Charts in the News: FDR, President Biden, VP Harris & Bhutan’s Successful Covid Vaccination Initiative

It felt like the time was ripe for an update on the horoscopes of President Biden and VP Harris, both of whom were written about in earlier columns (scroll down this page and you’ll find them). This column was written in May of 2021, and you’ll note that it calls out August 16th as a date to watch for President Biden. That’s when he had SA MC = Saturn, suggesting “a surge of bottlenecked energy impacting his professional status.” Isn’t it interesting that this is when the U.S. withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan took an unexpected turn, as the country quickly fell back under control of the Taliban? Biden’s approval ratings have since suffered.

Meanwhile, it was delightful to learn that the nation of Bhutan consulted with astrologers to determine the perfect launch date and time for its Covid vaccination initiative. The effort was a smashing success — and the horoscope reflects that potential. Astrology is amazing!

Click the link below to read the August/September “Charts in the News”


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