Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/16/2012: Venus Retrograde, Part 2

With the Moon charging ahead in me-me-me Aries (as of 5:45PM ET Tuesday), we can anticipate an active day, punctuated by a surprise, a shock or a flash of insight around 8:11AM ET…and a power play, catharsis or other deep encounter (including news from underground) around 12:10PM ET. Headline news about power/aggression and resources (including nuclear energy, oil and mines) are also a potential — and oh, look, as I’m typing, here’s a story about the former military commander of the U.S. nuclear forces calling for a reduction in nuclear warheads right on the New York Times homepage– amazing.

You may be on  your own personal power surge today — and with Venus now retrograde (as of 10:33AM ET yesterday), remember to add an extra bit of consideration in your social interactions. Venus retrograde offers an excellent opportunity to FOCUS on what we need in relationship — and to give to others the kindness we would like to receive from them.

The span Venus will retrace over the next seven weeks is 24 to 7 degrees Gemini. If you know your horoscope, that area is where you may find opportunities to review issues of integrity in relationship and/or financial and aesthetic concerns. It can be challenging to assess the true value of something during a retrograde, so you may want to wait before making firm commitments one way or the other. Example: a friend of mine once bought an apartment during Venus retrograde — and while it seemed to be an excellent deal at the time, she could have paid less, especially since she discovered (after the sale closed) that the apartment had flaws the seller had deliberately covered up. Do your due diligence in matters of love, money and beauty.

The Sabian Symbol for 24 Gemini is “children skating on ice,” or to quote Blain Bovee, “an image of unsteady legs trying to move forward on unfamiliar terrain”.  We live in ever-changing times, and patterns suggest we are about to move into a time of increasing volatility. These patterns will likely offer exciting new opportunities…and as we find our paradigms shifting, how we connect and relate with each other may also be subject to change.



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