Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/7/2014: Monica Lewinsky, Right on Schedule

A challenging connection between the royal Leo Moon and controlling Saturn at 6:51AM ET may get the day off to a cranky start. Could also suggest a stubborn and ambitious reach. Whatever it is, do not turn a molehill of attitude into a mountain of imagined crisis. The Moon will be void of course from 6:51AM ET until 2:24AM ET on Thursday, suggesting you chill! It’s a great day to play and/or wander, but if you must show up at the office, stick to what is routine. It’ll be easier to roll with whatever twists and flakes may thwart your efforts to move forward in a straight line if the stakes are not so high. Resist the urge to shop impulsively; chances are that whatever you buy will not be useful.

Meanwhile, at 10:57AM ET, mental Mercury leaves methodical Taurus for its home sign, Gemini. That should quicken thoughts and communication, especially once the Moon is no longer void. Otherwise, note the potential for communication snafus as Mercury changes signs in the void.

Many are wondering why Monica Lewinsky is suddenly back in the spotlight, talking about her affair with Bill Clinton. Because planetary patterns in her horoscope suggest it, that’s why. She is a Leo with Moon in Taurus; Libra Ascendant — just like Bill Clinton. Isn’t that interesting?

Her Moon is at 10 Taurus and directly impacted by last week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 9 Taurus. Her Moon is in the 7th house (the public) and rules the 10th (career, reputation), so we expect those areas of her life to be “hot”.  Rebel Uranus is now on the cusp of her 7th house, suggesting a need to be seen for who she is — without compromise — in relationship. It also suggests a need to disrupt the status quo within the context of a relationship — or with the public.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, is right at the top of her horoscope, suggesting an expanded public status, reward or other need for recognition made manifest. There are other measurements in the horoscope that suggest a sudden burst of attention and buzz, but you get the idea.

Now what would you do if this were your horoscope and your astrologer told you about this potential for increased public status a year or two ago, hmmm? What plans would you have made?

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