Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/10/2013: Still More Rise and Shine

Another day driven by the Moon in Leo’s need to shine, fueled by the Cancer Sun’s energy to provide and/or maintain emotional or homeland security. That need to shine is delightfully supported by an easy connection from innovative and unconventional Uranus and further encouraged by an indulgently dramatic hook-up with loving Venus. Think outside the box; consider connecting with someone who is not your usual cup of tea.

Note that aggressive Mars at the end of charming, multi-tasking Gemini is pulling focus for the next week, suggesting acts of will and intelligence that demand our attention. I had been thinking for some months now that we would see significant news about  Fukushima right about now, as Sun, Jupiter and now Mars trigger the Aries Point, which is where Uranus (shocks to the system, earthquakes) was when the tsunami occurred in March of 2011. And sure enough, we’ve seen stories about suspected leaks into the ocean — like this one — in the past few weeks. And earlier this week, the plant manager of that reactor passed away.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s chilly Moon-Saturn square did  coincide with a provisional approval on the draconian anti-women’s health bill (which aims to close 37 of 42 women’s health care clinics)  currently being debated in Texas, but the action on the floor did get nasty — as you’ll see when they hauled a young woman speaker away. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, 64 were arrested at another “Moral Monday” protest — for a total of 700 arrested at the General Assembly in Raleigh since these weekly rallies started over two months ago. As noted in previous forecasts, we can expect the transit of Saturn (patriarchy, control) in Scorpio (sexual energy, death) to keep stories of rape, abortion and other stark consequences of sexual energy in headlines for at least another year — all around the world. In Chile, for example, where abortion is illegal in all cases, an 11 year-old girl who was repeatedly raped by her mother’s consort is now pregnant; the story is generating controversy.

With the Moon in Leo, I was so hoping to find a show-stopping entertainment story to share — other than Elton John’s undiagnosed case of appendicitis (he is “grateful to be alive” — and we are grateful he is, too). You will have to create your own merriment today. With Mercury retrograde and Sun-Mercury in Cancer, suggesting a review of things past, I did find this item touting the benefits of nostalgia — enjoy. Oh — but wait — here’s an odd entertainment item. You remember on Monday how thrilled I was to discover Pride and Prejudice on my iPad? A related story is on the front page of the NYT: Mr. Darcy, in a lake, going on tour…showstopping.


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