Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/22/2013: Void is the Woid

Slow start or twist to your morning commute? Pour hot water over whole coffee beans, because you forgot to grind them? Credit the void-of-course Moon in Libra, which made a lovely connection with buoyant Jupiter at 3:35AM ET, and is now wandering aimlessly through the cosmos until 4:55PM ET. If you’re lucky, you’ll wander, too. Take a break. Chill. Avoid impulse purchases and making major decisions. If you can’t chill, then at least remember to be patient with whatever flakes and detours interfere with your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line.

Right around quitting time on the East Coast, Moon enters Scorpio, and we’ll all run screaming down the halls. OK, I’m exaggerating, which you could have predicted, given that I am typing this on that buoyant Moon-Jupiter connection. But seriously, Scorpio is a challenging placement for the Moon, as Scorpio tends to keep a lid on emotions….until suddenly, it doesn’t. And then we wonder what hit us. A bit of soulful relief arrives waaaay late in the evening, as rose-colored Neptune shows up at 1:45AM ET Thursday to give that moody bastard Moon an intangible hug.

Note that the Moon is waxing full, so emotions are running high in general. And this Full Moon is the third eclipse we get to deal with in just 30 days. More on that later.



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