Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/6/2015 & the Weekend: Full Moon Fallout


The Moon in analyzing, organizing Virgo (as of 12:46am ET yesterday) has had its work cut out for it in the aftermath of Tuesday’s blowout  of a Full Moon in rip roarin’ Leo. To celebrate, a study was released today that attempted to catalog all the germs found on the New York subways….with startling results.

How big a deal you make of efforts to be righteously correct depends on how personally your horoscope is affected by the expansive, expensive face-off between Sun and Jupiter (also in Leo) at 1:20PM ET. Got a planet or an angle around 17 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio? That big deal might be a bright, shiny reward — an opportunity to shine or expand your reach. I have a planet on one of those degrees, and this week I uploaded my 1000th post to Yay, me!

Wrap up the details of the week, and stick to routine matters as of 5:09PM ET, when the Moon goes void  on a potentially snippy aspect to action hero Mars. Watch where you are going, will you? It can be challenging to stay focused and present during a Moon void AND Mercury retrograde when you’re out and about. Moon doesn’t engage in the next sign — Libra — until 1:44PM ET on Saturday. Huzzah and hooray for a morning perfectly suited to sleeping in.

Later, the relationship-focused Libra Moon gets a boost of added emotional depth, courtesy of a communicative alignment between Venus in compassionate Pisces and transformational Pluto at 12:51AM Sunday. You got something to talk about? Perhaps you and your partner can reach a new level of understanding. Patterns are quiet most of the day on Sunday, until the late afternoon when the Moon makes its weekly contact with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Sudden jolts, power plays and other revelations may be expected.

The Moon will be void on Monday from 6:58AM ET until 2:08AM ET on Tuesday — pretty much a bust, but good for taking care of routine matters, or a day off.

And now, the news.

How cool, in sync with  Tuesday’s Full Moon in Leo and today’s Sun-Jupiter opposition, to see an in-depth article in the NYT about the Sun. The Sun is ruled by Leo, doncha’ know. Elsewhere, the U.S. can celebrate a “blowout” jobs report — the biggest increase since 2008. This makes perfect sense when you consider that the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer is being supercharged by the third hit of the potentially empowering Uranus-Pluto square. As noted in a prior forecast, in the wake of a similar transit, Canada enjoyed a spate of excellent economic news, in which its middle class surpassed that of the United States. It’s this year’s third hit of Uranus-Pluto to the U.S. Saturn at 14 Libra that is likely to be more challenging, especially since we will experience another eclipse on that degree on April 4th.

Not at all cool — even with planetary patterns suggesting an emphasis on fire —  was the senseless death of the captured Jordanian pilot at the hands of unfeeling militants. If there is any silver lining, it may be that this act has sparked an angry backlash “throughout  the Arab world,” as today’s NYT editorial reports.

Here in New York, headlines have been focused on a fiery train crash which killed six people when it collided with an SUV. From eyewitness accounts, it appears that the driver of the SUV was not thinking clearly when she drove onto the tracks. Please stay focused when you are in transit, especially with this Mercury retrograde.

Speaking of which, Mercury retrograde suggests that stories or people from the past may come up for review. NBC News anchor Brian Williams can certainly relate to that, as a story he told about being under fire in a helicopter while in Iraq has now, upon second look, been shown to not be true. We don’t have an exact birth time for Mr. Williams, but even so, we can see how a certain need for obsessive “feel-good” idealism in thinking in communication might play out. We can also see how his mindset and communication are likely to pushed further into the public eye than they normally are, as his Mercury will be supercharged by Uranus and Pluto, suggesting a need for a change in perspective. Currently his Mars at 14 Cancer is being hit by the square, suggesting the potential for startling risks and extremes in efforts made at this time. It is also possible that his me-me-me Aries Moon is also being hit by that disruptive challenge. What does it mean to be Number One?

Other “second look” stories of note: a former Al-Qaeda operative says that some Saudi royals supported Al-Qaeda in the early 90s, prompting calls to declassify a Congressional report that was released some years ago. Meanwhile, Harper Lee, author of the undisputed classic, “To Kill  A Mockingbird,” announced that a sequel — written decades ago — will be published this year. I don’t have time to talk about the patterns in her horoscope that reflect this series of events, much as I would like to. Nor do I have time today to talk about the astro-logic of Bruce Jenner’s ongoing transition from male to female that made headlines this week, except to say that it feels like such old news, given that Mr. Jenner’s evolution was noted and commented on in the Fall of 2013 by astrologer Noel Tyl in his astrology forum…and that wouldn’t cable news shows be much more interesting if they invited professional astrologers to provide commentary, instead of The Usual Suspects. Why not send an email to your local cable news director today…and while I’m on the subject…

…what’s going on in your horoscope?

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life with your astrologer.  Here’s the 411 on scheduling a personal consultation.

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