Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/19/2012: This Time, It Really IS Wednesday

Feeling a little moody today? Moon in controlling Scorpio can be experienced that way, especially when Pluto (the planetary ruler of Scorpio) is changing direction. If you’re feeling a bit shaken and stirred by whatever recent revelations have hit you during the past couple of days, you could point your finger in Pluto’s direction. Then you could point your finger at mental Mercury, which is fast approaching an exact challenge to the big Pluto-Uranus square, which is exact today (assuming I really am writing a forecast for Wednesday, even though it is already Wednesday in Tokyo).  These are highly charged shifts which have no problem kicking up dust some may have hoped no one would ever notice. Just ask Mitt Romney, whose secretly taped remarks (“secret” is so very Pluto) about 47% of the US population have been stirring and shaking up all kinds of buzz. Did we just get a piercing view of the rose-colored, bewildering fog that has surrounded Mr. Romney ever since nebulous Neptune began a challenging square to the area of his horoscope related to personal projection?  Even conservative columnist David Brooks is confused by the lack of connection to reality.

Meanwhile, efforts to disrupt the status quo continued as Occupy Wall Street as celebrated the movement’s one year anniversary. But the biggest potential disruption suggested by today’s planetary patterns is this revelation: an ancient text that appears to suggest that Jesus was married.

Along with the shake-ups and revelations today is the potential to let your spirits be lifted by an exuberant and supportive connection between loving Venus and jolly Jupiter, which is exact on Thursday.  Enjoy it now, and let you carry you through the rest of the week.








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