Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/25/2015: Neptune in Focus…

…with bonus points to readers who understand the clever wordplay of this forecast’s subtitle. Moon in now in Gemini, doncha’ know…and nan, oh man, oh man….it felt as if yesterday’s all-day Taurus Moon void would never end.

A day without a Moon bouncing off other planets can feel like forever…and quiet, too. I expect plenty of buzz with the Moon in information junkie Gemini (as of  11:54PM ET last night). It will bounce off six planets between 7:35AM and 6:48PM ET: Mars (action), Saturn (ambition/control), Venus (sweet), Sun (challenge), Neptune (vision/space cadet) and Mercury (communication). That’s a lot of bouncing in one day.

Picture the Moon making contact with planets in the same way that the ball in a pinball machine bounces off bumpers when the game is in play. When the ball stops making contact with the bumpers and falls back to the bottom of the machine, you have the equivalent energetic drive of a Moon that is void of course. Got that?

On Monday, I wrote:

The challenge to the Sun at 12:14PM ET is the  First Quarter Moon, presenting a challenge to the New Moon projects launched last week. Work it out, using another easy flow of energy supplied by Mars (working with efficiency in Aries) and Saturn, exact at 10:09PM ET. Headlines about progress and initiatives in the media and other collective belief systems, methinks…driven by a vision or fantasy. That strong idealism is suggested by the Sun’s annual meet-up with Neptune at 11:56PM ET.

Would a headline about net neutrality moving one step closer to becoming reality qualify? Anyway, let the above paragraph be your guide to the day, and get the word out on whatever you’re working on, visionary as it may be.

And now, more news.

First, a follow-up to Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly, who have both had issues with reality while operating under 1) challenging Mercury (mind)-Neptune (fog) contacts in their respective horoscopes; and 2) one or more planets triggered by the Uranus-Pluto square. It seems Robert A. Macdonald, the Secretary for Verterans Affairs, was caught making stuff up about his military exploits, too.   I was certain there would be similar patterns in MacDonald’s horoscope  — and there are! MacDonald’s Mercury is squared by Neptune. Astrology is amazing. Oh, and P.S. — Mr. O’Reilly is slated to produce a series called “Legends & Lies” starting this April. Of course he is, given his super-charged Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

Neptune refers to escapes, including those facilitated by drugs and alcohol. On this Sun-Neptune conjunction, Alaska becomes the third state to legalize marijuana. Jamaica also decriminalized recreational use. More will follow suit, as predicted years ago in this forecast, just before Neptune entered Pisces.

Elsewhere, Vermont’s efforts to treat many in that state who are addicted to heroin made the homepage of the NYT. So did an op-ed about a bewildering disease whose symptoms are reflective of the “wipe-out” some experience under heavy Neptune transits: chronic fatigue syndrome. Earlier this week, 12 students at Wesleyan were hospitalized after overdosing on Ecstasy. Sun-Neptune meet-up, there may be consequences when heavy Saturn is part of the party, as it definitely was over the weekend.

Add the me-me-me potential of Venus (women) and Mars (men) in Aries to the potential deception suggested by Sun-Neptune, and you might stumble across an op-ed about why extramarital sex seems so great to some people. Neptune also refers to scams, photography and other intangibles. Thanks to  photographer Jim Herrington for bringing this article to my attention. It “exposes the scheme” behind last year’s record-setting sale of a photograph, with the Neptunian title of “Phantom”. Really, six million dollars for a photograph?

Last but not least, on yesterday’s stubborn Taurus Moon, President Obama vetoed a bill  that would have authorized the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

What’s going on in your horoscope?

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