET on SUNDAY.

Sunday’s highlight is the big big square between physical Mars and Jupiter, followed by an alignment with Neptune at 2:19AM ET on MONDAY. Something cosmic and expansive, perhaps….like Stephen Hawking talking about how we really need to blow this popsicle stand called Earth and move to really really distant lands.  For humanity’s sake, he says. Yes, and…says the Washington Post. As in, “yes, and let’s do a story about Hawking’s ideas about Mars — and the ideas of other famous people, too.”  Because with Sun and Mercury currently at the Aries Point, it needs to be famous!

Here are a couple of headlines from a Mars-Jupiter square in 2015:

Meanwhile, the “expansive” part of today’s flow comes courtesy of an energized connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter in regal Leo — exact on Friday at 8:29PM ET, but in effect all this week. How big is beautiful? Size 24 apparently, as supersized model Tess Munster makes headlines by becoming the biggest ever to sign with a mainstream agency. Doubleplus good for her. Meanwhile, fat yoga, anyone?

Here are some headlines from a past Mars trine Neptune.

Moon goes void on Sunday at 2:44 PM ET…entering Leo at 6:06 PM ET. Make way for the drama queens and kings at the start of the work week. Mercury makes contact with a plethora of planets next week. If anyone has anything to say, we are sure to hear it.

No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

A dead Moon suggests secrecy — and how fitting that WaPo offers us this lengthy exclusive: “Obama’s Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin’s Election Assault.”  It is also fitting that we’d be hearing from President Obama at this time, given patterns in his horoscope. First, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer at the Aries Point are sitting right on top of his natal Venus. Second, the lunar nodes are at 27 Aquarius and Leo, right on top of his natal nodes. We expect an outreach to the public. Yesterday he posted 1000 words on his Facebook page, warning of the harm that will be caused by the massive tax cut bill thinly disguised as the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. He’s going to hit the campaign trail in  Virginia this week, too.

We can imagine his frustration, given that transiting Saturn (restrictions; structure) is hitting his natal Mars in Virgo (a need for action that reflects perfection and service, down to the last detail). That measurement will be exact on July 12th, and return for the third and final hit on October 6th. Also on July 12th, transiting Mars (provocation) will oppose his natal Saturn in Capricorn (a need to fulfill ambition which administers progress in the established order). President Obama’s Saturn is in the 12th House and rules his 12th House, often called “the house of self-undoing.” Many of his accomplishments are being undone at this time. His Saturn is also under a series of hits by rebel Uranus. Transiting Uranus in hard aspect to Saturn needs to shake up structure — with innovation (upside) or just plain shock (downside).

Another horoscope activated by the Sun and Mercury at the Aries Point is that of Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show. I wrote about his horoscope back in 2015, when he won the gig. Since then, his performance has been as his horoscope suggests. He has Neptune at 0 Capricorn. Neptune refers to empathy — and he has that for all the world to see. This week he did a segment on Philando Castile.  As you may have heard, Mr. Castile was pulled over on a routine traffic stop. His girlfriend and her four-year old daughter were in the car. Within a minute, Mr. Castile was shot and killed for no rational cause or reason —  by the police officer. The officer was acquitted by a jury of manslaughter this week, though the officer has been dismissed from the force. There were multiple videos of the shooting, though the dashcam video was only released after the jury’s verdict.  Said Mr. Noah:

When I watched the video, it just broke me…

The whole segment is a MUST-SEE. Consider it a follow-up to my last post about the illusion of equality we see in the horoscope of the United States, awareness of which is being triggered at this time.

Meanwhile, here is the full text of the Senate’s Stealth Health Tax Cut bill.   I probably need to tell you that when a group of disabled Americans — some in wheelchairs — visited Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s taxpayer-funded office to express their concerns about the proposal, dozens were arrested and handcuffed by Capitol Police.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t hear about the parents who brought their sick children to Congress “in an effort to remind them what the health care debate should be about.” Reports WaPo’s Petula Dvorak:

“Is she okay?” the startled legislative staffer asked, eyes shifting to the adults around him as the trach tube protruding from the neck of a 2-year-old gurgled….

Did I mention that I’m writing this forecast on a day with Mercury (mindset) making contact with an anguished Saturn/Pluto midpoint, suggesting (in the words of astrologer Noel Tyl) “depression, stark realism, morbid thoughts; deep study?” Darn those planetary patterns! You are personally affected by this pattern if you have a planet or angle around 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Guilty as charged. This too shall pass. Nancy Pelosi — if you’re reading this, that midpoint is right on your Aries Sun, suggesting “threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; separation; potential ill health.” No wonder everyone is ganging up on you — as if they could ever really bring an Aries Sun with Scorpio Moon down.

But seriously — you probably didn’t hear about these stories, but you could have been driven to distraction by news of P45’s tweet yesterday that he has “no idea if there are tapes or recordings” of his conversations with James Comey, but he did not make them nor does he have them in possession.  Well? Is it true? Here’s another bonus offer: I’m writing up an analysis of the moment P45 tweeted yesterday’s “clarification,” just as I did for the moment he tweeted his May 12th “veiled threat,” to Mr. Comey.  Drop $5.88 in my Cosmic Tip Jar and I will email it to you, with gratitude for your interest in astrology.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.



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