Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/26/2012: When Venus Squares Mars (Juicy!)

…and the potential for dynamic buzz this week continues, as we approach an especially assertive & unpredictable Full Moon, which is exact on Saturday at 11:19PM ET. More on that as we get closer to Saturday.

Wednesday begins with a harmonious connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter, suggesting news in publishing, broadcasting, travel and and other “big picture” concerns and — in your own personal world — big ideas successfully communicated. Be advised, however, that we’ll have a potentially indulgent challenge between Moon and Venus, followed thirty minutes later by a potentially combative (down side) or simply passionate (upside) challenge between Moon and warrior Mars around noon ET. So keep that in mind if you’re pitching at that time.

Moon is still in Aquarius, which can be experienced as inventive, friendly and helpful — or weird, detached and stubborn. Which will it be for you? An easy connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn at 11:33PM ET suggests a need for substance and focus, setting a solemn tone in the evening hours for those observing Yom Kippur.

Oh, but wait — it could get juicy! Moon enters soulful Pisces at 1:24AM ET on Thursday (still Wednesday on the West Coast) and hooks up with nebulous Neptune at 3:01AM ET. Dreamy or delusional? With Neptune, it can go either way. The juicy part is a square between loving Venus (women, money, art), in regal Leo and macho Mars in “resistance is futile” Scorpio — exact at 4:50AM ET. Squares create tension, and tension can create sparks. If you’re in a relationship, make the most of this opportunity for high-powered passion, taken to sublime heights by the alignment between Moon and dreamy Neptune. If you’re not in a relationship, you may still find a constructive outlet for your passion, especially if your rose-colored glasses are close by. At the very least, note your dreams tonight. What needs to be released?

The potential downside of a square between Venus and Mars is a war between sexes — or just war. We’ll see if that potential ends up in the headlines…




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