Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 1/14-15/2015: the Moody Depths

Moon entered Scorpio at 6:44PM ET Tuesday night, ending a long wandering Moon void that took up most of yesterday. Hopefully you stuck to routine tasks and did not make mountains out of molehills. Now, we are focused on knowledge for the sake of power and control; a quest to be seen as having depth and substance – nothing casual here.

Note your dreams upon waking, as Neptune makes contact with the Moon at 5:52AM ET, thirty minutes after mental Mercury makes contact with innovative Uranus. Really, there could be a valuable idea in your early morning musings. Write it down. As evening falls, a debate may well intensify, with an opportunity for healing around 8-9PM ET, followed by indulgence in or a clash of aesthetics at 10:18PM ET. You decide.

More indulgence — of a regally entitled kind — may be yours Thursday morning, as the Moon is challenged by expansive Jupiter in Leo at 9:29AM ET. This carries through the rest of the day until 6:52PM ET, when the Moon loses steam and goes void until 3:01AM ET. Get it off your desk before 7PM ET and plan to chill for the rest of the night.

A dominant pattern today and tomorrow is action hero Mars, steaming in  soulful Pisces, and challenged by hard-headed Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius. What a perfect backdrop for the much-publicized  cover of this week’s Charlie Hebdo magazine. The New York Times would not publish it and called it “defiant”.  Yeah, well Mars together with Saturn can be experienced as “militant”.

Others might look at the cover and see sorrow, forgiveness, empathy, unity –all Piscean themes —  which is what the cartoonist who created it stated she wished to convey.   Certainly it has added more fuel to the fire of this ongoing debate over freedom of beliefs (Sagittarius) and boundaries (Saturn). You do remember I told you we’d be talking about this for a while…back in November, right?  This will be a hot topic for a couple of years.

In other news, an update on Senator Ted Cruz, whose horoscope was looked at here some time ago. Back in  September of 2013, predictions were made about the senator’s supercharged mindset and communication carrying him (away?)  through 2014 (and a little beyond). His natal Mercury-Uranus square has been under high tension, courtesy of Uranus and Pluto. Mercury-Uranus contacts suggest potential genius, erratic or “out there” thinking and plenty of nerve — or nervous energy.

For Ted Cruz, we’d expect those qualities to become prominent, persuasive and even more inventive in recent months — and they have. Mercury-Uranus suggests technology, space cadets and rocket scientists. Guess what Senator Cruz will be overseeing, now that the Republicans are running the Senate? The committee in charge of NASA.

Astrology is amazing, isn’t it?

If your New Year’s resolutions include planning a successful strategy for 2015, here’s the 411 on astro-logical consultations. Even if you do not believe in astrology, (perhaps like Senator Ted Cruz),  rest assured that astrology believes in you. Imagine how helpful it will be to finally understand your personal game plan so you can fulfill your potential…


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