Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/8/2013: That’s A Wrap

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in fertile, sensual Taurus, and as of 6:09AM ET, the Moon is there, too. More focus on creating material security and enjoying simple pleasures is suggested. You can work with calm efficiency today,  wrapping up projects initiated a month ago and contemplating your New Moon agenda for the next lunar cycle, which will continue today’s concentration on issues of worth, value, material security and possessions.

A lovely connection to Moon from nebulous Neptune at 4:10PM ET suggests a need for vision or other intangible escape. Music, healing and spirit (s) are also highlighted. A not-so-lovely to Moon from stern Saturn in “deal with it” Scorpio at 8:36PM ET may end the day with a slight thud; otherwise, there is no reason not to enjoy a simply delightful evening.

And now, the news — some of it belated, but still fascinating in light of the Sabian Symbol of last month’s lunar cycle, which you will recall was “a pugilist”, yes? And also recall that one theme suggested was whether this pugilist was fighting the good fight as a warrior championing a noble cause, or a tantrum-throwing, self-absorbed baby. We expected firearms to remain prominent in the headlines, along with nitty-gritty, “you can’t look away” stories exposing raw realities of life and death, suggested by Saturn in Scorpio in the spotlight.

So here we go. First, after a gun control bill died in the Senate, the bill’s sponsor admitted that members of his party shot it down because they did not want to be seen as “helping the President”, despite polls suggesting that 90% of Americans supported the bill. Score one for the tantrum-throwing baby. Shortly thereafter, a five-year-old boy killed his two-year-old sister with rifle — and not just any rifle, mind you, but a rifle especially designed and marketed for children. I wish I’d shared this story when it broke, because the company website has since been taken down — but you can see some of it via the preceding link. Want more? On July 4th, a very special March on Washington is planned: over 900 gun owners have RSVP’d to walk through the streets, openly carrying loaded firearms — which happens to be against the law in D.C. What will happen if law enforcement officials attempt to enforce the law? Stay tuned.

But wait, there’s more. The officer in charge of sexual assault prevention programs in the Air Force was arrested — for sexual assault;    meanwhile, there’s been a sharp rise in sexual assaults in the military. In other news  the guy who brought us “Girls Gone Wild” was convicted of assault, and Viagra will soon be available online. Meanwhile, evidence of cannibalism by early settlers in Jamestown, VA has been discovered — and surprise, surprise –with all this heavy Saturn in Scorpio news, now we. learn there’s a huge hurricane on Saturn.

Finally, a fascinating investigative piece on words that have stood the test of time, as in 15,000 years — brought to you by yesterday’s Mercury (communication) in “I’ll never change” Taurus trine Pluto (investigation). And speaking of never changing,  during yesterday’s Moon void, in which surprise upsets and victories by underdogs are suggested, Mark Sanford, whose extra-marital affair generated headlines a couple of years ago when he was governor of South Carolina, was elected to Congress, in a close race against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Stephen Colbert’s sister. Sanford was discussed in this forecast back in April.

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