Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/27/2016 & the Next Few Days: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars Turns Direct; the Dance of Saturn and Neptune

Good Morning!


The start of the work week is driven by a pioneering Moon in me-me-me Aries, fearlessly leading whatever crusade for the underdog you’re espousing. The Third Quarter Moon — a challenging square between the Moon and the sensitive, homeland security-focused Cancer Sun happens at 2:19PM ET. This energy boost may test whatever illumination you received from last week’s prominently opinionated Full Moon in Sagittarius. A steady connection between the Moon and Saturn at 10:37PM ET suggests an afternoon of productivity.

Coloring the morning is a healing/compassionate/forgiving alignment between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, exact at 9:53AM ET. Moments ago, the Supreme Court just  1) declared restrictions imposed on abortion clinics to be unconstitutional; and 2) upheld a federal law that allegedly makes it more difficult for domestic violence offenders to own a a gun and 3) overturned the conviction of ex-Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, who was found guilty of corruption back in 2014. Elsewhere, Turkey apologized to Russia for shooting down a plane — and Edward Snowden’s lawyer is pushing for a pardon, while his exiled client tours the U.S. with the help of modern technology.

The Aries Moon continues through Tuesday, making its weekly clash with disruptive Pluto and Uranus at 7:14AM ET and 8:12PM ET, respectively. In the Americas, there are no Moon voids happening during business hours this week to thwart your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Moon will be void between 3:36AM and 6:03AM ET on WEDNESDAY. It will be void from 8:19PM ET on THURSDAY until 7:44AM ET on FRIDAY. Onward, then — with the following caveats:

Biggest planetary news this week happens at 7:38PM ET on WEDNESDAY, when Mars — planet of action, guns, yang energy and aggression — finally turns direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio. If you have a planet around or on that degree — or at 23 degrees of Aquarius, Leo or Taurus — this change of direction impacts you more than most, likely in the form of a surge of forward action or outburst. If you do not know where your planets are, I encourage you to find out! Schedule an appointment for a personal consultation — or order an Astro-Basics Report, both of which  you can find out about here.

Also on Wednesday: Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer at 7:24PM ET, suggesting a need to focus thoughts and communication on matters of emotional and home(land) security. By then we’ll be seeing the reflection of Thursday’s Venus-Pluto opposition, exact at 11:29PM ET. Regular readers of this forecast will recall that supercharged contact between Venus (money, women, social expression, aesthetics) and Pluto (power, resources, transformation) suggests emotional intensity and power plays in matters of finance, relationship and values. The harsh edge of Venus-Pluto is softened somewhat by an easy connection between Venus and Jupiter called a sextile. Sweet — potentially and literally — as you can see in headlines when Venus sextiled Jupiter in the past.

General caveat for the week: Mars is still in an uneasy aspect — a quincunx —  with rebel Uranus, as noted last week. There is another celestial body involved — and this is Eris, named for the Goddess of Discord, discussed in the April 2016 New Moon forecast. In the language of astrology, one manifestation of Eris would be outrage expressed by those who do not feel they have a place at the table. It would be the “have-nots” rising up against the perceived “haves.”  Eris will be in a tight meet-up — a conjunction — with rebel Uranus into 2017. We can expect continued disruptions and challenges to the status quo.

Eris is portrayed as a destructive, volatile energy. File these stories under “Eris — in combination with Mars and Uranus”: a Singapore Airlines (Uranus) catches fire (Mars) in mid-flight; a gun-rights advocate in Texas kills her adult daughters and is then killed by police, witnessed by her husband; several are stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento. I would not want to meet Eris in a dark alley…

General caveat for the next few months: Saturn square Neptune — because it’s worth a review. Here’s an excerpt from a Really Useful Forecast written in January of 2015:

Pattern #2: Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Well, the beginning of a square, actually. The square between these two planets won’t be exact until 2016. What does that suggest?

Briefly, Saturn is reality. Neptune is fantasy. Put them together and what have you got? A bubble of optimistic faith. When will it burst?  A few months ago, when I was reading The Big Short — about the collapse of the housing bubble and the outrageous speculation going on in the financial markets that led to the fiscal crisis in 2008,  I noticed a challenging aspect between Saturn and Neptune as that bubble was building.  There was a similar aspect in 1999, coinciding with the internet bubble and everyone freaking out about Y2K, which proved to be much ado about nothing. What pixie dust-covered fantasy will captivate us now and into the next year?

The horoscope of the United States has been hit hard by Saturn and Neptune, as I’ve noted before. Donald Trump’s candidacy could arguably be filed under “pixie dust-covered fantasy.” He has an interesting pattern happening now — a solar arc between the Sun and his Leo Ascendant. This suggests recognition — usually to the upside — but it can also suggest, as astrologer Noel Tyl writes, “being seen for who one is.” Interesting to see how many recent headlines are finally calling him out for his arguably pathological pattern of lies – here — and here — and here — and anywhere else you choose to Google.

The pattern between Saturn and Neptune in 1999 was a square, corresponding to the energy of a First Quarter Moon. The pattern in 2008 — the big financial crisis/mortgage meltdown in the U.S. — was an opposition, corresponding to the illuminating energy of a Full Moon. The pattern we are in now is another square, corresponding to the energy of a Third Quarter Moon. This current Saturn-Neptune cycle began in 1989, with a conjunction in Capricorn, corresponding to the energy of a New Moon. So we see the potential in 1989 for seeds to be planted in ways that suggest an idealistic dissolution of structure/boundaries in matters related to corporate and government entities. Neptune also refers to deception, scandal, drugs, oil and toxins — so we could argue that those seeds were planted, too.

In 1999, one way we could see those seeds tested was in the adoption of the Euro, a shared currency transcending borders. Other tests were the aforementioned internet bubble and Y2K. The third hit in this current serious of challenging Saturn-Neptune patterns will be on September 10th.  Here’s an example of a test from the front page of Sunday’s NYT: an expose on how emergency services delivered by companies owned by private equity firms are failing. Well, it sounded like a great idea at the time….let big business (Saturn in Capricorn) handle prisons, hospitals and other social services (Neptune). What could go wrong?

Not intending to get into a long history analysis here – just pointing out that each pair of planets operates in a relationship cycle not unlike the cycle we see repeated every month between the Sun and the Moon. Use this awareness of planetary cycles when considering the confusing meltdown happening here, in Europe and many other places. That goes for stocks falling and worth vaporizing, too. Did anyone really believe this bubble would last forever? We have all been here before. The next Saturn-Neptune cycle will begin with a conjunction in Aries in 2025. Idealization of me-me-me expression and pioneering with no bounds? Where will the self/ego begin and end? Perhaps we will all become intangible. Or pioneer ourselves on a boldly-going rocket into space.

Final note: so often I’ve seen that people who pass away under a particular planetary pattern either evoke — or actually have — that pattern in their own horoscope. In the shadow of today’s Venus trine Neptune (photography, beauty, fashion), beloved NYT fashion photographer Bill Cunningham passed away. His obituary was published on the NYT front page. RIP.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



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