Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 6/15-16/2016: Moody, Masterful Moon in Scorpio

Into the emotional depths of Scorpio the Moon shall plunge, starting at 9:18AM ET. There it shall go about its business of seeking substance, as opposed to any airy-fairy Moon in Libra “but on the other hand….”  Let’s just get to the bottom of it, shall we? Can we handle the truth?

There are no serious challenges to the Moon today or tomorrow, suggesting greater receptivity and flow in your own personal world. Matters related to Venus (money, value, social expression, aesthetics) are likely to become more prominent through Saturday — for reasons noted in Monday’s forecast.

Mars is also pulling focus. All week it has not made a major aspect with any planet (save for brief encounters with the Moon every couple of days). It has also been the focal point of a minor but potent pattern called a yod, a.k.a. a “Finger of God.” The other planets involved are the Sun, Venus and Uranus. One possible translation/manifestation: an extreme focus on macho/assertive/aggressive qualities of Mars in sexual Scorpio struggling to adjust to the uncomfortable, potentially irreconcilable 1) idealistic demands of the “happy together” Sun and Venus; and 2) the need for freedom and independence, however unconventional, in me-me-me Uranus in Aries.

Does that sound like any major news story dominating the week? Especially now that it is being reported that Omar Mateen, the perpetrator of Sunday’s mind-numbing outburst of violence in Orlando, had a profile on a gay dating app and had been seen drinking at the club on several occasions. Is it possible to see potential sexuality identity struggles in a horoscope? Yes. Is there any silver lining to be found in the aftermath of this tragedy? Maybe.

A gay friend of mine with a humanitarian Moon in Aquarius said to me the other day that of course Mr. Mateen was responsible for his actions, but also clearly troubled. If we were to view him with compassion, argued Moon-in-Aquarius, we might have an opportunity to “help men and women in Muslim communities who are gay understand that each has self worth. Let humanity grow from this tragedy so it never happens again,” said Moon-in-Aquarius.  I wondered if we were ready to consider Moon-in-Aquarius’s proposal. But as if on cue, today’s Guardian has “What’s It Like To Be Queer and Muslim?” — featuring the work of Samra Habib, “a queer Muslim photographer, who has been traveling through North America and Europe to take the portraits of LBGT Muslims willing to share their life stories and desire for connection.”

Compassion vs. despair. That’s one choice we can make under the influence of this Friday’s second exact square between controlling/fearful reality check Saturn and surreal/soulful/suffering/empath Neptune.  “Despair is a victory for hate,” said Stephen Colbert on Monday, responding to the awfulness of Orlando. Other late-night talk show hosts also weighed in, as seen here. And here.

Among a sea of other headlines of random violence, including a toddler at a Disney resort being dragged into a lake by an alligator, today the NYT offers this “Reminder of What’s Good in the World.” A man fell onto the subway tracks — and three other men jumped down and saved him — captured on tape.

There really is more good in the world than evil. Each of us has the power to prove it.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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