Friday 5/10/2019 & the Weekend


Here’s your reminder forecast for the weekend:

  • FRIDAY: Moon entered Leo at 9:14 AM ET. A Leo Moon favors drama kings and queens. Dysfunctional royals can suck up all the air in the room; a functional one — i.e., one who understands that to rule is to serve — makes the whole world shine. Whichever one crosses your path today, know that its mission is to draw lines and consolidate power, for better or for worse. But first, the Leo Moon squares rebel Uranus at 3:19 PM ET, ending the work week with an upset or innovation. After that, you’re free to party, as a Leo Moon loves to do.
  • SATURDAYSun in money money Taurus trines (harmonizes) with Saturn in corporate Capricorn at 5:19 AM ET.   On MONDAY night, Sun trines Pluto, also in Capricorn. See what I mean about regal types looking to draw lines and consolidate power? That’s what I’m expecting in the headlines. If you’re not a tyrant on the loose, you can also use this earthy, practical exercise of will to do some good in your own personal world. Remember last week’s New Moon in Taurus and how apt it was for planting seeds for material security? Getting back to Saturday: Note the potential challenge that may arise on the First Quarter Moon at 9:12 PM ET. In a conflict between Leo and Taurus, the former is the irresistible force; the latter is the immovable object.
  • SUNDAY: the Leo Moon is void between 8:25 AM ET and 12:22 PM ET, but it should be easy to treat Mom like a queen, with early-AM harmonies among the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Moon enters Virgo after the void, shifting our focus on sorting, analyzing and getting things right.  It’s an apt afternoon and evening for spring cleaning, if you’re not spending time with Mom.

No sleeping in on Monday, as the Virgo Moon continues to analyze and layout the details of a power-consolidating initiative. Make the most of it.

And now, the news.

A bundle of joy started the week, as the Duchess and Duke of Sussex announced the arrival of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Born May 6th at 5:26 AM (presumably) at Windsor Castle in merry olde England, the newest royal is a Taurus with Moon in Gemini and Taurus rising. Not surprisingly, his mum says Archie has “…the sweetest temperament. He’s really calm.” As we would expect a double Taurus to need to be. But with a blah-blah-blah Gemini Moon and Mercury (how he needs to think) in fast-moving Aries, just wait until he starts talking…

Archie’s birth got far more attention than any other trending topic on social media, including the heavy report released by UN scientists that one eighth of the world’s species are likely on the verge of extinction,  most definitely impacting human life on Spaceship Earth, with humans to blame. One eighth of the world’s species is one million.  Also getting more attention: a Starbucks cup that may or may not have accidentally showed up in last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.

In other news, there were plenty of stories reflecting ruthless controls, power plays and exposes involving women and money, as anticipated by Venus (women, money) squared by Saturn (control) and Pluto (ruthless power). Add to that the disruptive element of Mercury (thoughts and information) meeting up with Uranus (surprise; wacky; innovative):

In other news, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos unveiled his plans to help get us back to the moon by 2024 (tech surprise, backed by big power and resource). Elsewhere, “Facebook co-founder says company should be broken up over ‘unprecedented power'” (tech disruption). Uranus refers to aviation; Mercury refers to communication. No wonder Delta Airlines is getting heat for an anti-union campaign in which they told workers to spend money on video games and beer instead of union dues.  Delta is also making headlines today for thinking about offering free wifi, and for stopping a suicidal woman from opening the emergency exit during a flight from Raleigh to New York. Wonder what’s going on in Delta’s horoscope…

Meanwhile, who remembers the Sabian Symbol from last week’s New Moon? Remember how these symbols have a curious way of showing up in the headlines? It was:

“a man muffled up, with a rakish hat.” “Muffled up,” is he? Can’t get the words clearly out of his mouth? And his hat — another part of his cover — is “rakish?” And made of silk — so smooth and rich — and comes from China?

In the U.S., China is all over the news this week — in the form of  trade talks, wars and tariffs. One expression of  “a man muffled up” could reflect Robert Mueller, who was tentatively scheduled to testify in Congress next week; P45 does not want that to happen; so far, Mueller’s appearance has been postponed.

Finally, there’s something apt about Michael Punke reportedly thinking about running to serve as Montana’s next governor or senator. Why? Because Michael Punke wrote The Revenant, the intense survivalist novel which became the intense survivalist film which earned Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar. If you saw that film, you may recall it as a non-stop exercise in tough tough tough Saturn and Pluto — and it was based on a true story. At the end of the day, Leonardo DiCaprio did survive his ordeal in the wilderness and presumably lived happily ever after. That’s something to remember over the next year or so, as we learn the lessons required by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This, too, shall pass.

If you have Saturn and Pluto active in your horoscope, you really should know about it. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



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