Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/6/2011: Governor Paul LePage of Maine

A bit of bright news Tuesday: Moon in Taurus, which is driven to build material security and establish form, appears to have coincided with Japan’s successful (for now) effort to stop the leak of radioactive water into the ocean; they plugged it  with a mixture of liquid glass they hoped would take form. Meanwhile, no such luck at building security in the US. Here, there was much talk of a government shutdown as Congress and the President appear to be unable to collectively agree on a reasonable budget. Will it happen? Perhaps.

Strikes and other disruptions of service are common happenings during Mercury retrograde. And the closer we get to Monday’s intense challenge between Mars and Pluto, the nastier the power plays are likely to be. We had a government shutdown back in 1995, courtesy of an impasse between President Clinton and Newt Gingrich to note that disruptive Uranus was exactly conjunct (at the same place as) ruthless Pluto in the US horoscope at that time. Evidence shows that when Uranus and Pluto connect, life is turned upside down. So here’s a head’s up: Uranus and Pluto will both be squaring the Sun in the US chart in 2014. Whatever disruption we experience now will likely pale in comparison to the upheaval we will experience in 2014.

I promised readers in Maine that I’d look at Governor Paul LePage (10/9/48 in Lewiston ME, time unknown), who certainly has been attracting attention for being a…maverick. He can’t help but do that, as rebel Uranus at 0 Cancer is running wild in his horoscope, and is currently challenged by transiting Uranus in Aries. Also running wild is pugnacious Mars, planet of action, and in LePage’s case, Mars functions more like “a gun with a cork in the barrel.”  LePage is a people-oriented Libra with Moon in “make it happen” Capricorn, as in not now, but RIGHT NOW. In describing this combination, astrologer Noel Tyl writes:”…’people manager’…boldness, arrogance and even ruthlessness. Methods are sharp and shrewd. The challenge is to preserve group opinion needed for peace and secure growth.”  Perhaps someone will send the governor an anonymous fax about that.

LePage had a very tough childhood: oldest of 18 kids, impoverished home and an allegedly abusive father. He left home at age 11; the timing of this event — and the likely cause — is clear as day in the horoscope. More on his early life here  What might he have carried into his adult relationships from his harsh childhood experience? Let’s just say he has some issues. And in case you haven’t seen the latest installment of LePage’s decision to remove a mural depicting Maine workers from the Maine Department of…Labor, do check it out

As I write,  we’re in another Moon void period — no lunar aspects at all until 7:22AM EDT on Thursday. Enjoy the rudderless enthusiasm likely generated by the exact conjunction between Sun and expansive Jupiter at 4PM EDT Wednesday. If you can play today, then do so — get a massage, listen to music, have some good food. But oh, the bombast we are likely to see in the headlines…

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