Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Friday 12/22-24/2010

A few days of relative quiet, after several days of whirlwind planetary activity. Then again, crazy things have been known to happen during lulls when the dust is settling. A little bit of an edge might return around the 26th…but for now…don’t worry, be happy.

I’m hitting the road today, so I’ll be brief. Moon in Cancer coasts through Wednesday on its own for most of the day, leaving us free to ponder or eagerly anticipate the comforts of home, family and emotional security. Thursday dawns with Moon in royal Leo, with a generous spirit that will likely delight retailers selling to “I’ll buy it!” last minute shoppers. Both Wednesday and Thursday are good for getting out and mingling with a social crowd. The festive spirit continues through Friday. Travels to destinations elsewhere should be fairly smooth for a Mercury retrograde –but it’s always wise to allow extra time for connections — and be flexible if detours suddenly appear. Sometimes it’s an adventure in disguise!

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