Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/25/2014: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson

The Moon continues its chatty buzz through information-junkie Gemini, fueled by the release of volatile energy suggested by a Mars-Uranus face-off at 4:25AM ET. The latest headline on the NYT homepage is an apt reflection: “Iran Said to Be Sending Drones and Military Aid to Iraq”. Why? Mars (warrior) is in Libra, a sign that dislikes conflict, and sometimes goes to extremes to avoid it. Uranus (rebel) is in Aries, also a warrior. Uranus is also technology, as in robots…or in this case, drones. A robot warrior! In today’s modern society, you can fight a war without ever having to actually show up in person to fight it. How’s that for a extreme avoidance of conflict?

Libra is also a rational sign, so it was interesting to see the US release its legal rationalization for killing an American in a targeted drone strike without due process: here’s the 411 and editorial about it from the NYT, along with a spirited debate among its readers.

Tech buzz and innovation of a more positive nature are favored as the day progresses, especially around 2PM ET, when the Moon will be in harmony with Uranus (sudden insight) and Mars (action). If you must ship within the next 24 hours, definitely get it off your desk today, as the Moon will be void tomorrow from 7:56AM ET until 5:06PM ET. We are at the end of the lunar cycle — a good time to wrap up old projects and get ready for the New Moon on Friday at 4:08AM ET.

Also in the news: a startling verdict in that seemingly never-ending phone hacker trial in the UK. Y’know, where it was revealed that journalists working for a Rupert Murdoch-owned publication were hacking the private voicemail messages of hundreds of famous people because that kind of information sells papers.  Andy Coulson (former communications director for UK Prime Minister David Cameron and former editor of News of the World) and Rebekah Brooks (his predecessor at the tabloid) worked together and oftimes were literally in bed together, learned their fates yesterday. Coulson was found guilty and Brooks was cleared of all charges. Startling, right?

Of course I’m immediately wondering what’s going on in their horoscopes, and I wasn’t the only one! “Was It in Their Horoscopes?” blares a headline in the International Business Times. The paper reports:

 According to horoscopes in the national tabloid press, it appears so (in part).

The daily horoscope section is a stable of all tabloid newspapers – something Brooks and Coulson will know well. In 1999, journalist and commentator Anne Atkins said horoscopes are the most important piece of any newspaper.

(Did you read that, New York Times? Hire an astrologer if you’d like to increase your circulation and your revenue. What a concept…)


The article lists a number of  daily horoscopes for Gemini (Brooks) and Aquarius (Coulson), and most of what was published is general gobbledygook. What they do allude to, however, is that Venus (love, social expression) moved into Gemini on Monday, suggesting that Geminis might feel a boost in popularity as Venus travels through that sign, making contact with the Sun in all Gemini horoscopes. Brooks has her Sun at 6 Gemini — and thus likely feeling the love sooner than someone with the Sun at 27 Gemini, but what’s more important is that just before ingressing into Gemini, Venus was exactly conjunct Brooks’ natal Venus at 29 degrees of Taurus. Other patterns in her unique horoscope suggest a potential liberation — definitely not applicable to all Geminis on the planet.

In Coulson’s case, while Venus was making a lovely aspect to his Sun at 0 Aquarius, other patterns are much heavier. Stern Saturn is challenging his Mercury (mindset), suggesting a need for focus, discipline or an episode of depression. His Moon in Libra (exact degree unknown, as we do not have a birth time) is likely being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square and by Mars, suggesting potential disruptions of the status quo.

There’s more…but I need to post this forecast now. Point is, a general daily forecast by Sun Sign is only going to cover a small fraction of an individual’s horoscope. If you really want to know about your horoscope, get to know more than just your Sun Sign. Do you know where your Moon is, for example? This drives the whole persona, and when you first learn about the Moon, it can be like turning a floodlight on in a dark room. Your horoscope is the sum of a lot of moving parts.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



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