Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/27/2012: How to Find Out if the State Owes You Money (in honor of Venus turning direct)

In the Americas, the highly-charged lunar activity occurred while you were sleeping, with ruthless Pluto and disruptive Uranus challenging the Libra Moon’s need for balance and appreciation at 3:41AM and 3:53 AM ET, respectively. If you weren’t sleeping — say maybe you were a writer trying to finish an article on deadline, you might have been disrupted by the crash of your word processing program, which just might have obliterated your carefully crafted edits, leaving you to begin again from scratch. Really, it could happen.

Meanwhile, as promised, Venus — planet of social graces, love, money, women, copper and beauty — turns direct at 11:07AM ET. It’ll take until July 31st for Venus to go from where it is now — 7 degrees of Gemini — to get back where it was when Venus turned retrograde on May 16th (at 23 degrees of Gemini). Until then, we are still in “review mode” of wherever 7-23 Gemini falls in your horoscope.

If reviewing financial issues wasn’t on your list during Venus’s retrograde, here’s one last chance to see if you have a little cash stashed away that you didn’t even know you had. Ready? The National Association for Unclaimed Property Administrators can connect you to the Unclaimed Property Departments — usually run by the state comptrollers — of all 50 states — and some parts of Canada. Maybe there’s a paycheck someone sent you that you never received. Well, the state has your check — and it will send it to you if you  ask. Check out the site and let me know if you hit pay dirt!

Speaking of labor and wages, the Sabian Symbol for Venus turning direct  is “an industrial strike”.  Which doesn’t strike me as holding much potential for social graces, as we would hope to see with Venus now moving forward. Of this degree Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee notes that when workers strike,  they nearly always do so because of perceived social inequities (which, as you may recall from earlier posts this week, is a big theme of  Saturn in Libra — what a coincidence). If  labor and management can find a way to strike a balance, the work may continue. If no compromise can be reached, the response may be to strike a blow…or strike out in a whole new direction, if one of the parties in a dispute is feeling blocked. Venus will be on this degree until July 2nd. Let’s watch the headlines and see what manifests along the themes described above.

Heads up: Moon will be void from 4:23AM ET Thursday until 4:32PM ET. Get it off your desk today.

Fiinally: a housekeeping note — about the Sabian Symbols, for those interested in using them. Let’s say a planet — like Venus — is at 7 degrees of Gemini — where it is now. When we look up the symbol, we always read for the next degree — in this case, 8 Gemini — not 7! Think of it as rounding up to the next dollar. Any questions?

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