Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Sunday 8/25-28/2016: Big Bountiful Weekend

The buzzing sound you hear is the day being driven by an information-seeking Moon in Gemini. It will be fiercely opposed, provoked and transcended by Saturn (12:29PM ET), Mars (1:34PM ET) and Neptune (2:07PM ET), putting a serious and possibly surreal spin on a set of facts. Action for the sake of vision, healing, peace, oil, drugs, scandal and other Neptune themes are likely to hit the headlines as Mars clashes with Neptune at 2:57AM ET on FRIDAY.

On Friday, the Gemini buzz of information and communication in excruciatingly perfect details may be amplified in the afternoon and evening hours, ET. Moon clashes with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury — all in Virgo. Oh what dirt shall be dished? Moon goes void at 8:30PM ET and enters home/family/emotional security-seeking Cancer at 11:06PM ET.

There’s no void to interfere with your shopping on Saturday, and you may be tempted to indulge. Venus meets up with Jupiter at 6:29PM ET, suggesting generosity to a fault — and an extra bonus of appreciation if you have a planet or angle around 27 degrees of Virgo. Were you born around the 20th of September? How potentially lucky for you! Will the markets close on a high on Friday — reflecting the expansive potential of Venus and Jupiter, against the background of the bubble suggested by Mars and Saturn with Neptune?

Moon continues through Cancer on SUNDAY, making its weekly clash with Pluto at 1:39AM ET. Power plays and emotional catharses perhaps, for those personally affected; i.e., with planets around 15 degrees — halfway through– of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Moon clashes with Uranus at 5:41PM ET; there’s the signal for an upset or flash of illumination that clears the air.

No sleeping in on MONDAY. Did you BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS yet? Mercury goes retrograde on TUESDAY at 9:04AM ET. Do not say you were not advised.

That being said, Mercury retrogrades are an awesome time to review your life with your astrologer. Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

And now, the news.

The poster child for this week’s planetary patterns, reflecting the dogged determination and humorless discipline of Mars conjunct Saturn; the surreal scandal of Mars square Neptune; the abundance of Venus conjunct Jupiter with all of their Virgo papers in order. Not to mention the stubborn and patient Moon in Taurus, seeking to fulfill its need for material comfort and security on the day this story broke: “‘I Wasn’t Crazy’: A Homeless Woman’s Long War to Prove the Feds Owe Her $100,000”. And they did, too.

I was expecting militant action in the wake of the meet-up between warrior Mars and ambitious Saturn. Turkey sent forces into Syria in its biggest effort yet against the Islamic State. Native Americans are taking a militant, non-violent stand against an oil pipeline that is planned to cross through their reservations and under numerous rivers (200 times — what could go wrong)? The pipeline is ‘just a few miles shorter” than the infamous, cancelled Keystone XL project and it’s been on a fast track since 2014. Yesterday a federal judge in Illinois said he would rule on the project by September 9th.

Elsewhere, French police are taking a militant stand against Muslim women caught wearing a burkini on a beach, demanding that the women remove their clothes. In Norway, women will now be required to serve time in the military and — as this article reports –– they will be bunked in mixed dorms. In Texas, students protested a new law permitting the concealed carry of guns on campus by openly carrying sex toys — which is forbidden. Militant and surreal — thank you, added dose of Neptune. Which is an apt time to announce that Texas has the dubious honor of having the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, as this Guardian article reports:

From 2000 to the end of 2010, Texas’s estimated maternal mortality rate hovered between 17.7 and 18.6 per 100,000 births. But after 2010, that rate had leaped to 33 deaths per 100,000, and in 2014 it was 35.8. Between 2010 and 2014, more than 600 women died for reasons related to their pregnancies.

No other state saw a comparable increase.


The astrological signature for earthquakes is Uranus, the sudden disruptor of the status quo. With all of this Mars-Saturn-Neptune potential for militant/destructive action, how did Uranus figure into devastating the 6.2 quake that hit Italy on August 24th at 3:36AM CEDT? Great question. Mars made a 135 degree aspect to Uranus on the 23rd. The technical term for a 135 degree aspect is sesquiquadrate and while considered to be a minor aspect compared to the major aspects we cover in the scope of this forecast, it is considered to an aspect of tension. We also see Uranus and Pluto in contact with the Ascendant and Midheaven of the chart for the earthquake, suggesting the potential for disruption. A more powerful, but less destructive 6.8 quake hit later in Myanmar, and if I could find a reliable local time for the event, I’d compare the charts.

Sagittarius suggests wide open spaces — the wilder, the better. Virgo suggests conservation — and it’s an Earth sign. Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service — huzzah! Through Sunday, in the glow of Saturday’s generous, earth-conserving meet-up between Venus and Jupiter, admission to the parks will be free.  How apropos — and if we thoroughly mess this world up, there may be hope on a newly-discovered possibly Earth-like planet called Proxima b.

Finally — this has just been posted on the NYT site during a Gemini buzz buzz Moon, though it won’t arrive in print until Saturday: “Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine.”  Also reflective of planetary patterns.

Thank you for reading this forecast and for sharing it with your friends. Consider posting it on Facebook — to break up the monotonous stream of political blather on your newsfeed. Your friends will thank you — and so will I.

Have a great weekend!



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