Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/11/2016: What’s the Buzz; Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

The start of the work week is brought to you by the Moon in chatty Gemini, seeking to be the smartest kid in the room. Just ask Barack Obama, who was born with the Moon in Gemini. At 4:36AM ET, a need to know may have been smacked down by a higher authority in the form of a face-off with Saturn. Good thing most of us were sleeping, eh?  Check the headlines for a potential early morning wet blanket in the headlines, and enjoy your caffeinated buzz.

This day offers much promise for gadding about in balanced, innovative and visionary ways. Moon makes an easy contact with Uranus at 11:58AM ET, followed by another easy contact with the proactive Aries Sun. Pick up the phone; send that email; make that pitch…at least until 2:57PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 4:07AM ET on TUESDAY.  Then, wait and see what “much ado about nothing” story will seize the media’s attention until the Moon gets back into gear.

Moon will be in Cancer on Tuesday,  happily focusing our needs on home and emotional security. At 5:40AM ET mental Mercury makes an easy connection to Neptune, suggesting the potential for inspired and/or rose-colored thinking. At 3:17PM ET, Venus (women, social expression) makes a harmonious connection to Mars. With Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius, fiery impulses that push boundaries with great fervor are favored. If there’s a potential downside, it would be the integrity of the pixie-dust involved, suggested by Mars is in a challenging aspect with Neptune all month long. Is that passion sublime or scandalous?

On Wednesday we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, presenting a potential challenge or advance to last week’s New Moon agenda. We’ll also have the Moon’s weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto — this time between 10:57AM ET and 4:45PM ET. This sets the stage for potential power plays, revelations and other upsets to the status quo. Moon goes void on Wednesday at 11:59PM ET, roaring into love love love Leo at 9:53AM ET on Thursday.

Thursday’s only exact aspect is an easy flow between Mercury and Jupiter, facilitating big ideas about  earthly matters in great detail.  The party-hearty Leo Moon will be void on Saturday between 1:48PM ET and 7:23PM ET — so avoid the malls and making a mountain of ego drama out of a molehill. The big news of the week happens at 8:14AM ET on Sunday, when Mars goes retrograde at 8 degrees of Sagittarius, backing up into Scorpio until June 30th. Pluto turns retrograde in the wee hours the very next day.  Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the weekend.

The news will be back tomorrow. If you’d like to have an informative discussion about what’s going on in your horoscope, today would be an awesome day to contact me to schedule an appointment. Moon is in Gemini, after all — and today it makes a harmonious connection with Uranus, ruler of astrology. How cool is that? Timing is everything.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




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