Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/2/2012: Don’t Worry; Be Happy

A day that begins on a note of exuberance, expansion and idealistic pleasure, perhaps of the self-indulgent kind. Moon in perfectionist Virgo makes a smooth connection with Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy and challenges Venus (love, art, money, beauty) — all before breakfast, before going void-of-course at 6:58AM ET….not to enter Libra until 10:04PM ET. Chill, baby, chill.

Be prepared for curious twists in your quest for perfect organization — and roll with them w/out freaking out or having some other neurotic meltdown (Moon in Virgo can be quite the worrywart). And there’s no need to worry, because everything may flow perfectly fine for you today — but if it doesn’t, you now have the 411 on how to handle it, suggested by planetary patterns.

Creative potential continues to be high. Relationships — perhaps some with a “fated” quality — may also be a strong focus. You may find yourself more open to opportunities to mix and mingle — that includes old friends, new contacts and people you may have always taken for granted….until now.

Social interaction and appreciation continues with Moon’s ingress into Libra at 10:04PM ET — 7:04PM PT — or dinnertime on the West Coast. You could have a lot to talk about…

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