Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/10/2011: Mars, Pluto and Uranus Duke It Out

Moon entered Capricorn Tuesday at 4:38PM ET, after a void so brief that if you blinked, you missed it. If you spent the rest of the work day taking care of business and making things happen, you were in tune with the cosmos. Do you remember the highly-charged energy of last Wednesday? It’s baaaaack!

Most of the “charge” happens overnight in the US, when that enterprising Moon makes contact with the planetary heavies: ruthless Pluto and disruptive Uranus. Moon also makes contact with aggressive Mars just after midnight. If you’re a night owl and on a deadline, you could do worse than work on a night like this. Or just work out.  With or without a partner. Remember that Mars is challenging both Pluto and Uranus, demanding an outlet for physicality that could be expressed as angry and/or violent. Carnage in Syria, riots in London, Navy Seals shot down in Afghanistan and other “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines….that sort of thing. Do you really need to manifest that in your own personal world?

When Mars, Pluto and Uranus combine forces, it can also suggest a juicy or illuminating or — perhaps revolutionary sexual matter. How about this, just in: “New York Will Mandate Sex Education Or this: “Test Can Tell Sex of a Fetus at 7 Weeks”  Interesting to note that both of these headlines could spark a riot in some cultures.

Use the optimistic connection of expansive Jupiter to the enterprising Moon to make it happen this morning. Note the potential for a wet blanket, control or other opposing force shaping your grand design to hit around 4:34PM ET. I wonder if that’s how the markets will play…

Moon goes void for the rest of the day, not to enter Aquarius until Thursday at 11:47PM ET. Sounds like a day off to brainstorm and chill if you can swing it. Otherwise just keep your knees bent so you won’t be caught off balance by any twist or irrational crisis that may show up. Capricorn rules the knees!

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