Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/27/2011: Anders Behring Breivik

Read the second paragraph of yesterday’s forecast for an overview of the flow of the next several days.
Today Moon continues the buzz in chatterbox Gemini, contributing to your information overload. The highlight of the day is whatever lightning bolt of brilliance strikes you (or the headlines) before 4PM ET, when the Sun in Leo makes a smooth connection to rebel Uranus, and comes up with a fresh approach — or break for freedom — in issues of the heart and creative self-expression.

Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for last week’s massacre in Norway, is an Aquarius with Moon in Virgo, capable of shocking emotional detachment and intellectual rationalization, driven by a need for perfection. He was born on February 13, 1979 — birth time unknown — in London.  The chart immediately suggests a tightness of affection between the parents (carried forward into his adult life); a father who was taken out of the picture during Breivik’s childhood, and a mother who alternatively may have controlled him — or confused him — to the point of himself being vulnerable to drugs, alcohol or other fantasy-inducing stimulant. Certainly the horoscope suggests the capacity for obsessive, meticulous long-term planning, with a need for a cause to promote, based on a grandiose philosophy that runs wild.  This horoscope is likely to be known for harshness, fantasy and emotional power struggles and/or overkill. It is driven by the need to prove a point that likely disrupts the status quo, with a “devil may care attitude”.  We could talk for an hour about the midpoint pictures alone…

A key planet in Breivik’s horoscope  — Saturn (and possibly the Moon, too) — was triggered by the potent eclipse of June 1st, joining Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, James (Whitey) Bulger and others recent newsmakers. Fascinating.

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