Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/24/2016 & the Weekend: Keep Calm and Carry On

Allrighty then!

Got halfway through writing a forecast during Wednesday’s nearly all-day Moon void in proactive Capricorn, and somehow wandered off track to put out other fires requiring immediate attention. Amazing how that happened.  I’ll pick up where I left off…

Moon entered  Aquarius Wednesday at 4:08PM ET, bringing a fixed, mental focus to the rest of the week. Keywords for Aquarius include friendship, humanitarian, social significance, freedom, network, circulation, technology,  rebel, fringe, unconventional, futurist.  A tense pattern between Mercury and Jupiter suggests a supercharged clash involving Big Ideas. Mars in ruthless Scorpio is grinding to a halt, about to turn direct next week, huzzah, huzzah. It is currently in an uncomfortable relationship with rebel Uranus in trigger-happy Aries. Mars at a virtual standstill suggests a strong focus on Martian themes of war, aggression, cars, firearms and fire…watch the news for manifestations. The retrograde status of Mars suggests delayed and/or frustrated action. July is when things are more likely to be moving forward constructively.

Two other patterns are evident in the news this week. First, Mercury’s aforementioned (in prior forecasts) challenging engagement with Saturn (ambition/depression/controls/borders), Neptune (intangibles, refugees, drugs, delusion) and Jupiter (expansion, law, media) has been reflected in more of the surreal stories we saw at the beginning of the month. The second pattern is the third easy alignment between Jupiter and Pluto, exact this Sunday at 8:10AM ET, bringing themes of power, resources and the Powers That Be into focus.

At 11:48AM ET on FRIDAY — the day I am finally posting this — Moon goes void until 10:30PM ET. Keep calm and carry on!!  If you start your weekend early during void, you would likely get away with it. Chill chill chill!!!

Moon enters  Pisces Moon on Friday/tonight at 10:30PM ET, facilitating compassion, empathy, wallowing, etc. — whatever soothes your frazzled soul with the understanding that We Are Not Alone. There is no void on Saturday, so shop away. The evening is marked by a bit of heavy trippiness as the sensitive Pisces Moon clashes with stern Saturn and spacey Neptune between 7 and 8PM ET. Who rained on your Saturday night date parade? Ouch.

On Sunday, the  Moon goes void with a sigh at 3:55PM ET — let the shopping continue until then. Meanwhile, two exact patterns between Sunday and Monday are aces for artists and technogeeks seeking inspiration. Mercury and Uranus are in an easy alignment, exact at 10:31PM ET. There’s bound to be a tech-heavy or other out-of-this world innovative spin in the headlines. Venus in alignment with Neptune at 9:53AM ET on MONDAY can pour oil on troubled waters, for those seeking a rose-colored expression or nourishment, nurturing and healing.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Moon races into me-me-me Aries at 3:08AM ET, perhaps tripping over furniture or into a brick wall, as action hero Mars stands still, not to move forward until the 30th. Proceed, but do so with caution.

And now, the news.

Yesterday British citizens  voted on Brexit, the referendum on whether Britain should stay or leave the European Union. While most of the world was shocked that they voted to leave, many astrologers were not, as they saw this strong potential using various methods of astrological analysis. You may recall my take on it — posted last Friday. Here is the link to it now — updated to reflect current events and with even more analysis of how we could see the strong potential for an upset/break out by looking at the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth.

Fun fact: the vote to leave has something  in common with another Declaration of Independence — the one signed on July 4th, 1776. And this would be the Sun in homeland security-focused Cancer and the Moon in rebel/humanitarian Aquarius. Coincidence or conspiracy?

If only patterns in the Brexit chart had suggested clear, level-headed thinking. Instead, we see Mercury (mindset), recently befuddled by contact with Saturn in Sagittarius (fear and control of foreigners/borders),  clashing with the challenges presented by refugees (Neptune in Pisces), without taking time to seriously suss it out further. Not so fun fact: “British Frantically Googling ‘EU’ Hours After Voting to Leave It.”, according to the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, PM David Cameron announced he would resign by this fall. The pound is plummeting, as people are freaking out. Stop it!! This too shall pass.  We see the strong potential for additional break-ups between now and February 2017, with Scotland likely voting again on whether it wishes to stay in the UK.

keep calm

Meanwhile during Wednesday’s Moon void, an upset in Standard Operating Procedure occurred in the U.S. Congress, when  Democrats staged a sit-in to force a vote on a gun control bill.   House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose Libra Moon would arguably much prefer to avoid conflict at all costs while maintaining the appearance of a rose-colored vision/fog, opted to declare Congress in recess and shut off the C-Span cameras. That’s when things got interesting. End result: still no gun control bill. Congress adjourned until July 5th. But perhaps the general public is becoming somewhat more aware of what needs to change in order for such a bill to be passed…

Much much more to talk about, but if I do, I’ll never get this posted. Have a totally awesome weekend. To schedule a personal consultation to discuss how all these exciting planetary patterns are reflected in your horoscope, here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



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