Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday 7/9-10/2014

I’m on the road today and tomorrow, so if you are waiting for me to reply to an email or voicemail, thank you for your patience and apologies for the delay. I’ll be back in NY on Thursday.

There was a dreamy/spacey contact between nebulous Neptune this morning at 10AM ET, which explains why I woke up in a hotel room at 7AM PT wondering briefly where the heck I was. Otherwise,  the Moon in high-flying, opinionated, horizon-expanding Sagittarius continues unimpeded through the day, believing whatever it darn well pleases and facilitating a sharing of said beliefs.  Go for it today, because they just might buy it.

How interesting to see theories on why we might believe one thing over another  right on the NYT homepage, as a new study is released that argues our DNA might be a factor. Yes, and the planetary patterns in our horoscopes might also reflect our beliefs, but that study has not yet been published in the NYT. But one day, it could happen…

In other news — and perhaps not surprisingly to some of us — what we believe might be influenced by our sources of information, suggests this recent analysis of several news networks. How often do they tell the truth and how often do they flat-out lie? Which news organization has the most truly informed audience?  Find out here.

More of the same “put your money where your mouth is” potential on Thursday, as the Moon continues in Sagittarius, supported by action hero Mars at 11:07AM ET. A possible conflict of opinion may arise around 8:19PM ET, when Moon is opposed by mental Mercury; this aspect increases the likelihood of communications expressed that others find provocative.  Chill during Thursday’s Moon void: 8:19PM ET – 11:25PM ET…and get ready to get down to business when the Moon shifts gear into Capricorn on Friday.

Finally, a little Moon-void travel adventure to share, because it seems I get more questions from readers about voids than anything else.  It so happens that my flight last night was scheduled to depart when the Moon was void. OK, no worries, since I had flexibility about when I needed to arrive at my destination, and I was also fully prepared to keep myself entertained with Japanese language textbooks and Italian lessons online during any delays or twists that might arise.  Sure enough, the 7:59PM departure time was delayed. First, the plane arrived late to the departure gate. Second, security had to deal with a woman who would not put her luggage in the overhead bin, possibly because she was drunk. They removed her from the plane and this took time. At 9PM, just as we were cleared for take off, we were then told to wait because of incoming inclement weather. I checked my forecast and noted that the Moon would get into gear in Sagittarius at 9:25PM ET, and sure enough, at 9:27PM ET, Captain Cindy’s (another surprise twist — woman pilot!) co-pilot told us that we had been given a new route.  We took off 20 minutes later. Cool, huh? Or, as they say in Japan, “Subarashi“!

Moral of the story: don’t freak out about Moon voids. Watch what happens and be prepared to handle the twists with grace and serenity. That is one way you can apply your knowledge of planetary patterns productively.

Jaa, mata! (see you later)

A presto!   (see you soon)



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