Friday 6/14/2019 & the Weekend: Up, Up and Away


A Scorpio Moon drives this day with a need for emotional intensity, secrets, power and control. More of the same from yesterday, with extra bonus militant discipline suggested by the 11:49 AM ET opposition between Mars and Saturn, as well as Mars and the toxic South Node.   Unlike the trine, the opposition is a challenging aspect. Two planets are literally opposed to one another; how will they integrate? Mars is the energy of action and heat. Saturn is the energy of structure and cold. Thus Mars and Saturn can run hot and cold, suggesting that a project running merrily along is suddenly blocked — or attacked.  Avid Readers may recall that last month, when Mars (weapons)  was in Gemini (words), we cited headlines where words did in fact become weapons, or the PTB was engaged in a war of words. With Mars in Cancer, the weapon can become whatever Cancer symbolizes: motherhood, homeland security, family security, food/nourishment; emotional response. Next week — on June 19th — Mars and Mercury will oppose Pluto, which can be even more ruthless in thought and action. On the plus side, it can be quite helpful for investigative reporting.

Meanwhile, the Scorpio Moon goes void at 3;45 PM ET, not to enter Sagittarius until Saturday. If you can start the weekend early, please do. If you can’t, don’t freak out over a perceived crisis that may crop up overnight, as it is likely to be much ado about nothing.

  • SATURDAY:  Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:03 AM ET, offering a break from the emotional intensity and an outlet for its righteously optimistic opinion. A Sag Moon needs to be enthusiastic and push boundaries. Get out in nature; take in a foreign film; consider something outside your usual comfort zone because it will be fun! Note that the Moon is waxing, thus the fiery Sag emotions are running high. The Full Moon won’t be exact until early MONDAY, but before we get to that release, we must process three other patterns in effect this week and exact on…
  • SUNDAY. Mercury trines Neptune at 7:43 AM ET. Note your dreams today. That dreamy vision gets a reality check or a structural advance around 10 AM ET, as Mercury is opposed by Saturn. At 11:18 AM, Jupiter officially squares Neptune for the second time this year.  The first square was on January 13th — here’s what was going on back then.  Meanwhile, the Sag Moon makes contact with both Jupiter and Neptune at 3:08 PM and 3:11 PM ET, respectively. More dreamy indulgence…or flat-out lies. Watch the headlines.

If you were born around the 10th of June, September, December and March or have a planet around 18 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius, your need for vision and/or a dreamy escape is likely to be felt more keenly than others. If you were born around the 10-13th of January, April, July or October or have a planet around 18-22 degrees of Cancer, Aries, Libra or Capricorn, you are more likely to be feeling provoked, for better or for worse. And you should also be checking in with your astrologer to discuss all of the happenings in your horoscope now — and into early 2020.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will be exact on MONDAY at 4:31 AM ET. It goes void — not to enter Capricorn until 12:13 PM ET. East Coasters, if you sleep in or sneak into to the office late, you won’t be missing anything of consequence.

And now, the news.

Uranus is a disruptor; Taurus refers to money, bulls and cows, ownership, material security, food, earth. We know we’re in for shocks and innovations in all Taurus concerns.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, we expect boats, oil, toxins, refugees, lies, religion, foreign affairs, belief, horses, publishing, press, spies, scandal, drugs, big, big — and did I mention BIG?

And, on the lighter side: “Kim Jong Un’s murdered half brother (and casino playboy) accused of being CIA informant”

UPDATE: on Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who hasn’t held a press briefing in almost 100 days. Last year, with transiting Uranus disrupting her sense of aesthetics and values, she was kicked out of a restaurant. This year, with Uranus moving on to her Jupiter and Mars, she’s making a big break:  returning to Arkansas at the end of June (where it is rumored she may run for governor). Bye, Felicia!

UPDATE: on Kellyanne Conway, whose natal Mars is being activated by transiting Plutoas noted here. The second exact hit is June 15th (tomorrow); Pluto on Mars can be ruthless. Yesterday, an independent federal ethics group recommended she be fired for consistently mixing political speech in with  her federal office worker job. Not bloody likely to be fired in 2019, with transiting Jupiter facilitating an aura of protection in her career sector. Plus she has a stubborn Taurus Moon, which isn’t going anywhere, thank you very much. We’ll have to wait until 2020, when transiting Saturn will put the squeeze on her 29 Capricorn Sun and ramp up the stress on her conflict-avoiding 22 Libra Mars. She may yet stay put, but it’s likely to be tough.

UPDATE: on Jon Stewart, written about several times back in 2015. That’s when we could see why he’d be feeling a need to leave The Daily Show behind, even though he is a notorious skeptic when it comes to astrology. Maybe he has a Capricorn Ascendant. Who knows. We don’t have a birth time for Mr. Stewart, but the influence of wiggy Neptune is well behind him. He has Moon and Sun in frankly-speaking Sagittarius, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his Moon was around 18-19 degrees Sagittarius, which is where Jupiter is right now. Thus his need to express his opinion is likely to be EXPANSIVE. This week Jon Stewart went to Washington to tell Congress how shameful it was that they hadn’t renewed funding to cover medical care for 9/11 first responders. Did I mention that Jon Stewart has Mars in regal Leo? Yea verily, no planet does indignant drama more effectively than Mars in Leo — it needs needs needs to put on a compelling show, and right now it’s well-supported by Jupiter’s expansion. After Stewart’s impassioned presentation, the House voted unanimously to renew the funds. We’ll see what the Senate does.

UPDATE: on P45, who was born on this day in 1946. That means his solar return — the chart for the moment the sun returns to where it was on the day he was born — includes all of the challenging patterns we are seeing in the headlines now: the reality-challenge of Jupiter square Neptune; the militant discipline of Mars opposing Saturn; the combative mindset of Mars conjunct Mercury, ruthlessly pushing the authoritarian Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn agenda. Add in a Grand Trine among Mercury-Mars, Neptune and the controlling/secretive Scorpio Moon, and we have another year suggesting emotional self-sufficiency, with no need to ask anyone for input whatsoever. We also see rebel Uranus in the First House of the solar return chart, echoing a go it alone potential.

I remember looking at this chart last year and mentioning in an astrological discussion forum that regardless of P45’s personal fate, this week and next week looked seriously tense for world affairs, as if it were on the brink of a major conflict. So it is no surprise to see the news from the Straits of Hormuz about oil tankers attacked, with the US (and now the UK) blaming Iran.


I love this innovative approach to forestry (Uranus in Taurus), combined with practical composting in matters of life and death (Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn). Add in the visionary potential of Jupiter square Neptune and you get “Could trees be the new gravestones? Forests as the answer to “eternity management.” Sign me up!


NYT columnist David Brooks penned a Jupiter-Neptune themed op-ed this week, “The Age of Aquarius All Over Again! Belief in astrology and the occult is surging.” The op-ed contained this statistic:

This surge in belief is primarily among the young. According to a National Science Foundation survey, 44 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds say that astrology is somewhat or very “scientific…”

Well…DUH…DUH…and DOUBLE DUH! You wanna know why? Because those 18-24 years old were born with Uranus in Aquarius…and most of them have Neptune in Aquarius, too. Aquarius refers to innovation, technology and astrology. Uranus is innovation and astrology. Neptune is faith and a dissolving of boundaries. So this generation needs to have an innovative perspective on science and astrology…perhaps even blurring the lines between pure science and art. Not only that, but this generation is experiencing transiting Uranus in early Taurus activating their collective Uranus and Neptune in early Aquarius. So their affinity for astrology (Uranus) and the occult (Neptune) is being outed at this time.

Oh, these highly-paid pundits. They can tell us so much…without really knowing WHY. Thank goodness for astrology!

I wrote a lot about David Brooks in 2014 and 2015 when he started writing more and more about spirituality and morality. That need was so clearly articulated in his horoscope. I wonder if he’s ever consulted with an astrologer….have you? Why or why not?

Thank you for reading this forecast.

P.S. — Here’s the title reference for the weekend forecast, performed by The Fifth Dimension.








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