Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/11/2015: More on Mars & Tom Cotton’s Perfect Timing

Alllllllrighty, then!

Still more of the same from the last two days, at least in the morning and early afternoon hours. Moon is in Scorpio, seeking to consolidate and organize (with depth and substance), for the sake of power and control. Moon goes void at 3:46PM until 7:30PM ET, suggesting you focus on routine tasks, chill and don’t make a mountain out of what may only be a molehill of crisis. Note that the Moon goes void on a challenge to mental Mercury, suggesting a potential clash in communication  — or at least an especially persuasive effort. Avoid arguing just for the sake of arguing.

At 7:30PM ET, we may feel pounds lighter and brighter as the Moon shifts gear and enters high-flying, optimistic Sagittarius, where it will gamble and gambol through the rest of the work week. We will have survived whatever other outbursts and/or courageous acts of heroism that Mars has in store as it conjoins rebel Uranus at 12:06PM ET and squares Pluto at 6:37PM ET. Huzzah!

And now, the news.

As predicted, the markets are volatile.

Last night the headlines were peppered with plenty of Mars in Aries buzzwords, e.g, “Joe Biden Goes Ballistic” and  “James Carville Goes Scorched Earth”.  This morning, I see that a Blackhawk helicopter went down in the Florida panhandle; 11 are missing. Today marks the 4th anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake that crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, so of course it makes sense that we would be reading an update today.  Essentially, the battle (Mars) to contain the radiation (Uranus-Pluto) is “never-ending”.

Elsewhere — in breaking news — ISIS has reportedly carried out one of its fiercest attacks, as the US Senate holds hearings on the potential use of force against it. Meanwhile, the NYT has a story about US veterans who have joined other military forces in the Middle East to fight against ISIS. War and more war…and guns, too (also ruled by Mars). Utah just passed a bill that would  allow executions by firing squad. The Obama Administration has “abandoned efforts” to ban a bullet that is capable of piercing police armor.

Meanwhile, the letter to Iran signed by 47 Republicans continues to generate controversy.  Who wrote this letter, anyway? A freshman senator from Arkansas named Tom Cotton. At 37, he’s the youngest member of the Senate. Why the heck is he attracting all this attention now? Avid readers of this forecast will surely have a hunch at what we will find when we look at planets on the day Tom Cotton was born: May 13, 1977 in Dardanelle, AR.

Cotton is a Taurus whom we would expect to have made an ambitious reach last fall when transiting Saturn opposed his Sun. That’s when he won his Senate seat. But what really stands out is an exact meet-up of Venus and Mars at — 12-13 degrees Aries –opposed by Pluto at 11 Libra. It was triggered last week by both Venus and Mars in Aries! This trigger suggests a warrior in action, values and social expression, supercharged by potency and potential overkill.

Note that the natal Venus-Mars-Pluto opposition has been highly stimulated by Uranus and Pluto for the past two years. In fact, Cotton announced his bid for the Senate in August of 2013, on the first hit of Pluto at 11 Capricorn. Isn’t that interesting?

But wait — there’s more. We do not have a birth time for Cotton, but if he was born after 4am, he would also have a me-me-me-first Aries Moon! We’d expect a need for conquest — to be Number One — to always be a winner. Also of interest: his Venus and Mars is conjunct Eris, a minor planet discovered in 2005 and named for the Goddess of Discord. I find it intriguing that the entity currently causing so much destruction in the Middle East also has Moon in Aries, along with Venus, Mars, Eris conjunct in Aries. Its Venus-Mars-Eris alignment will be triggered by Mars next week, along with its Aries Sun.

In other news, Johnny Depp, whose horoscope is also personally affected by this current Mars-Uranus-Pluto transit, injured his hand on a shoot in Australia and will need surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Astrology is amazing — a good thing to know about. It’s a fascinating mix of fate and free will. As my teacher Noel Tyl loves to say, “Planets don’t do anything. People do”.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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