Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/19/2013: Heavy Light

Moon entered moody bastard Scorpio at 2:39AM ET, possibly plunging us into an emotional depth that may confront an ambition, limitation, authority figure or other structuring wet blanket as Moon conjoins stern Saturn at 11:20AM.If not an emotional depth, then depth and substance of some kind is likely on today’s planetary agenda, as well as information for the sake of power and control, which is what that Moon in Scorpio needs. And let’s not forget the idealism that is likely driving today’s quest for power obtained through information, as suggested by the Mercury-Venus hook-up (exact tomorrow) that I mentioned earlier this week.

Softening the serious focus this morning is a bit of dreamy fog or clarifying intuition suggested by nebulous Neptune making a helpful connection to the Moon just before noon ET. But the hallmark of the day is the annual conjunction of the Sun and expansive, expensive Jupiter — which this year happens in Gemini. And in stark contrast to the Scorpio Moon, Jupiter and Sun in Gemini are not particularly concerned about depth or substance, but they would probably be delighted to talk about a huge dossier of telephone logs and how cool it is that we have the technology to obtain all this information, which was definitely talked about by an NSA chief testifying before Congress yesterday. But Gemini can be rather indiscriminate when it comes to facts and figures. Not so, Scorpio. Whom can we trust to be a responsible steward of so much information, ponders this op-ed noted yesterday. Shouldn’t we be more discriminating? So there’s a bit of fodder for conversation today.


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