Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/24/2016: Venus in Gemini Opposing Mars; No Bad News Allowed

All-righty then!

Moon is in Capricorn as of 1:34AM ET, driving the day with a practical need to make things happen. It attempts to climb mountains without interference for the whole day. In your enterprising efforts, do remember that we are still adjusting to Mercury moving direct. Watch for those typos and iPhone autocorrect nightmares before you hit SEND.

At 5:45AM ET, Venus — which refers to women, money, social expression and aesthetics — leaves comfy Taurus for multi-tasking Gemini, where it will seek to be ever-so entertaining as it seduces you with potential double talk. At 10:38PM ET, Venus will be opposed by Mars.  Already you may be feeling a bit of tension — possibly on the juicy/alluring side — in your interpersonal relationships — whomever might be the yin to your yang.  Watch the headlines for gender concerns to pull a polarizing focus.

And now, the news.

I have to share this one from the weekend, as it expresses the aggressive potential of current planetary patterns in a way that made me smile. “Angry Birds Knock Captain America From the Top of the Box Office Pecking Order.”  Isn’t that clever? So very Gemini — playing with words.

Facebook has been getting a lot of flack over allegations that it — shock!! — suppressed a certain flow of information in Ye Olde Newsfeede in ways that have people (conservative, this time) outraged. Remember that stories about the media, censorship and general information/mind/speech control are what we expected would be pulling focus while Saturn journeys through Sagittarius until 2018. “Facebook Admits Rogue Employees May Have Shown Bias Against Conservatives,” squawks the Washington Times in a piece posted three hours ago. But wait — “Facebook Investigation Reveals No Evidence of Bias Against Conservatives, Company Says” retorts the Los Angeles Times, in a bit posted within the past hour.

Gahhhh! Who are ya gonna believe? Has snopes covered this yet? Where do you get your news? Hopefully from more than one source.

Meanwhile, Facebook definitely seems to have suppressed one image that lives up to the potential of today’s face-off between Venus (yin, women, beauty) and Mars (men):

Facebook has apologized for banning a photo of a plus-sized model and telling the feminist group that posted the image that it depicts “body parts in an undesirable manner”.

Undesirable, according to WHOM? Sigh. Along with this, fresh off the NYT home page — about Ghostbusters stepping “right into the hostility of gender politics. Grrrrr.

OK, I promised you some GOOD news. Avid Reader Diane inspired these next few stories, enclosing a link and  saying how satisfying it was to read: “Sensing the Inevitable, Companies Adapt to Climate Change”.  Huzzah! Or how about  “New Solar Plants Generate Floating Green Power”  Or “Portugal Runs for Four Days Straight on Renewable Energy Alone.” Wow!  Meanwhile, noted climate change denier Donald Drumpf petitioned Ireland for permission to build a retaining wall against one of his golf courses to protect against…wait for it…rising sea levels expected because of climate change. Permission was denied.  I kept my promise.  Good news!

Gratitude to Avid Reader Beth, who was inspired by my wry description of Jupiter as a “cosmic sugar daddy” — and also my warning that Jupiter’s expansive influence is not always productive. She sent a link to this article about “blessers” — sugar daddies in South Africa whose influence is anything but blessed. Probably file this story under Venus opposing Mars, too. . and  here’s Beth’s Tarot Card of the Week — she really knows her stuff — and it’s always in tune with planetary patterns. Thank you, Beth!

Remember my suggestion in yesterday’s forecast about taking your inner child out for a nice frolic and heart-to-heart? Joe Biden — bless his heart — did just that recently on CBS Morning. In a segment called “Note to Self,” he read a letter he wrote to his 12-year-old self telling him to hang in there, ’cause everything was gonna turn out OK.  Another video going viral with a similar message is this psychic’s presidential prediction, in which she references the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 as a signal that the feminine would be stepping into its power. Astrologers noted the ingress of the fixed star Regulus into Virgo soon after as a similar good omen for the empowerment of the feminine in our evolutionary progress.  Danielle Egnew is quite a rumpled pixie chatterbox — embodying today’s Mars in Sagittarius (rumpled) – Venus in Gemini (pixie chatterbox)  flair. Ms Egnew has a hopeful, warm and calming perspective…though I would want to ask her about her energetic take on George W. Bush vs. Al Gore vs. Ralph Nader in the snafu’ed Mercury stationary direct- Moon void meltdown election of November 2000. Did we really need to suffer through the next eight years as part of our spiritual growth and development?

That was a rhetorical question. I’d much rather talk about your growth and development, seen through the lens of astrology. What’s going on in your horoscope? How are you handling this Mars retrograde?  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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