Charts in the News: Joe Biden, Italy, Andrew Cuomo, Typhoid Mary

This commentary was written at the end of March 2020 and published in the June/July issue of Mountain Astrologer.

The original article is here: Charts in the News 620

NOV 2020 UPDATE: on Joe Biden. Transiting Neptune is still hovering at the base of his horoscope, and we’ve seen it in play all year. He spent the summer campaigning mostly from his basement via Zoom, restricting his public appearances out of an abundance of Covid-conscious caution. The upside of Neptune is also being reflected, as he’s being appreciated for his compassion and stated desire to heal our divided nation in a “battle for the nation’s soul.” It’s worth noting that his Neptune is on the Midheaven of the U.S. Sibley chart.

Not only that, but those who were skeptical that his moderate image would be enough to prevail in an election have been won over by the material comfort and security he represents (thank you, Moon in Taurus), along with an optimistic outlook (thank you, Sagittarius rising). His insider’s perspective and ability to persuade from behind-the-scenes (thank you, planets in Scorpio in the 12th House), are now seen as assets.

On November 20th (today), he celebrates his 78th birthday. Mercury has just come out of its shadow period and is conjunct his Mars. The results of the Nov 3rd election are no longer in doubt; Biden-Harris won the popular vote and the Electoral College. We can expect continued drama through the Winter Solstice (as his opponent refuses to concede and is blocking a peaceful transition of power), but  planetary patterns in the president-elect’s horoscope do support increased power and resources in the last two weeks of January.

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Charts in the News 620


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