Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/13/2012: A Winner’s Perfect Timing; Uranus Square Pluto

A constructive day for achievement, without the edge of yesterday’s planetary patterns.  Moon in Aries urges us to take the initiative, and disciplined Saturn in a harmonious aspect with the Sun offers the potential for constructive gravitas. The day is also marked by two obsessions: one with power and control; the other with reinventing the wheel, as in putting an avant garde spin on an “old guard” concept. Be mindful of the first one in your social interactions today, lest ye be tempted to display the ungracious behavior that can easily happen with Venus currently retrograde.  And do get it off your desk today if you can on the East Coast, as Moon will be void from 11:09PM ET until 12:22PM ET Thursday. Folks reading this outside the United States (and it thrills me to no end that you are), take note of this long break period which will be happening during your business day.

Meanwhile, a story crossed my desk today that is an excellent illustration of the potential  suggested by rebel Uranus in pioneering, fearless Aries, squaring “take no prisoners” Pluto in Capricorn, sign of the Establishment. As has been written in prior forecasts, the highest potential of this aspect, in effect now through 2015, is emancipation and empowerment, as corruption in outmoded systems is exposed, and the system is replaced with something new. With Uranus in Aries, one individual really can be a force for major change, and what is always fascinating — to me, anyway — is how the potential to be a force for change is reflected in the horoscope.

So here’s the story (which I encourage you to read in its entirety, because it’s so darned inspiring): when documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was in high school, he was assaulted by an authority figure. Mr. Moore responded by running for the school board, and at the age of eighteen, he became the youngest person ever elected to office in the state of Michigan. Eight months later, the man who assaulted Mr. Moore was no longer employed by the high school. How cool is that?

It’s totally cool, and what’s cooler is what we see in Moore’s horoscope clearly supports the choices and mirrors the events in his life at that time. Ready? Birth data: April 23, 1954 — 12:45PM in Flint, Michigan. Moore is a Taurus with Moon in Capricorn. He needs to make things happen, fueled by the energy to preserve stability and/or material security; i.e., the way things should be. The Moon is supercharged by a tight hook-up with Mars; both of these planets are in an obsessive relationship to rebel Uranus, which needs to shake up the system. A Leo Ascendant, ruled by the Sun at the top of the horoscope, allows him to project an aura of confidence.

Looking at the vocational profile of the horoscope, it’s clear Moore needs to be an artistic communicator (Venus rules the Midheaven and the third house of communications). With the Sun and business-oriented Saturn in contact with the Midheaven (career point in the horoscope), it’s also clear that Moore needs to work as a soloist, and that his concerns about homeland security need to be put into public service (Saturn in the 4th house, ruling the 6th). There’s more, but you get the idea.

Looking at what was going on in Moore’s horoscope in April of 1971, we note an empowering arc between the Midheaven and ruthless Pluto. In October, we see another arc between rebel Uranus and structured Saturn, suggesting ambition and a need to depart from the status quo. By March of 1972, which looks to be about when Moore decided to run for the school board, we see an arc to the Midheaven, suggesting recognition, and one between serious Saturn and Venus (ruler of the Midheaven/career point), suggesting serious focus in communication and public status. These measurements are sparked by a flash of brilliance from transiting Uranus to Moore’s natal Mercury (mindset) in impulsive, fearless — hello! — Aries. He took a daring idea and made things happen, as his Mars and Moon in Capricorn suggest he needs to do! Finally, a couple of weeks before the school board election (June 12), we see another extraordinary measurement: Midheaven to Venus, suggesting moving a career forward…just as  Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy was about to hook up with Moore’s natal Moon and Mars.  Every political candidate should be so lucky to have a chart like this just before an election.

And what was going on in Moore’s chart eight months later, when the designated authority figure who inspired Moore’s run for office was fired?  Ruthless Pluto challenging both Moon and Mars (action), suggesting tremendous force of will and upheavals.  Let the record show that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who will be testifying before Congress today, explaining how $2 billion  was allowed to vaporize on his watch, also has Pluto aspecting Mars (and perhaps Moon, too), through 2012.  And Mr. Dimon’s trip to Washington is happening exactly three months after he surprised everyone by announcing a dividend would be paid to shareholders. That announcement came on his birthday, by the way — March 13th.  Today the Sun is at 23 Gemini, squaring Dimon’s Sun at 23 Pisces. We expect a challenge. Let’s see where things are for him three months from now, on September 13th.




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