Astrol-logical Forecast for Friday 7/27/2012 & the Weekend: the Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I don’t about you, but when the Moon is void-of-course for more than several hours, the experience of time seems to slow down. It’s like swimming through a giant vat of Whip’n Chill. It’s been 13 hours of emotional freefall in the watery depths of Scorpio, and as I type this, we’ve got another 24 hours or so to go…or maybe 13, by the time you actually read this. Chill! Brainstorm! Breathe! Go with the flow! Moon voids often bring twists to the usual routine, and this is not a cause for alarm. Here’s an example: yesterday, three of my colleagues and I all showed up at the office at the same time. As we entered the lobby of the building, one of the guys moved toward a door I’d never opened before. And the rest of us followed his lead up a flight of stairs and took a totally new — and faster — way to get to our desks than the usual route. We went with the flow on a Moon void and did something different. Sometimes it’s that simple.

If you have to move in a straight line today — stay focused and practice patience. Look out for your neighbors and colleagues, who may not be aware of planetary patterns. Check for typos, like this one. Oops. Lord knows there are typos everywhere on a daily basis, including this forecast. But on days like this, they stand a greater chance of making headline news. These conditions may prove especially challenging for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games at 9PM in London (that’s 4PM in New York). More gaffes, tech woes and other snafus — with a twist? Quite possibly.

The chart for the scheduled beginning of these Games suggests an obsessive outpouring of emotion and idealistic playful/regal national pride. Loving Venus and dazzling/nebulous Neptune are prominent, suggesting a spectacular show of charming and clever social expression. Neptune also refers to drugs — and over a hundred athletes will not be appearing in the Games after flunking doping tests. Back to the opening ceremony: Chiron, the wounded healer, sits exactly on the Ascendant — making a huge statement of “can’t we all just get along”? Meanwhile, certain key midpoints in the chart suggest record ratings and records broken. Stunning upheavals and dogged — perhaps even militant — determination are also suggested, which bodes well for superhuman athletic performance.  Of course that’s what we expect from an Olympics, but isn’t it interesting that the astrological measurements support them.

Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:18Am ET on Saturday, getting the competition off to a rollicking good start. Generally a feel-good weekend, excellent for international adventures, philosophical debates, taking a gamble or a gambol (do something physical — especially outdoors), or expanding your mind (with a film, a trip elsewhere). Moon goes void on Sunday at 5:01PM ET…enters practical Capricorn at 3:29AM ET on Monday, which means if you’re not on vacation, there will be plenty of work to be accomplished.


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