Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/1/2012: Full Moon in Aquarius

Moon enters Aquarius at 5:56AM ET, waxing to its fullness at 11:27PM ET. Aquarius often gets grief for being such a scientist about emotions. Whether it’s a howl of indignation or a sigh of rapture, these cats can’t help but examine it under a microscope.  Still, a Full Moon is a Full Moon, so feelings are more likely to run high, and by the time they peak later tonight, we may have seen the light about whatever agenda was set by the New Moon. Anyone remember what it was? Something to do with “catharsis”…

With the Moon in Aquarius, the spirit of brotherly love is opposed by the Sun in Leo, which has a more personal, passionate, egocentric game plan. How will these conflicting drives be illuminated and reconciled? There may be plenty of optimistic ideas to share, but will we appreciate that what others think might be worth entertaining? Can we arrive at a collective vision? Why not take the next few days with the Moon in “networking-heaven” Aquarius to reconnect. Make it a valuable two-way exchange of information.

For some of us, this might include networking with spirit guides and/or your Higher Self. After all, nebulous Neptune (spirit, vision) is still running wild. And with Mercury retrograde, some may be on a retreat. OK, that works, too. The Sabian Symbols for 11 Leo-Aquarius are “children on a swing in a huge oak tree” and “man tete-a-tete with his inspiration”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee opines that these are comforting images of solid support and a heart-to-heart encounter that reinforces “a sturdy inner core”.  A sturdy inner core is just what we need– now more than ever, as breakdowns of infrastructure continue to disrupt the status quo over the next three years.

And speaking of Neptune running wild, it appears that New York airports are replacing human customer service agents with computer-generated holograms. That’s right, these are NOT REAL, totally intangible, complete illusions — ruled by Neptune. In a horoscope, Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches. Often that suggests a bewilderment or insecurity about self-projection. Watch the eyes for heavy blinking. It’s darned distracting — with no solid inner core to be seen. My mentor, Noel Tyl, calls it “the Neptune eye-flutter”. I call it “the Neptune I-flutter” When you see it in a person, you are alerted to the probability that Neptune is a big deal in the horoscope. Heavy blinking can also be a sign that what is being said should not be believed.

Do you think a computer-generated hologram posing as a human customer service representative has a solid inner core? Watch the video in the above link — especially the eyes. Coincidence or conspiracy?


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