Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/27/2016: Conventional Wisdom; Unconventional Women

All-righty then!

This was Tuesday’s forecast, which I did not post:

At 11:37AM ET, the Moon ends its wandering void in  Aries and firmly plants itself in earthy Taurus. Until Thursday at 2:17PM ET, the energy of the day is likely to be driven by a need to build and maintain material comfort and security, making a case for keeping things as they are. At 7PM ET, the Third Quarter Moon clashes with the Leo Sun, suggesting tension around that issue, in spite of the directive. A rocket-science harmony between Mercury and Uranus infuses communication with genius and innovation — on the potential upside. The downside — as noted yesterday — is that Mercury is also moving into a volatile clash with warrior Mars (exact Friday), and the disruptive energy of Uranus is pulling focus, about to change direction. Expect the unexpected.

Today — Wednesday  — features more of the same.

And now, the news.

Have you been watching the DNC in Philadelphia? The mood has been reflecting planetary patterns, as anticipated. Note that last week, Saturn was in touch with Mercury (mind) and Venus (values, social expression). Saturn keywords include: old, structure, patriarchy, conservative, fear, discipline, control. This week we have Uranus pulling focus — with Mercury (mind) and Mars (action). Uranus keywords include: avant garde, future, technology, freedom, innovation, disruption.

Monday night’s Moon in firebrand Aries met up with rebel Uranus and the dwarf planet of discord —  Eris, taking no prisoners. The convention got off to a rocky start, with protests from many Bernie supporters. The 4:18PM ET horoscope for the start of the convention had righteously opinionated Sagittarius on the Ascendant, ruled by expansive Jupiter on the Midheaven. Good for getting a message to the public, though we could see a potential for an insistence on going with something for the sake of principle, and damn the details or consequences. Interesting to see Saturn almost on the Ascendant, suggesting a presentation of serious opinions, some more controlled than others. Supporters of Sanders sporting duct tape over their mouths, with “Silenced by the DNC” seemed an apt reflection.

Guess what happened at 9:21PM ET on Monday, when Mars in zinger Scorpio squared the Ascendant (in the chart for that moment in time), and controlling Saturn was exactly on the Midheaven — suggesting a public and effective measure of control/authority? That’s when comedienne Sarah Silverman went off the teleprompter and admonished chanting Bernie supporters with, “You’re being ridiculous!” Was it effective?

An Aries Moon needs to lead and inspire with fiery passion. So there was Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders doing just that. When Sanders took the stage, the Aries Moon was conjunct his natal Mars and opposing his natal Venus in Libra. His Venus in Libra needs to be an exalted diplomat, peacemaker and facilitator of compromise. Was he?

Moving on to Tuesday, when the Moon was in Taurus. TV commentators took note of a calmer tone on the convention floor, after the roll call vote, during which Bernie Sanders (and his exalted Venus in Libra) moved to official declare Hillary Clinton the nominee. At that moment, the Moon and Pluto were on the angles of the chart. Apt symbols!

Later Bill Clinton, with his Venus in Libra aided by a charismatic Mars-Neptune sitting right on his Libra Ascendant, took the stage to tell a charming, low-key, boy-meets-girl story,  filled with many examples of how hard Hillary has worked for change.  Change? That doesn’t fit Moon in Taurus, but it does fit the need of Uranus pulling focus this week, not to mention the demand for change insisted in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square. Kudos to the marketing genius who finally got hip to planetary patterns and handed out placards branding Hillary a CHANGE MAKER.

OK…let’s see…what else?

File under Mercury (mind) in harmony with erratic Uranus: Personality Change May Be Early Sign of Dementia, Experts Say.  Also erratic and demented: WhatsHisOrangeFace calls for Russia to find Hillary’s emails  (now that it apparently hacked the DNC server and released emails demonstrating a bias favoring Hillary Clinton).  Because it makes perfect sense to encourage a foreign government to conduct espionage against the United States. With transiting Mars still squaring his natal Mars and Leo Ascendant, we can expect especially aggressive outbursts through early next month. Elsewhere, we note that John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan 35 years ago, is being freed.

Uranus is a science geek, too, so this one is apt: Meet Luca, the Ancestor of All Living Things.

Along with patterns among Mercury, Mars and Uranus noted above, we saw the potential for shocking outbursts in a number of events around the globe.

In Sagamihara, Japan, a young man armed with a bag of knives killed 19 people in a facility that cared for disabled people. If people in Japan are resorting to extreme outbursts of violence, planetary patterns must be intense. This is mind-blowing.

What is interesting from an astrological standpoint is that Mr. Uematsu was involved in a number of “disturbing incidences” back in February. Mars was in the late degrees of Scorpio; Jupiter was around 20 degrees of Virgo — retrograde. That’s exactly where Mars and Jupiter are now. I can’t find any birth data for Mr. Uematsu — other than him being 26 —  but I would bet his horoscope has angles and/or planets triggered by Mars and Jupiter then and now — and transiting Uranus is probably involved, too.  If a visionary authority had taken the time to look at his horoscope back in February, he or she could have seen that the disturbing quality of Mr. Uematsu’s behavior in February was likely to be triggered again now.  Perhaps preventative measures could have been taken.

There is much to be gained from understanding what planetary cycles are at play in a horoscope. What’s going on in yours?

Thank you for reading this forecast.







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